SMTP Companies in India
SMTP Companies in India

Top 10 SMTP Companies in India

This post was most recently updated on January 20th, 2022

What are SMTP Companies in India?

SMTP companies in India are the companies that provide email delivery assistance by using the Simple Mail  Transfer Protocol to send and receive emails easily and instantly. It aids in delivering huge emails. SMTP companies in India have their expertise in this field and hence they make sure that the emails that are sent from their server follows best practices and gets delivered to the recipient effectively. Top 10 SMTP Companies in India.

To avoid glitches while sending big amounts of emails, one should go for SMTP companies. Furthermore, these SMTP companies also reduce the risk of your emails being labelled as spank or junk mails.

How do SMTP Companies work in India?

SMTP companies in India get in connection with the email application that you have on your computer or your mobile phone. So when you send an email, the SMTP sends a message with the details of the relay that it needs. Then, the relay uses the domain name that is provided in the email and the domain name service to know where the email is to be sent. And then the email is directly sent to the address of the recipient that is provided. 

Top 10 SMTP Companies in India in 2022


smtp com

SMTP.com is one of the leading SMTP companies in India. It has a good scope in coming years. It is used by nearly 100,000 businesses worldwide. It offers an API to send emails that get integrated with WordPress using the most popular WP Mail SMTP plugin.

It offers one of the best deliverability with a huge amount of email volumes. This company provides the statistics reports on the number of emails that are sent daily. It offers a 30-day free trial that helps you to send up to 50,000 emails in that tenure. The paid plan of this company starts with 1845 rupees per month.

Website :


WP Mail

smtp logo

WP Mail SMTP company is the most efficient and it helps in sending WordPress emails reliably. This company will show a good rise in coming future. WP Mail company builds software that assists the users with all of the issues that they face while delivering emails and it also ensures that the emails send by their website directly arrive in the inbox rather than in spam or junk mails.

This companies main focus is that all emails sent by their website do not appear in spam, as this is the main issue that users have faced in the last decades. Therefore, they have built a WordPress SMTP plugin that resolves this issue once for all. 

Website :



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The most special feature of SendGrid company is that it provides customer communications solutions that are available at almost every stage of the company process. Also, it is emerging as one of the finest SMTP service providers in the coming years. And hence, it is believed that to have pioneered transactional email, has got more delivery experts and talented engineers than any of the other SMTP companies in India to deliver emails to the recipient for their customers.

The relay of this company is the easiest to set up and it functions with any of the WordPress sites. It consists of delivery optimization tools, email analytics, email templates with a very simple email editor, and integrations with third-party apps and services. This company also provides real-time feedback from its users.

Website :




Pepipost is the other company that provides one of the finest services. This company is based upon a cloud SMTP company with an Email API that basically connects with the application on your computer or on your mobile phone.

It also gives you some real-time reporting that tracks your evaluation KPIs. Pepipost attracts the most attention as it ensures that your emails directly land in the inbox in a snap of a figure. This company also offers integration instructions to assist you to get the most out of marketing.

The pricing of this company is $25 per month for 1,50,000 emails and for 8,00,000 emails it is $85 per month.

Website :



download 18

SendinBlue is the other best SMTP company in India. It helps in sending mass transactional and promotional emails. Its delivery rate is the highest and it also assures that your emails get in the inbox of the recipients quickly.

One of the most appealing features of Sendinblue is that it can integrate with the email builder that you are using. This company has API, an SMTP Relay, and a WordPress plugin for integration. It also provides services such as marketing automation, list management, live chat and many more.

Website :


Pabbly Email Marketing

pabbly email marketing

Pabbly Email marketing is another outstanding SMTP company that provides quicker email delivery to its customers. It helps you in keeping track of your emails and also examine all the activities of all your email campaigns that were sent to a single email address for the last 90 days.

It has both SSL and TSL encryption that ensures the security of your connection. Furthermore, the team of Pabbly Email marketing company has developed its Free SMTP Servers in various locations such as Singapore, New York, Bengaluru, and Mumbai to serve their best services from the nearest place.



Elastic Email

channels4 profile

The next best SMTP service provider in India in 2022 that users can use instantly is Elastic email. It has a very wide range of tools that fulfil all demands of everyone be it developers, marketers, or designers. You can get connected quickly with its server and send emails to the recipient using the HTTP API and SMTP Relay, and you can get the most efficient email marketing solution that will erase all of your issues.

It also has a very fast global infrastructure that helps in delivering transactional emails of their customers ensuring that the emails are delivered quickly in the inbox.

Website :


Amazon SES 

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Amazon SES is indeed the most magnificent platform that has affordable pricing with trustworthy services. This company has earned the trust of millions of customers out there. Amazon SES is an efficient platform that helps in sending and receiving an email.

These emails can be used for transactional messaging, marketing communications, notifications, and incoming emails or some other use. Amazon SES is directly linked to your application on your computer or your mobile phone via the SMTP interface or AWS SDKs. It also has a mailbox simulator and IP addresses that are only assigned to you.

Website :



promo logo en small

Since the last decade, SendPulse has been in this sector and hence we can call it the most experienced company that provides this service. This SMTP company enables you to send your transactional emails to your subscribers by SMTP or API from your website. It is one of the best SMTP service provider companies in India and it has more scope in 2022.

If you want that your email delivery rate rises, SendPulse recommends that you to validate your domain using the SPF and the DKIM records. If you have an IP address for the transmission of emails then it might also aid you to secure your good reputation as a sender. Moreover, it is a multi-service providing platform that integrates many marketing tools into a single system.

Website :



download 19

Moonsend SMTP providing company has got most eminent tools that are only available on their site. Once you sign up for the service that this company provides you will get access to the most advanced tools and responsive newsletter designs that you can use as it will help you to grow more. If you are looking for an SMTP service providing company in 2022 then, Moonsend is definitely what you should go for.

The SMTP service that this company provides is very good to use as it gives you access to instantly integrate it with the website that you are using and then it begins sending transactional emails. Moosend’s SMTP relay service will help you to enable send, order, account confirmations, invoices, and password reset messages and many more other services.

In addition, Moosend’s robust analytics and tracking system are the most perfect for measuring your progress and for ensuring admirable email deliverability. If you go for a 6-month subscription with this company, then you can save 15% and yearly you can save up to 20%.

Website :



Amazon SES and SendinBlue are the top-recommended company for SMTP services as these companies have more scope in 2022. Others are also the best SMTP companies in India and they too have scope in 2022 to perform very graciously. However, above all the points are covered that you need to know about the best SMTP companies in India in 2022 for the small business as well as for medium-sized businesses.

SMTP service provider companies have now become a crucial part of every digital business. If you want to achieve greater heights in your business, then definitely this is the most perfect time to get a company that can provide the best SNTP service for your business. A good company that can help you send a large volume of emails at the same time will help you scale, achieve new greater heights and will enhance support, and get more customers for your business.



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