Silvery Barbs on DnD 5e

Silvery Barbs
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At a first quick look, Silvery Barbs show up to be an extremely potent tactical weapon. Let’s talk about a detailed discussion about it.

A level 1 exceptionally school spell called “Silvery Barbs” is generally only accessible to bards, sorcerers, and wizards. Fey Touched, Magic Initiate, and the newly published Strixhaven Initiate feats are among the spells that grant the capability to cast the spell.

If you’ve only noticed one of the various troubling abuse cases it allows, you already understand why such a spell is difficult.

Then let’s make it worse for everyone by defining each specific case of abuse within the spell.

Some Important Rules

To sum up the results approximately:

  • Accessible to Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards as a first-level enchantment
  • Verbal element, 60-foot variety, cast as both a Reaction that whenever a target performs a successful attack, check, or save
  • The activating goal rolls a new d20 as well as takes the outcome that is lower than either of their productive d20 rolls.
  • Within one minute of casting Silvery Barbs, a backup target, who would be the caster, gets an advantage on their resulting attack, check, or save.

Uses and misuses

Across the entire level range, Silvery Barbs can also be useful in a wide variety of conditions. Your participant has an enormously powerful and effective property as long as a member of the party seems to have the spell accessible.

Ignoring Essential Strikes

On such an attack roll, the activating creature rolls a normal 20. You respond with a “what about no,” and the monster rolls once more for their attack. While it is doubtful, they always had a 1 in 20 chance of taking a physical attack. If you can cast Silvery Barbs, your entire team becomes somewhat resistant to hit points.

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Nullify the impacts of the Benefit

The activating creature rolls a fortunate attack, check, or save. Silvery Barbs is unmotivated. In the incident that they’re successful, Silvery Barbs tries to force them to roll a supplemental d20 and employ the lower of both two results. When those who rolled with Gain, it shouldn’t make a difference which d20 started rolling second.

Achieve Counterspell;

Your spell is placed. Counterspell is cast by the opponent spellcaster, but also because they don’t use a magical slot with a higher level enough even to instantly nullify your spell, they just had to create a capacity verification. They outscore your check and effectively clog your spell.

You have Silvery Barbs, but hold on. Ordinarily, you could Counterspell the Counterspell (yes, it’s lawful, and yeah sure, it’s as crazy as it sounds), but Silvery Barbs is two magical levels relatively low than Counterspell, so it’s less pricey, albeit possibly less efficient, the solution to the identical problem.

Consider the fact that you may only cast one leveled spell for every turn if it has a Reward Action casting period.

Strengthen Abilities

Silvery Barbs can award you or an ally Benefit on a successful roll if you lack the time, funds, or intensity to improve your ability. Furthermore, because it doesn’t call for composition, you could combine it with guidance if you have the option.


Silvery Barbs are susceptible to some restrictions. It’s not extremely powerful in every way.

Bringing slots. The spell slots for actors will start to run out. The concern will arise once sorcerers transfer their spell slots into spellcaster points as a way to subsequently generate more first-level spell slots.

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Each creature has only one response per round. The limits imposed by the action financial system inhibit a creature from directing Silvery Barbs more than once each turn.

Just 60 feet away. Most fights can protect by 60 feet, but rather an archer going to stand 65 feet away who dislikes spellcasters is fine.

The creature that now the spell targets should be visible to you. Since numerous things in 5e involve you also being able to see your target, to be invisible or hidden from view makes a creature resistant to Silvery Barbs.


They don’t generally have bad impacts. The expense of the spell is the issue. The effects of Silvery Barbs are also too effective because of what they cost. Without shifting the spell’s true effects, the expense can be shifted in one or even more methods to make it significantly less difficult. Even so, modifying the spell’s impacts might still be helpful.

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I suggest making a few of the following modifications. Speak about it to your group, try something different, and continue trying until you believe you have a workable approach. They desire to just be valuable, but not overbearing enough even to replace other possibilities.

The spell level is higher than 2 or 3. Increasing the spell’s level helps make casting it much more expensive and discourages sorcerers from trying to turn all of their spell slots into Sorcery Points to cast Silvery Barbs constantly.

30 feet must be a good collection. The intensity of casting is limited as well as some risk is introduced by demanding the caster to just be near the target of the spell.

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Do away with the 2nd Benefit effect. This greatly reduces Silvery Barbs’ advantages, which could make each other more in connection with their price.

Re-rolling the strike, check, and save. Because applying either advantage or disadvantage is necessary, for the destination. Due to this, Silvery Barbs could even roll a Drawback, making it virtually impossible to turn a Limitation if Silvery Barbs is available.

A saver throw is allowed. They avoid the target. By enabling a rescuing throw, Silvery Barbs are no longer granted, lowering how unequal the match is as a result.


Silvery barbs are such a potent spell that only some DMs may restrict it. Due to its limited role-playing game implementations. It is pretty flexible and can be present in any design that is suitable for running it. It’s not an especially positive idea.

So, in case it isn’t obvious, forbid Silvery Barbs only if your group can use it in combination with a few of the fixes presented above.

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