Top 10 Sports Websites in India

Sports Websites in India
Sports Websites in India
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We rarely get the opportunity to watch our favorite sports in person. Even we don’t always  have time to watch matches on television. We may be working in the office, on the road, or  doing something else throughout the match. In all cases, we are unable to watch the match live  on television. 

But even though we are busy with other tasks, we have been thinking about the  match all day and want to know the latest match updates. In these types of situations, checking  sports news online is the best option. We may now watch live sports updates on the internet. In India, several sports websites, provide up-to-date sports information, including sports betting sites like

To assist all sports fans, we have produced a list of the top 10 sports websites in India, which  you may visit to receive the most up-to-date information on sports and fantasy sports.  

ESPN Cric info  

During the cricket season, ESPN Cric Info is India’s most popular sports website. It is the most  popular cricket website in the world, as well as one of the top five single-sport websites. At  this site, you may check the live scores of cricket matches as well as the match results. It also  offers pieces written by one of the top players and cricket writers in the world, as well as live  ball-by-ball coverage of all Test and one-day international cricket matches.  

This is an excellent website for cricket fans. This website has all of the latest cricket news. This  Site is accessible via mobile platforms and portable devices. With its latest updates and over  20 million monthly visitors, it has become India’s most popular sports website.


Star Sports  

Regardless of the sports season, Star Sports is one of India’s leading sports websites. is an online sports destination in India that provides you with the finest of live  sports. It provides unrivaled coverage of live matches in the world’s most advanced sports, as  well as live scores, commentary, highlights, and expert commentary from around the world. 

So, by going to, you can keep up with the newest news in sports like Cricket,  Kabaddi, Badminton, Tennis, Races, Soccer, and Hockey. You may use a browser on your  laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device to view the website.

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Ten Sports Network  

Ten Sports Network is among India’s top ten sports websites. Zee Entertainment Limited,  India’s leading television, media, and entertainment company, owns and operates the Ten  Sports Network. With over 150 million viewers, Ten Sports is India’s most popular sports TV  channel. With 5 specialized channels in India and 3 international stations, Ten Sports delivers  news in over 12 countries.  

South Africa, the West Indies, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are among the five cricket  boards that this network broadcasts. Providing the finest cricket action to its fans 24 hours a  day, seven days a week. The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, French  League, Capital One Cup, WWE, European Tour, Asian Tour, Ryder Cup, US PGA  Championship, LPGA Tour, PGTI and Golf Channel Block, US Open, WTA Events, ATP  Events, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, MotoGP, tour de France, EFLI (American  Football), and LFL are also exclusive broadcast rights holders.  



CricBuzz is an Indian sports news website that offers exclusive cricket news. News, columns,  live broadcasts of cricket matches (including videos and scorecards), player statistics, team  rankings, videos, photographs, and cricket-themed online games are all available on this site.  CricBuzz may also be seen on the go thanks to its mobile app. It is India’s most popular  smartphone app for cricket news and scores. Piyush Agrawal, a former Infosys employee,  designed and maintains the site. The CricBuzz website is also one of the best sports websites in India.  


NDTV Sports is one of India’s leading sports websites. It is a subsidiary of NDTV News  Channel, an Indian news television trailblazer. NDTV is India’s most-watched, most-trusted,  and most-respected news and lifestyle channel. NDTV delivers unrivaled coverage of sports,  business, movies, and technology news. It offers live scores, the latest updates, schedules,  sports results, ICC rankings, and more on its sports 


International Cricket Council (ICC) 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is cricket’s international governing body. It creates a  world-class environment for international cricket by hosting significant tournaments in three  forms and promoting the game across the world. It live streams updates from all international  cricket matches. Upcoming Cricket Matches, Team Rankings, Live Cricket Updates, and other  information may be found on the website.

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On this site, you may also view  videos of top cricketers and commentators discussing their experiences. This website may be  viewed on a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or other portable devices.  

The ICC website is one of the most popular sports websites in India.  


Olympic India Association  

This is the Olympic India Association’s dedicated webpage. It includes information on the  history of our Indian Olympics as well as medals won by Indian Olympians. This site contains  the most up-to-date information on the Olympics, including candidates who are competing and  medalists. You may learn all about India’s participation in the Olympic Games by visiting this  website. It is one of the most famous sports websites in India. 


Yahoo Sports  

Yahoo Sports is one of India’s top ten sports websites, created on December 8, 1997, by Yahoo.  It gets the majority of its data from STATS, has a team website for practically every North  American sport, and employs a variety of authors. MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, Olympics, College  Football, NASCAR, College Basketball, FIFA World Cup, Boxing, golf, Tennis, IndyCar,  Arena Football, CFL, World Cup, Biking, Major League Soccer, Auto racing, NCAA Baseball,  NCAA Hockey, NCAA Women’s Basketball, WNBA, Track & Field, Cricket (UK), Figure  Skating, Rugby (UK), Swimming, Mixed Martial Arts, and Horse Racing are among the sports  covered by Yahoo Sports.  


Sportskeeda is one of India’s most popular sports websites, ranking among the top 200. It  gives you the most up-to-date sports news from over 30 different sports. In India, Sportskeeda  focuses mostly on indigenous sports. It employs approximately 200 sports journalists that cover  news from across the world. This website has over six million followers on social media.  


The Times of India Sports is one of India’s top ten sports websites, providing sports  news over the internet. Times Internet is India’s biggest Internet network and the digital arm of  Times of India, the country’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate. NDTV offers  unrivaled coverage of sports news, finance, technology, entertainment, local news, e 

commerce, advertisements, entrepreneurial investments, local partnerships, and more. It offers  live scores, up-to-date Information, schedules, sports results, and rankings on its sports website. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

In India, what are the top ten sports?  

The most ardently followed sport in India is cricket.  

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Football, sometimes known as soccer, is India’s second most popular sport. In the Olympics,  India’s and Pakistan’s national sports are both field hockey. In India, badminton is a well-liked  sport. Tennis is a popular sport as well. India has a lengthy history of chess play. It is one of  India’s most well-known sports. Motorsports have also become more popular. In India, several  well-known wrestlers have earned the country several awards, therefore another prominent  sport in India is wrestling.  

Which sport is the most difficult?  


What is the most popular sport on the planet?  

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, ranking in the top ten in every country studied,  as well as the most popular sport in South America, Europe, and Africa. An estimated 600  million people tune in to witness the World Cup Final.  

Which sport is the most expensive?  

Formula One is, without a doubt, the costliest sport on the planet. Few people can afford to  participate in this sport on their own, thus it is mainly done with the support of corporate  sponsors or patronage. A Formula One vehicle may cost over a million dollars. 

 What is the oldest sport on the planet?  

Polo was invented roughly 2,500 years ago in Persia, making it the oldest known team sport  and one reserved for the wealthy, as team players were required to own their horses. 

 Who made sport possible?  

The first Olympic Games were held at Olympia in 776 BCE, and they were held there until 393  CE. The Olympiad, which became a measure of time in historical chronologies, was held every  four years.  

Because cricket is the most anticipated sport in the country, there are many websites dedicated  just to cricket; nonetheless, we strive to include other sports in our coverage. Sports information  may be found on websites like Yahoo Sports, NDTV Sports, and Sony Sports.  

The greatest sports websites in India can keep you up to date on the newest sports news. The  websites provide you with all the information you need about a team you’ve been following for  years. Some of the best sports websites are completely free and provide a wealth of information  on teams and current events in the world of sports.

We don’t always have time to watch our  favorite sporting events on television. We may be in the workplace or preoccupied with other  tasks on match day. In these instances, checking sports news and live results is an excellent  alternative. 

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