Standyou: Best Platform To Search, Compare and Apply across 30,000 Institutes

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The importance of higher education is imperative to any other thing for a student. This particular phase is crucial as it decides upon the future prospects of the students and the profession they are inclined towards is understood through this. The earlier it clicks to a student about their forte regarding the subjects they want to garner more knowledge upon it would be better for them to look for options prior to taking any decision.

It is always advisable for the students to prioritize their subjects as it helps in narrowing down their thinking and makes them focused towards achieving their ambition. A conscious decision is required to choose a career option at different levels as such crucial decisions decide the fate of the student for a lifetime. Compromising with quality on these aspects should be abstained from. There are many platforms which provide assistance to the students, but it is important to choose the right guide for yourself. Standyou: Best platform to search, compare and apply across 30,000 Institutes helps in many ways by providing close assistance to the students.

The platform:

Standyou is an online data-driven research tool built for students. It utilizes 50+ Data points and is India’s leading online marketplace for the students to find the best suitable career options and the coaching institute, which can facilitate the students with proper training. The platform allows the flexibility to browse and make decisions effectively about the subjects or course they want to pursue. It also provides the student with different options of coaching, such as Classroom Contact Programs and Distance Learning Programs. In the Classroom Contact Programs, the student has to attend the coaching institute they have chosen to gain knowledge while in the Distance Learning Programs the student need not attend the coaching institute but instead gets all the materials at their place to study at their own ease.

They even have the provision of fee concession for meritorious students based on their past academic performance and provide them with scholarship discount and fee discount subsequently. If the students want to opt for the instalment payment method for their coaching fees, then Standyou provides them with this online facility to take admission in the coaching of their choice without worrying about a load of paying a hefty amount in one go. It also assists in applying for additional scholarships at the coaching institute the student wants to enrol in for further monetary assistance.

Searching for the right option:

The search for the right coaching institute can last for an eternity, and it can make you run from pillar to post for understanding the different criteria’s. You might run to your elder sibling, a friend, to your teachers or even your close relatives for the guidance but having different opinions can make it difficult to make a decision for the right career option. Standyou, gives the option to search for the right coaching institute of your choice in your desired field. It also has a database across different cities, which makes it even more helpful for the students to hunt for the best in their city or the city they are willing to travel to. It covers a wide range of subjects such as Engineering, Medical, SSC, Bank, and Management. This sum up to all the major demands of the students in the current scenario where the quest is to excel in academics at all points.

Comparing the choices:

While you may still talk to possibly every knowledgeable person around you, it becomes difficult to memorize everything they have told you. At this point in time, there is too much stress to take decisions and missing out on the essential details of coaching institutes is not a good choice to get along with. The decision would influence the career goal, and thus, a prompt decision is required.

Through Standyou, the student can compare the different aspects of the coaching institutes before taking their final decisions. The platform uses its top-notch technology to compare 50+ data points such as fees, rate of selection, ratings, reviews and other necessary aspects which can determine the quality of education imparted by the coaching institute. These data points provide clarity to the students and also checks upon the affordability in addition to the quality of coaching offered. The reviews too play an important role to understand the insights of the coaching institute, making the selection process more transparent for the students.


The process of application for different coaching institutes can vary drastically, and these can be stressful for the students as well as parents. A simplified method of application can reduce the hassle, and the student is able to make choices about the course they want to study in that particular coaching institute. Having a sound knowledge about the application process is important so that one does not miss out on the application deadlines to avoid last minute troublesome panics.

The platform Standyou, provides you with the facility to get yourself enrolled in the choice of your coaching institute in just a few clicks. Yes, it is that easy through the platform, and it reduces all the unnecessary burdens of going to the coaching institute and collecting the form. It also helps in avoiding the unnecessary hassle of travelling to another city for the admission process. You can easily relax at your home and take admission by paying the fees and completing the formalities online through Standyou.

Discounts- Fee and Scholarships:

Good coaching institutes charge a good amount of money as well because they hire the best teachers to impart excellent knowledge about the subject. They have excellent facilities to monitor students and academic experts who gauge the requirements of students to excel in the examination they are preparing for. They also have other facilities and amenities which can help students boost their knowledge.

To provide such things, they charge a good amount of fees which are to be paid by the students. The meritorious students, on the other hand, needs to be rewarded for their achievements. Standyou, is a platform which assists in filling scholarships forms for students based on their past academic performances through a centralized system and additionally helps in applying for scholarships at the coaching institute they have enrolled themselves to. This facility can be availed online, and also the students get the flexibility to pay the fee amount in easy monthly instalments. The worry of hefty fee in one go is taken away by Standyou for a worry-free education.           

Personal support to students:

Standyou provides a 24×7 online support system for the students throughout their coaching programs. This can be utilized to solve any doubts regarding their coaching institute. The students need not wait to rush to the coaching administrative office during the lecture hours instead they can simply get in touch with their personal assistant at Standyou who is available round the clock to resolve the doubts.

Single Point of Contact:

Standyou is a multilateral place to be for the students as it helps the students taking a decision from scratch. They are the single point of contact which the student can rely on to right from the beginning of deciding the coaching until the entire duration of the coaching. They help the students with their academic decisions and assist them throughout for a hassle free study experience. This curbs the worry of going to different departments for each query a student may have. They also act as an aid to the parents who want to make secure payments or opt for monthly instalments for their child’s coaching fees.

Discount in reading materials and test Series:

The platform also has a wide selection of reading materials available online for the students. They help the students in gaining more knowledge and have a better understanding of the particular subject. They also have test series which can act as a reflection for the students who want to gauge their knowledge about the particular subject. A combination of these would enhance the learning experience, and Standyou provides these facilities at discounted rates to the students. This strengthens the knowledge and also inform the students about the areas they need to work upon. It is always advisable to take frequent tests to understand the capacity to learn and deal with questions in examinations. The test series is the best way to do so as it gives clarity on the level of understanding for a subject.

Take Better Decision:

The prime motto of Standyou is to help in making better decisions. It is important for a student to choose their coaching institutes wisely as it would help them in cracking tedious entrance examinations which have cut-throat competition. Standyou, acts as a one-stop place for all the worries regarding the coaching institute and insists in a worry-free environment. This improvises the quality of learning and helps the child excel in academics. The flexibility it offers to the students and parents makes it the best. The large database it has makes Standyou: Best Platform to Search, Compare and apply across 30,000 Institutes.

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