Skips vs. Tips: How effective is skip hire Chorley for waste removal?

Skips vs. Tips: How effective is skip hire Chorley for waste removal?
Skips vs. Tips: How effective is skip hire Chorley for waste removal?

When it comes to waste removal, there are a number of options. You could rely on bins provided by the council, recycling centres, charity shops or even scrap collectors. 

The most common methods of getting rid of much larger items during renovations are skips and tips. But which one is the best?

Today we’ll be putting them both in the ring and making them compete for the number one spot. 

Keep reading for the pros and cons of skip hire Chorley and local tips. 

Skip Hire Chorley 

Let’s start with skips. 

A unique and convenient service that means you don’t have to travel far to get rid of anything from a beaten-up couch to broken kitchen cabinets. 


They’re convenient. 

Whether you’re having a clear-out or a complete renovation, it’s likely there are going to be some heavier items you need to get rid of. With skip hire Chorley, you don’t have to travel far to dispose of your home and garden waste, simply walk to the front of your home (or wherever your skip is located) and say goodbye to your worn-out items.

They’re affordable. 

For the total price, your skip will be dropped off, left for a maximum of three weeks and picked up when you require. Not bad right?

It’s an eco-friendly option

Skip hire companies like Skips Preston, promise to recycle at least 90% of all waste collected, so you never have to worry about things being taken straight to landfill.

It also means you don’t have to take multiple trips to waste centres, so fewer petrol fumes are being distributed into the atmosphere. 

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If you choose to have your skip placed on the roadside (or anywhere that is not your private land), you’ll need to request a skip hire permit. The price of this varies depending on your area. 

There’s a risk of other people using it

It’s hard to disguise a skip and it’s very tempting for neighbours and passers-by to throw in any unwanted items when you’re not home – you could end up paying to help someone else out. 

Local tips 

Tips, waste centres or recycling centres – whatever you may call them – are a great way to clear out your home or garden and make room for new additions. 

But how good are they really?


They’re cheap as chips 

You don’t have to pay to use your local waste centre – the only thing you’ll be paying for is the petrol to get you there.

Limits waste being taken to the landfill

Instead of your unwanted or damaged items being dumped in a landfill site, everything is organised into separate bins, making recycling much easier. 


It could involve numerous trips

Depending on how much waste you have to get rid of, you could end up having to make multiple trips, meaning your whole weekend will be spent travelling to and from the waste centre.

It’s inconvenient 

With tips, you have to park up, take the items from your car or van and carry it to the appropriate bay. This is tiresome and a long-winded way of managing clutter in your home. 

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They’re not the safest

Carrying items from A to B and throwing them away has numerous risks. You could hurt your back carrying such heavy items, you could cut yourself on sharp edges and even trip over dropped bits of rubbish. 

And the winner is… 

Skip hire Chorley of course! 

Although both have their benefits, skip hire can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. They’re the perfect option if you’re planning a large-scale home or garden renovation and make the whole process run much smoother.  

If you’re interested in skip hire Chorley, get in touch with Skips Preston today for more ways a skip can benefit you.