Shower Head Test & Comparison 2022: 7 Cheap Recommendations

Shower Head Test & Comparison
Shower Head Test & Comparison
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Product overview

Shower head is not the same as shower head. We’ve all stood in a shower in our lives, whose shower head let no more than a sad thin jet of water drip down on us. That doesn’t have to be the case – especially not in your own four walls. Whether round, öko filter duschkopf bewertung square, water-saving or with a rainforest feeling, there is the right shower head for every taste. We make it easy for you and have already selected some shower head options from the vastness of the Internet, compared them on the basis of relevant features and put them together clearly. Finally, we will also answer exciting questions about the topic. Water march!

1. The anti-lime shower head

The brass of this hand shower is covered with resistant chrome, which provides optimal protection against dirt and scratches. The hand shower is also particularly durable because all moving parts are enclosed in a grease chamber and sealed with a double O-ring. A silicone ring additionally protects the shower head in case it should fall into the shower tray großer duschkopf test . Standing in the shower you have the choice between 3 jet options: Rain O2, Rain or Massage. A corner valve is included in the scope of delivery.

2. The pimpled shower head

This shower head is not only extremely inexpensive, but also easy to install. The hose interface is non-slip, which means that wet hands are no problem during installation. The overhead shower is cleaned quickly, as the lime can be rubbed off particularly quickly and easily from the silicone nubs. The fine water flow is pleasant on the skin. As far as the types of jets are concerned, you have the choice between 3 variants: Normal, Massage, Normal and Massage. So you can decide at any time what you feel like doing: a fresh shower to wake up or rather a real relaxation shower with head massage?

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3. This shower head brings color to your life

This shower head makes daily showering or bathing a very special experience. It is equipped with 7 colorful LED lights that alternate automatically during the shower. If that doesn’t even create an extraordinary atmosphere in the bathroom! No battery or additional power consumption is required for the light play – the water pressure makes the LED lights possible. By the way, you don’t have to worry: the gradient has nothing to do with the water temperature and does not discolor the water.

4. Eco Spa Shower Head

Do you want to put yourself under really clean water? Is it important to you that as many contaminants as possible are filtered out of the water before the water jet rains down on you? Then this filter shower head is just right for you. It turns hard water into soft water and filters chlorine, fluoride, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust and odors from the shower water test handbrausen. Its filter system consists of 3 layers: mineral balls, negative balls and anion spheres. You can also save water with this model: With a water pressure increased by up to 200%, water is saved by up to 30%. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without comfort. There are 3 types of jets to choose from: rain, massage and jet spa.

5. The shower head with 7 different water spray patterns

If you like it varied and luxurious, then take a closer look at this shower head. Here you have a whopping 7 modes to choose from: Would you rather have small or large rain circles, a head massage, a waterfall fog maker or rather an oxygen-rich irrigation part, a powerful rain function, or a simple spout? Either way, you have the full choice. The fully chrome-plated dial is easy to read, the ergonomic handle fits well in the hand and the micro nozzle technology lets the water gently splash down on you. The shower head is supplied with hose set and is installed quickly and easily.

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6. Der Einhand-Duschkopf

Friends of modern designs and all those who like the special extra, this shower head is recommended, which – be careful – is not round, but square! As a result, the body is completely and evenly wetted with water and the efficiency of the water is improved. However, the shape is not the only feature of this model where the makers have come up with something: The mother-of-pearl frosted plate and the chrome-plated surface also look very stylish. In addition, you can look forward to 6 different types of jets: spray, massage, manure, manure & spray, spray & massage, mist & massage. These can be conveniently adjusted one-handed on the shower head.

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