Sidharth opens about his intimate scene with Jacqueline in A Gentleman

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SidharthMalhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez will soon be seen in their upcoming movie, A Gentleman. The duo has been making headlines for a long time for their alleged affair and their intimate scenes in the action drama.

Recently, while talking to DNA, Sidharthspilled the beans about his intense chemistry with Jacqueline in reel and real life. He said: “Well, I can’t react on behalf of Jacqueline. But I feel people are appreciating our chemistry because there’s a friendship that exists. Jackie is one of the easiest and friendliest actors.”

“You don’t need an icebreaker when it’s her. She is always chatty, always happy. I envy her happy nature. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. It’s a great quality. She’s extremely hard-working and loves to multitask.”

He added: “Also, we shot for A Gentleman for a long period of time in Miami, Mumbai, then Thailand, so the time we spent on the sets has got us closer and that’s what people are seeing. But that’s the whole point of doing a film — to find the chemistry entertaining.”

Of course Sidharth! You are right, we can see how close you two have gotten. Earlier, there were reports that Sidharth’s alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt has given an ultimatum to him.

Reports suggested that Sid and Jackie’s closeness had irked Alia Bhatt. She had reportedly asked her alleged boyfriend Sidharth to not meet Jacqueline if it didn’t involve work.

Meanwhile, Sid and Jackie are busy promoting their movie. A Gentleman. The trailer proved that will be a roller coaster ride which has two Sidharths — Gaurav and Rishi. Gaurav is the sundarsusheelguy, while Rishi is the badass. The hunk is in a never-seen-before action avatar and his moves will surely blow your mind.read more




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