Top 10 Startups in Chennai [2021]

The Startup is a young company founded by two or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. It is a company that is in the initial stage of business. They are companies that focus on a single product that the founder wants to bring to market.

A Startup is a project undertaken by an entrepreneur to seek, develop a scalable economic model. It is an initiative of the government of India. The motive of establishing a startup is to capture the market with an innovative product and beat the competitors. 

Startup India program was launched on 16th January 2016. The government has recognized 41,061 startups. India currently houses the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. Chennai has seen considerable growth in the number of startups and startup culture over the last couple of years.

List of top 10 startups in Chennai :



Sulekha is a digital platform for local business services in India. It is a digital platform founded in 2007. The headquarters of Sulekha is located in Chennai. Sulekha was founded by Satya Prabhakar. There are more than 1100 employees are working on this platform. 

Using technology, this platform seeks to understand the users’ needs in detail and matches them to verified service professionals who are profiled. It is one of the earliest companies to come up in India.

This service is free to use for consumers and service professionals pay the platform for performance in form of verified, matched service requests.

 It is a published author and was featured in 500+ media stores. The mission of sulekha is to make user life simpler and to help service providers to grow their business. It is a private company. It has 14 offices across the globe in countries such as UK, UAE, Canada, and United States. 



Flintobox was founded in 2013. The headquarters is located in Chennai. It is an Indian-based company that produces steam-based educational activity boxes for children. This company follows a subscription model and delivers boxes to a child’s doorstep. 

flintobox is educational and is designed by child development experts to make learning more engaging and healthy for kids. They target at creating four main activities in the box that makes child create, explore, play, read and sometimes a bonus activity is included.

The main attention of the startup is to make children get out of the habit of watching television, focusing on mobile screens all day.

Flintobox was awarded “coolest startup of 2014” by BUSINESS TODAY, “Best education of startup of 2014” by a confederation of Indian Industries. In 2017, Flintobox won the “Best startup award” by TIECON Chennai.

In 2018, Flintobox was awarded three awards including Innovative learning solutions by GLOBAL ADFEST, The Academic’s choice “BRAIN TOY AWARD”, and The Academic’s choice “MIND SPRING AWARD”.



Caratlane was launched in 2008,13 years ago. It is an Indian physical and online retailer of jewelry. The company was founded by Mithun Sacheti, Srinivasa Gopalan. This jewelry had 92 stores across 36 cities in India as of July 2020. This company is a subsidiary of Titan jewelry and is marketed as a partnership with Tanishq.

The mission of Cartlane is to make beautiful jewelry accessible. In 2016, they joined forces with Tanishq, India’s largest most trusted jewelry brand. The platform sources directly from vendors, eliminating inventory and real estate costs.

 They have three promises: Their style is modern, respectful of traditions, they look for better and newer things to happen, and they are open in interactions with their customers. 



It is an Indian web-based online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, wikis, note-taking, project management, invoice, and other applications. It was launched in 2005 with a web-based processor. It is an online, drag and drop website.

It provides web hosting, unlimited storage, bandwidth, and web pages. It has about 60+ million users in the world. 

At Zoho, they create beautiful software to solve business problems. They believe that software is the ultimate product of minds and hands. It is a private company with a public vision. Their strategy is born from the realization that the vast majority of acquisition fails, and it’s the customer that pays the price. 

Zoho has introduced TEAMINBOX which is a shared tool for enhancing team collaboration and transparency. Zoho mail has introduced TOOLKIT, a free resource for admin-related lookup queries.

Snack experts

Snack experts

Snack experts were founded in 2015. The headquarters is located in Chennai. It is an online snack delivery platform. Snack experts provide snacks to the office-going people, to give them healthy snacks for the people who are very busy in their work schedule. 

Snack experts work with pure and natural ingredients for the manufacture of snack items. They are constantly working towards sustainable business doing their best to do good for their team and their snackers. They have featured a variety of snack varieties which ensures their snackers never get bored of the snack varieties. 

They provide a lot of varieties like kids snacks, office snacks, event snacks and they have a lot of categories with nutritious items. They aim to provide healthy snack which is good for health in this busy world to children, office workers. If the order is given before two days, they will deliver you the snacks you need at the time you say at the doorstep.



Four kites were founded in the year 2013. Four kites connect global end-to-end supply chains with the most powerful technology on the planet helping customers work better together. They help companies to transform their end-to-end supply chain with real-time visibility. As the largest visibility platform, they are tracking over 2 million shipments daily for our global customer base.

Fourkites has over 500 employees around the world with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. Through the four kites community, you can connect with the most passionate and active supply chain professionals in the world. 

Fourkite’s mission is to reshape the logistics industry into one that’s defined by transparency and efficiency. It provides real-time supply chain visibility solutions across transportation modes and digital platforms.



WSQUARE organizes a marketplace where home-based entrepreneurs can showcase their products like jewelry, clothes, and food products. WSQUARE was founded in 2017. The headquarters is located in Chennai. There are more than 50 employees working in this company. 

It is one of the kind shared workspace ecosystem for women entrepreneurs, budding architects, consultants, musicians, and freelancers who are looking at a professional and women-friendly workspace. The specialties of WSQUARE are co-working space for women, outsourced conference room, and workspace for self-employed.

Their purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on the work and meet interesting women, all in one place. It is an initiative taken by young entrepreneurs Vandhana Ramanathan and Jinal Patel



Tender cuts were founded in the year 2016 by Nishanth Chandran. Tender cuts are committed to delivering farm-fresh, healthy, and hygienically processes meat to the doorstep in 90 minutes. They have established numerous checks and quality controls throughout the process of breeding livestock.

It has a direct partnership with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward linkages to ensure meat and fish travel a very short distance reaches the customer guaranteeing absolute freshness. Tender cut processes meat in the most hygienic manner. Their meat and the processes are certified by the respective government bodies.

Their employee education program has been more meticulous, their employees follow new rules in fumigation, sanitization, and their own personal safety and the safety of the customers. Their store and delivery vehicles come under the scanner every single time.

Their order is packed with an ice gel pad to maintain freshness and preserve and to avoid microbes and delivered with utmost care by their delivery boys.



Pipe candy was founded in the year 2016. It was founded by Shrikanth Jagannathan, Ashwin Ramasamy, and Murali Vivekanandan. Pipe candy tracks over 100 million decision-makers across 40 million companies globally covering retail, commerce, and mobile industries. 

Pipe candy is a data science startup based out of Chennai that tracks industry and provides these insights to sales representatives to make their sale pitches relevant to the sector and company they are marketing.



 Terra greens organic is an organic food company. This brand stands for healthy and tasty organic food. Terra organic is one of the companies with core competence in farming. They started with a vision to make organic food accessible to all and spread awareness about the right eating.

Their products are available on leading e-commerce sites, besides a home delivery service. They have more than 90 products. It was founded in 2012. They started with a mission to provide healthy and 100% organic food to the consumer which is good for health, farmer, and the planet. 

The company aims in supplying pure and high-quality products from the farmer. It has an estimated 466 employees. 



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