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Sqribble OTO

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The Sqribble OTO  –  What is Sqribble?


Instantly Create your Amazing, eBooks & Reports In Just, Minutes Without Writing A Single Word!

Create Ebooks and Reports, On Demand In Minutes!,

50 Stunning Templates, In 15 Niche Categories

1-Click Automated
Content Engine

Free Commercial License
And Agency Website

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The sqribble Front End [Commercial License]:

Instantly Create Amazing eBooks & Reports In Just
Minutes Without Writing A Single Word!

OTO 1:  [Professional Edition]:

FULLYLoad Sqribble With 150 NEW Hot and Premium Templates, 99,000+ Articles, ENHANCED Content Engine, UNLIMITEDStorage, 8,900+ Design Collection, TURBOCHARGED Features, ENDLESS Customization, & MORE! Professional Edition of OTO1 OTO 2 [Prime Version]: GET A FRESH SUPPLY OF LIMITED EDITION EBOOK TEMPLATES EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR!

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Powerful 2-in-1 APP Turns Your eBooks Into INTERACTIVE 3D “FLIPBOOKS” That Engage & Sell With 1 Click!

OTO 4 (Auto Job Finder):

In just 2 minutes, you can find clients who will pay you $150 to $350 to write EBOOKS.

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, what’s up? This is Ron Palmer. Welcome to my scribble review. Scribble is a cloud-based software which allows you to create, as you can see here, on the screen, different kinds of e-covers, graphics, e-books, e-covers, and graphics. You can use this in essentially any kind of niche, and it comes very handy when you want to create something that looks very high quality and professional. Now, basically, if you want to know more about this, stick with me a little bit more.

I’M going to be showing you more about how this works and, um, You can find all the details about this below this video you’re, going to find the details there and you’re going to find that i have some really cool bonuses which are going to help you get even better results, because i do this for a living and i’ve I have put together a set of bonuses which shows you how to make a full-time income online, but you can check that in your own time, but first of all, let’s talk about how this actually works. Okay, so essentially, once you land inside this software, what you do is pick any of these different kinds of templates. There are some different versions, of course, but we’re talking about the main version. Here we have the template and the template gallery.

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Sqribble OTO Links

We have the prime gallery here and we also have some more templates now. I’m personally just using the front and or the basic version, but there is even a discount code right now where you can get an eighty percent discount. You can see that on the page that I have below. There are um 80 discount codes right now in the month of May. If you add a very specific discount code, if you grab this through me, that’s basically what you’re getting okay and they have some more templates here.You can, you know, unlock it, you can upgrade it if you want to, but with everything that’s included here, there are tons of different things that you can actually use for your business, as you can see here. So, basically, what you would do is go to you either search here, okay, here or you can go to category and you can select, for example, arts and entertainment, betting and trading systems, business, investing, and finance. They have computers, software, and the internet. So, depending on what you want, what you need, you can select that here.

So let’s say I want to do something for my business. So I would do, I would select something that might fit my needs, so I’m going to go for, let’s say, e-business and e-marketing, and this is what I’m going to be seeing now. There might be some templates that are inside some of the other categories that you might like better, but that being said, basically, you can see what they look like: very, very professional and very easy to customize. Essentially, let’s say I want to pick this. One here looks good and I want to have a closer look at this.

I can click on view here and it’s going to give me a better look, because essentially what you can do here as well is you cannot only use the front cover, but you can create an entire ebook, kind of a flip page kind of ebook. As you can see here, you can create the entire ebook that might be, you know, uh, maybe a report that you have and so on. You can do that here. Okay, so it looks very, very professional. So I’m going to use this one here. I’m going to go for use and I’m going to name my project, so I’m going to be Robin Palmer, Affiliate Marketing, because that’s basically what I do, and then I’ll have to wait for this.

So once this loads, you’re going to see that the editor is going to look like this, and here to the left, we have the settings. Okay, we have the headers and footers, generating a table of contents, short cut keys, and the dark theme. If you want to have that, you can go back here. If we go to pages, you can also change around. For example, we have the table of content.

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Sqribble OTO Bonuses

This is the main cover. We have a table of contents or contents. Maybe page one, page two, page three, and the thank you page, and you can essentially just customize each one of these. We have the elements here. We have the headline. If I point here: okay, you’re going to see that on the right side. Here it’s going to highlight that it’s going to show you which section you are current at and which section you want to be, or you can customize at that specific point.

Okay, so we have the headline headline, two single images, and a paragraph headline, so you basically just point to each section and you can just customize this. However, you want to or if you want to hide some sections. For example, let’s say you want to hide this section here. You click on this eye icon and it takes that away. If I go back here, I can make it up here again.

I’m going back here now. Let’s say I want to go, and I want to customize this. I go to the headline here, and then I can change the font size, the width, the height, the icon, the picker, there’s tons of different things that you can customize this okay, any way you want. Essentially, we have the colorizer here. You can change different colors here. We have the grids. We have the light and dark narrow white. Both can look like this. If I click on white, it’s going to look like this, so these are kind of aids, you know.

Basically, it’s going to help. You kind of know where to change things, and then you can remove the grid if you want to. If you want to add content, you can also do that here. Okay, there are article categories. Basically, you can choose one of those.

There are so many. You know, customer costs, options for you to customize this, and then we have the copy and paste text. You can add your own personal content. You can upload a word file here. You can grab it from a URL and add it here. It’s very, very easy to use.

So let’s say I want to use this here and I’m going to change this. You can just, you know. I can just click on this and then I click on affiliate marketing. I can make this smaller if I want to—and I don’t have to have to click on this one here and the font size here. I click on this one and it makes it smaller.

As you can see, I’m going to keep this press and something like this. And then here I can add my author name. So I’m going to do that, like Robin Palmer, and if you check below in the bonus section on my bonus page, you’re going to see that I use this in a very specific way to generate more sales. Okay, and it has a lot to do with, um, The impression feeling that people get when they land on your page, your bonus page, how you present things essential, okay.

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So it’s very, very simple to use. Once you’ve done this, once you’re ready with everything, just click on generate ebook. Okay, that’s! Basically, once this is done, you have two options. You can view this online, as you can see here, and it’s going to look like this now with all of the text. This, okay, can be customized. You can add links as well.

Sqribble OTO

Okay, now you can use this. For example, if you just want to have the cover, you can do that as well, and then you can click on downloaded pdf, and you can also download this as a pdf to your computer, and then you click on save, because you probably want to save the content. That’s basically it now. There are some different options, for example, u. Basically, you can now create according to the upgrades now since those upgrades change. So I’m not going to be talking much about this, okay, but you are going to get, as you can see here, 50 templates that you can select from in 15 popular niche categories, a 16-minute creation. Everything is pretty instantaneous now.

The cool thing here is that you get a commercial license, so you can sell the signs as your own, keep 100 of the profits, and sell those on. You know, places like fiverr, upwork, and all of that, okay, so definitely cool stuff. Here you can see all the details here and, basically, this cost sixty seven dollars. Now it usually costs one hundred ninety-seven dollars. They have discounted the price to sixty-seven dollars for this month of May.

If you buy it through my link, you’ll get an 80 discount coupon, okay a coupon code for this month–and this is the code–save 80.If you use that code at the check out, okay, so let’s say you go to see. I can show you that here I’m going to open this page again, if you click on any of these buttons here, and if you decide to pick this up. Let’s say you go to get scribble now: okay, what you want to do is go to proceed to check out here and then you want to add a discount code here: okay, where it says coupon and then you click apply, and you add this discount code. That says this one saves 80, okay, and you’re going to get an 80 discount on this 67 price, which is really really good. Okay, so check that out. Check the link below and you’re going to see all of these bonuses that you see here, like how I make a full-time income online in six figures by creating simple but high quality mini products: How to build a full-time income using YouTube The way I use Scribble to generate more sales as an affiliate, all the vendor bonuses, all the bonuses that are included now, the bonus is what I would recommend, since this is sold through Clickbank, is that you send me an email to robinpalmyrealsweden gmail.

Oh, and I’m going to be delivering those bonuses to you? Okay, so do that. I’m going to sort that out for you. It’s a really great product; a high quality product well maintained, and it’s definitely very very useful for many case scenarios. Okay, so thank you once again for watching this video. This review video is on scribble. Okay, thank you for watching this review. Let me know if you have any questions below in the comment section. Check the link below this video. And thank you, basically, for watching this. I’ll talk to you soon.

Take care, bye.

Sqribble OTO

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