Spot The Telltale Signs of Window Failure and Invest In New Ones In Your Bolton Home

Windows serve as the most basic features of your home and if they look untidy or worn out, your house would also look the same. With time, your home windows in Bolton home might become old and leaky and start showing signs that they need to be replaced.

The windows of your home in Bolton may not have a longer shelf life but high-quality and well-maintained windows can last through 20 years or even more. There might be several factors for windows getting damaged but if your Bolton home is decades old, notice closely if the windows need a replacement.      

Choosing a custom home renovation service company

At Cedar Hills Custom Homes and Renovation, your project of window replacement Bolton will be the wisest and nicest choice. Serving for almost 22 years in Bolton, Ontario, Cedar Hills understands the value of your home and starts with an evaluation and free estimation.

The brand is a custom home builder offering professional services to homeowners, corporate companies, and commercial property owners who look for experts in custom homes, additions, and home renovations. Cedar Hills has guided families through their home-building journey across the most exclusive areas in Toronto, Bolton, North York, Vaughan, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Mississauga, Stouffville, and Caledon.

Factors leading to damaged windows

With time, most windows develop balancing issues leading to jamming and sticking.

  • Factors like rust, mold, or rotting could lead to these problems indicating that your existing home windows need to be replaced.
  • Check if the colour of your windows is fading or if the material is warping.
  • Extreme weather conditions, coastal winds, sea salt, and humidity, all these factors can damage your windows.
  • Consider changing your windows replaced with fiberglass windows that are corrosion-resistant and stay strong in harsh weather conditions.
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Check for the below signs that indicate if your home windows need a replacement.

Too much condensation between the glass panes

  • Too much frosting between the glass panes means the window seals have failed to allow moisture to enter
  • Cracked window glass allows air leakage in and out of your window
  • This destroys the energy efficiency of the windows.

Lots of outside noise

  • Listening to too much outside noise is a sign that your windows are not providing enough insulation
  • Go for double or triple-pane glass windows that are insulated with Argon gas and decrease outdoor noise

The feeling of a draft in closed windows

If you feel the breeze even when your home windows are closed then it means faulty seals.

  • This compromises the thermal stability of your home, putting extra load on the blowers and leading to higher bills.
  • Replace your windows with weather-tight seal protection to ensure considerable energy and money savings.

A soft window frame indicates water infiltration and rotting. If your home window frames show these signs then they are beyond repair. They might soon start to sag and hence, it would be wise to replace them immediately.

Replacement of windows should last a lifetime so ensure to choose a company that offers the best quality products and not just the sticker price.

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