Simerjeet Singh: Wiki, Age , Wife , Family, Initiatives, Biography and many more
Simerjeet Singh: Wiki, Age , Wife , Family, Initiatives, Biography and many more

Simerjeet Singh: Wiki, Age , Wife , Family, Initiatives, Biography and many more

The year was 2007 and this daring man quit his job, moved back to India from the UK and left everything behind. He decided to change his paths from a successful hotel manager to an aspiring motivational speaker. He came out of his comfort zone to achieve the best success. He strongly believed that as you step forward, sure it seems like a dark path but as you keep moving forward, the path automatically lights up for you.

He strongly believes in OSHO and with his guidance, he began with a small home office with no clients and no prior experience and also no credentials. If you’re wondering who we are talking about in this article who led such a successful path then you’ll be glad to hear that we are discussing the one and only Mr. Simerjeet Singh. From pursuing success to empowering other individuals to succeed, Mr Simerjeet Singh took the obstacles which life threw at him head-on and grew up to become an international motivational speaker who now inspires individuals for a living.

Are you in search of a new means to energise your team? Whether you’ve observed a lag in confidence, or want to build enthusiasm for a new initiative then partnering with Mr Simerjeet Singh is the catalyst you’ve been looking for to inspire your folks to reach their maximum and efficient potential. Simerjeet’s experience and desires lie in creating forward momentum.

Vocation Motivational speaker, mindset coach, growth catalyst, keynote speaker on leadership, innovation, culture and growth
Speciality Growth
Birthplace Jalandhar, Punjab
Schooling St. Francis School, BatalaBaring Union Christian College with commerce 10+2
Education B R Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh for BHM, Hotel Management.  Sothern Cross University for Bachelor of business, Hotel Management. IIM Lucknow, General Management ProgrammeIndian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Emerging Leaders ProgramThe Hotel School Sydney, BBA Hospitality and Tourism  
Articles written by him Customer service in the viral video age Fear of criticism
Qualifications Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Helford 2000, UKCertified Trainer on Success Principles by Jack Canfield, US.
His initiative Cutting Edge Learning Systems

Tarveen Kaur
Experience 8 years leading diverse teams in India, Dubai, USA and UK.
Clients 150+
Motto #Mybetterstartsnow
YouTube Subscribers 878k and ongoing
Jobs that inspire him to work hard Store cashier, car washer, security guard and banquet server.
Favourite leaders Elon Musk, Azim Premji, Howard Schultz and E. Shreedharan
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From the beginning

After achieving his educational degree in hotel management and being accepted into the Marriott’s International’s Management Training program, Simerjeet Singh started a promising career in the hospitality industry, rising hotels and other industries in Dubai, India, the US and UK. During that time, he travelled all over the world, came to truly understand the value of hard work and was able to enter into discussions with great minds from various backgrounds. He was growing professionally and budding personally. What he didn’t realize at that time, was that the instructions he was learning from his job in the hospitality industry were not only grooming him for further corporate success; rather, they were making him prepare for something far greater.

He decided to face much greater risks by leaving his career and becoming a motivational speaker because, after years of searching and self-discovery, he had finally found his own purpose. He came to realize that he wanted to lead a life fuelled by the desire to aid, to raise and to empower individuals from all walks of life. After spending close to a decade leading various, multinational teams, he took the first step in the next leg of his journey by becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach from the UK.

Since entering into a career as a motivational speaker, he has spoken with more than 200 groups—from CEOs to young professionals and apprentices—from more than 50 populations. He has led debates in settings ranging from small strategy meetings to retreats, apprentice orientations and annual business conferences. He has also entered into dialogues with business leaders and their teams about acceptance of a strategy that sets them on the path to growth.

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He also has spoken to numerous young individuals—young adults to apprentices in business school—about tuning in to their inner voice to lead an authentic and inspired life. He still remains open to learning more each day and cherish each new chance to share what he has learned so far in this field.

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Simerjeet Singh

His clients

Every time he associates with a new client, Simerjeet is eager by the opportunity to do what he loves most – helping others stimulate the tools they have for self-development. Mr. Singh has supported numerous clients from across the entire globe like Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT), Mahindra & Mahindra, BenQ, Reliance ADA Group, UKIERI, The British Council, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, PWC, Novo Nordisk, HP, Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group Bahrain, IBM Daksh India, TataSky, Aditya Birla Group, Lenovo, Vodafone Samsung, Roland, Education UK, GNA Group India, Population Services International (PSI) and Corbus India Pvt. Ltd. His first step in to acquire the in-depth needs assessment so that he can make full use of his resources.

simerjeet singh . wife
Image: Simerjeet Singh and Wife Tarveen Kaur

Together, it is sure that the client will be able to evaluate the best approach from his seminars and speeches that will connect with the audience and encourage to lead to the desired results in the long run. The main focus in his career is to empower the changemakers.

If you are in search for support to accelerate your growth or cultivate your leadership excellence, and also inspire entrepreneurship then definitely Simerjeet Singh can help. Simerjeet’s resolution is to help his viewers first identify what their fortes are, and then ignite their enthusiasm, enabling them to connect the power of those strengths and achieve success in their fields. To know more follow him on various social media platforms today only:

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