Step by step guide on how to become an IBPS clerk

how to become an IBPS clerk
Step by step guide on how to become an IBPS clerk
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The eligibility criterion for becoming an IBPS Clerk is decided by the IBPS. They have elaborately given conditions based on the nationality that has been opted.

This list contains the criteria that must be fulfilled for attempting for the IBPS Clerk examinations-

  • The IBPS Clerk exam takes place in the mains and preliminary phases.
  • The application form for the same can be filled in online at-
  • February and March are the months when the IBPS exams are conducted. 
  • All candidates who clear the first round move on to attempt the main exams due in April.
  • The minimum required age is 20 and the maximum is 28.
  • All aspirants must mandatorily have a graduation degree. The same must be from a Government recognized institution. 
  • A graduate degree in any discipline from a Government recognized university is a must.
  • Aspirants must necessarily know to read as well as write the language that the state has chosen.

Note: All relevant documents both original and photocopied, these documents are essential for proving the identity of the candidate. 

Here is a list of the qualifications needed for the aspirants to be eligible-

Graduation Degree

A graduate degree that is recognized by the Government institution is required. However, if the candidate has a degree that is recognized by the Central Government, they will be eligible.

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Fluency in Local Language

All candidates must know to speak, read and write the official language of the state they have opted for.

Other Requirements

It is a must for all candidates to have working and handling usage of the computer. Candidates must have a degree or diploma. They must have a computer or IT as a subject in college, or high school or institute.

Candidates having CGPA/GPA

Candidates having CGPA or GPA must convert it to a percentage with 2 decimal places, and they must fill the examination form based on this.

Conversion of grade to percentage

Selected candidates must obtain a certificate that ensures that the required marks have been changed to a percentage. The same must be approved by the institution’s authorities.

Online results

If the candidates have online results, the relevant documents must be signed by authorities, in original, and it must be mandatory that the same contains dates on which the candidate cleared the examinations.

Percentage up to 2 decimal points

The marks of the candidate must be computed up to 2 decimal points in the application. A certificate must be approved by the institute’s authority indicating that the same is correct.

For ex-servicemen

In case ex-servicemen do not have the above examination qualifications, they must be matriculated. They must obtain a certificate stating their education in Armed or Navy forces, and such should be before January 2022.

Age Limit

For being eligible, the candidate must be aged between 20 to 28.

This table shows relaxations for the same-

Employees of the Union Carbide Factory from Bhopal who retrenched from service (Candidates must note that this applies to Madhya Pradesh state only)5 years
Persons affected by 1984 riots5 years
People living in Kashmir 5 years
Widows or Divorced women and women who are legally separated from their hands but have not remarried9 years
Ex-Servicemen/Disabled Ex-ServicemenThe actual duration of service in the Defense forces in addition to 3 years (8 years for Disabled Ex-Servicemen from scheduled tribes or castes) given that the maximum age limit is of 50 years
Persons With Disability10 years
Other Backward Classes3 years
Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe5 years
  • Relaxation to Scheduled tribes and caste candidates is available on a progressive basis.
  • The maximum age limit is for General and EWS aspirants. 
  • Any candidate who requires relaxation must submit all certificates (original or photocopies) at any time it is required.
  • Their certain rules are specified for Ex-Servicemen who are once again employed by the government who appear for the exam. To know more about the same, please visit Oliveboard.
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Citizenship/ Nationality

A candidate must satisfy any one of these-

  • Aspirants who are Indian nationals or from other countries which include Bhutan. The refugees who came to India and belong to Tibet are also eligible.
  • Aspirants of other countries must obtain a document that is given by the authorities as approved by the Indian Government. 

IBPS Clerk Reservation

IBPS has a reservation for persons with benchmark disabilities as per section 34. This is suitable for all people with problems as specified in the RPWD Act 2016 and notified by Divyangjan regularly. 

It must be noted that the category cannot be changed once the candidate has filled up the form, after that the results will be announced as per the category specified in the form filled up during the time of registration. 

However, if a candidate applies for the common recruitment process and is selected in the examination, or is in the process, it cannot be implied that they will mandatorily be chosen in any of the organizations that are participating. Also, even if the candidate requests for change apart from the ones mentioned will be considered.


The above-mentioned points specify how one can become an IBPS Clerk. It specifies the educational qualification, the required age limit, the citizenship or nationality, and the reservation policy for IBPS Clerks. Any aspirant who writes the IBPS examinations must always keep in mind these points so that they have a clear idea of what is the process that must be followed for achieving their desired goal. 

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