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Skola Groups Bundle Deal Links + Massive Bonuses

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>> OTO Bundle-Deal Edition  <<

>> Front End <<

>> Bundle-DealEdition <<

>> OTO2 Groups Business Edition <<

>> OTO3 Groups AgencyEdition  <<

>> OTO4 EventsEdition  <<


Skola Groups Bundle Deal Links Above –  What is Skola Groups ?

Group Coaching, Masterminds & Online Communities have been exploding in 2022.

With our software customers can sell then deploy their own group coaching, Mastermind or community group with discussions, training and live workshops.

Simply connect “Groups” to any salesfunnel or checkout software. Giveaway spots or sell spots to your program and Groups takes care of the rest.

It delivers an incredible, beautful, engaging experience for customers and gives you everything you need to deliver your product professionally, without hassles and with everything you need within one platform.

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Product Overview

CBSitePro OTOs Details – All Bundle Deal’ Links Above

OTO 1 – Skola Groups PRO

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This upgrade includes 7 additional features to enhance the base level package of ‘Group Coaching with Skola’. It includes additional customisation options, features such as ‘Group Coaching Certificates’ and more.

OTO 2 – Skola Groups Business

Groups business is a complete package that includes some incredible enhancements that will help you to make more money and offer an even better experience to your members, customers and clients.

OTO 3 – Skola Groups Agency

This is an agency upgrade that transforms a customers account into an ‘Agency Account’ that includes a wide range of enhancements.

Customers can rebrand the agency dashboard to their agencies brand, invoice clients, manage client campaigns and add team members.

OTO 4 – Skola Events (Heavy Discount)

Skola Funnels gives a user access to a funnel software for creating salespages to sell their Skola groups access.

Hot Bonuses Packages Skola Groups

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Skola Groups Bundle Deal Links Above

Video review for Front End only Skola Groups

Skola Groups   – Text From This Video

Tim Ferret here, reviewing Scola today. That lets you run virtual events like this one. My friend Sam Bucker’s fantastic programme, which they’ve been working on for five years, would ordinarily cost $15,000 per year. It’s a founder’s deal right now. No-brainer here, reviewing Scola today. That lets you run virtual events like this one. My friend Sam Bucker’s fantastic programme, which they’ve been working on for five years, would ordinarily cost $15,000 per year. It’s a founder’s deal right now. No-brainer. Awesome program.

Before I show you everything inside, there’s a link in the video description. It takes you to my website for further information and a purchase button. Before you perch, check out my link for benefits. Scola info: Let’s start by creating virtual events. For those unfamiliar with virtual events, ours are. pre-sale events. Virtual events can sell tickets.

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computer. Virtual events can be pre-sold and followed online. Prepay and deliver. Create your virtual event. Start selling tickets a month or two in advance.

Then you have one or two months to design or outsource the product and deliver it. Simple operation The top has a big plus button. Clicking that plus lets us add a campaign. I can click on this campaign since I developed it. I added many funnels to a campaign.

We’ll develop the virtual summit demo campaign here. This campaign allows logo uploads. I’ll hit create and then this campaign. Clicking “new funnel” lets me design my funnel. I’ll call this virtual event the summit. I’ll call this July 7–9. My latest.

OTO Local Skola

Funnel Here’s a funnel. Clicking also works “funnel”. First, we need to add a new product. When I click on new products, I can name them. It’ll be there. You can create funnels for numerous events here. Again, we’ll call this the 7th to the 9th of July because we’ll add only one funnel to this campaign. Once I’ve done this, I’ll be able to set up my sales funnel and start selling my virtual event without a product.

When I click “modify funnel,” I may select two event types. These are free and paid events. If you want to run free events, you have to upgrade, but when I select this design, the full funnel will be constructed for me, as you can see. Your sales page is here. sales page, as seen.

I may edit my wonderfully made sales page on the designer. These are my titles.I type titles. Add or remove blocks. Let’s scroll down and remove this block. Clicking this garbage can removes this block. Since this block has been gone for a while, we just have tickets.

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Here, as you can see, the tickets are also here, and I can update everything on this page, and after I’m done, I can go here first. Previewing this. I can preview this or save, save, and publish, which will post this page at the top. As you can see, you can handle every funnel page, and when we go back, you get a virtual visual overview. Thus, all pages

For instance, clicking on “buy. Click “open the designer” to see the packages your guests can choose from when buying tickets to your event, then click “edit” to alter each ticket. This seems professional right away. These tickets were automatically inserted, and you can add the retail price, opening discounted price, and extra items at the top. I can add several extra things by clicking “Add Bonus Items.”

I want this ticket. These are ticket bonuses. I will delete them, extra stuff, and all my tickets so you can add everything to your tickets. Change everything on this page, including ticket descriptions. Save and Publish again to publish this page. This is a funnel design.

See how to make a thank you page here, then publish your page. There’s a settings button, so publish your page. Okay, When should I publish this page? Let’s publish today. The 23rd of SeptemberSkola OTOs

I’ll publish. I want to launch this page immediately and add a funnel action if I wish. When I click funnel actions, I can see new leads, course purchases, and refunds. So someone bought the course, challenge, or virtual summit. You can say, “Okay, there’s no data available since I haven’t connected my autoresponder,” then add this to the autoresponder, add this person to this list, or remove this person from a list, and save this.

Thus, you may send leads immediately to your autoresponder. After clicking save, your funnel is live without any products or creations. We’ve added things to our funnel but haven’t organised our event yet, but we can sell them online. So clicking “preview here” will open the page and show this. sales page.

As seen, we developed two funnels for the private licence, personal licence, and commercial line. I want a business ticket. After clicking “Buy ticket,” I can choose my ticket type on the funnel’s next page. Do I want to get six seats and pay $120, or five tickets and pay $100? I’ll click continue, but there’s no payment module on this page. When you connect to Stripe, individuals may buy here, finish their purchase, and access your virtual summit.

AIUpsell Skola

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