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Story of College Startup But not a drop out

Story of College Startup But not a drop out

The journey of my life – Vikas Mishra

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you – B.B.King

Hi, I am Vikas Mishra and I am grateful to share my learnings from my beautiful journey. I had a college startup but I am not a dropout. I believe institutions and academics cannot decide on our future. Our fate is in our hands. I have seen my father struggling and establishing his own business from an early age and due to which we are now settled in Gujrat. He inspired me and taught me that you need to be determined, dedicated and disciplined about what you do.

Being an average child I had only two options, whether to continue this normal phase or to go to Kota for IIT-JEE. And, I never wanted to opt an easy way so I chose the latter one but I couldn’t make it. So, four years back I was tagged as a failure.

I was disappointed with the rat race but deep down I was satisfied and confident because I believed that I gave my 100 percent and I knew that I was an extraordinary child. I cannot allow myself to be called by my batch name or by the marks I obtained. At that age, I firmly believed that one day I will be known through my work. Though society tried their best to discourage me I choose not to listen and did what was best for me simply because it was “My Life” and not theirs.                ‎             

Then I decided to move to Mulan for my further studies. As I was very ambitious so I started teaching students after college straight for four hours daily and, let me tell you teaching is not that simple as it seems. It made me a better person, a more patient one, a more passionate one.

This patience and passion paid me in my six months internship where I was assigned as a junior engineer. My work was of packing and unpacking things which again tested my patience and passion to do the same work daily for 6 months but always with new energy.                ‎             

‎While I was working on a trimex project. I had to discuss many problems which usually required a sitting of ten hours from 8 pm to 6 am in their office. After one week they noticed my performance and designated me as a trainer, where I had to train 20 engineering students. Through this amazing experience, I realized that I have problem-solving skills and can work 16-17 hours daily. So, I am not made to do regular jobs but I can surely be an entrepreneur.

There are things known and things unknown and in between there are doors. We just have to realize what kind of doors they are so that we can pull them and open them accordingly to do some really amazing things in our lives. Here, after analyzing my skills I searched for better ideas. After doing a lot of market survey I came to the conclusion that digital marketing is something which is new and evolving. So, I started reading about it and the more I read it, the more interesting I found it. Finally, I made my mind to pursue a career in digital marketing.                 ‎               

After completing my fifth semester I returned back to Vapi, my hometown where there was some kind of extempore going on in which different companies had come to display their products and services. I shared them my idea, they got convinced and called me the next day in their offices for further discussion. I told them how I will generate leads, how the businesses will grow and how they will be benefited from each other, how we’ll promote the brand, etc.

Now it was this time when I had to convince my parents too. I told my father about my idea and my seriousness towards it so he made me a promise that my studies will not get affected.

The first funding I received was from my mother of 500/- Rs. The next two days I went to a hundred offices but didn’t get any client, Says Vikas

I knew that the journey of struggle has just begun especially because Vapi has more of traditional marketing influence on it so things will take little time to work but there’s something big waiting for me at the end of the destination because the market review is good.                ‎             

  ‎Then I went back to my college and promoted my company 360-degree services and there I got my first project and the other one in the next month. And then after three-four months, I got a project from the UK. I now have a team of my own which is very efficient in their respective work. Also, I have completed my diploma from Mumbai and I am now an official professional digital marketing trainer.

I give online personal classes to students across the globe like Egypt, Canada, Sri Lanka, etc. I give placements to my own batchmates. I have expanded my business to US, UK, Australia and now capturing the Indian market.                ‎                

Video Credit/Source : Josh Talks

‎If you will ask me I would definitely say that college is the best place to start a startup where you can polish your skills and where there are teachers to guide you and correct you. People who work in big companies are designated to do the same task over and over again.

They follow the same path, in the same direction. Unlike them always have a dream, follow your vision and analyze yourself because no one knows you better than you know yourself. Forget about society, take your power back by not listening to them. Today, people offer me jobs but I always turn them down because I know what is my dream and I will follow my dream always and forever.

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