Successful Airbnb Entrepreneur: How to run a successful Airbnb business

Successful Airbnb Entrepreneur: How to run a successful Airbnb business
Successful Airbnb Entrepreneur: How to run a successful Airbnb business Image Source: Mashvisor
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Achieving Success as an Airbnb Entrepreneur

When running an Airbnb Business, you might ask yourself whether your skills are enough to succeed as an entrepreneur in this field. It would be a delusion to say that regular host responsibilities will suffice because of a wider range of aspects that should be regulated by an entrepreneur.

Types of Airbnb Entrepreneurs 

Firstly, let’s discover what type of entrepreneur are you, based on your mindsets and wishes for future work.

The Opportunist

The kind of person you would definitely call enterprising. This type of entrepreneur benefits in the short term – they are engaged in renting out real estate during peak seasons. It can be the owner of a cottage for rent, located next to a mountain resort, or the owner of an apartment, from where you can quickly get to the local festival. In this business option, you can clearly trace the wave-like demand.

The Traditional Homeowner

Mainly, homeowners prefer to deal with long-term rentals. They rent out a room or a home to those guests who they are sure about and on terms that are most beneficial to the host.

The Professional Airbnb Entrepreneur 

This type can be divided into two subtypes: the long-term rental entrepreneur and the short-term or vacation rental entrepreneur. Both of them work with well-planned strategies that they adapt to their business. With the right approach, these specialists cope with many work processes, from maintaining order in houses to listing optimization, and more. As a result, they work full-time. Often, after a few years, experienced entrepreneurs open their own Airbnb management company.

Tips for Building a Successful Airbnb Business

Entrepreneurship in the Airbnb field is highly competitive. You have to rent out housing and provide a first-class service to receive positive reviews and attract an increasing number of customers. You can do a few key things to set your Airbnb business up for success. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

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Hold Multiple Properties

Most entrepreneurs manage just one listing. Of course, this type of Airbnb entrepreneurship has its advantages: there are fewer problems, and they are easier to fix. However, the owners of several listings receive more income because they can reach a wider audience. Also if, for example, one property is rented out, they can offer other housing options. So that entrepreneurs with multiplied listings offer variety.

First-Class Management 

You can manage rental objects differently, but the result should always be the same – building up a good reputation by getting positive reviews from your guests. This can be done by providing them with an exceptional experience, such as a clean and comfortable room, prompt communication, and helpful tips about the local area. Arrange your home in such a way that it not only has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay (for example, Wi-Fi and a boiler) but also creates a feeling of comfort. Provide local service numbers that may be useful in an emergency. 

As a manager, you can also offer guests a unique service, such as arranging a tour of local attractions. This will set you apart from many Airbnb entrepreneurs.

You need to be prepared to work hard. Running an Airbnb business is not a passive income stream – you’ll need to put in the hours to make it successful. But if you’re willing to do the work, you can build a perfect Airbnb business that will provide you with a great return on investment.

Building a Strategy

An essential difference between an entrepreneur and an owner is that the former must think globally and act locally to succeed. What does this mean? A good entrepreneur is a good strategist. He can draw up a business plan, which considers long-term strategies and short-term tasks, prospects and possible obstacles on the way to goals. In addition, there may be several business plans; they are interchangeable and complementary.

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Note that it is best for an entrepreneur to independently build a business development strategy and not take an available template as an example and try to apply it without any adjustments. After all, business management always involves a uniquely individual approach. At one time, you want to attract new tenants; at another, you set yourself the goal of increasing the number of bookings. Depending on your goals, the indicators by which you will evaluate the effectiveness of your work will also change.

What should always be considered is competition. You can analyze competitors and build a strategy based on their actions. For example, you want to stand out from their background, and knowing what methods they use to promote will make this a little easier.

Expand your business

If your Airbnb business is making a steady income and you feel you can manage a few more rental properties, it’s time to expand. Consider the use of financing options such as specifically designed Airbnb loans to raise the capital required for short-term rental purchases. This will increase your flexibility when it comes to the price and may expand the options available whilst looking for new properties. When you are assessing a property you’re interested in, pay attention to details like the location, infrastructure links, and existing amenities. This will allow you to make a calculated decision as to whether it will make a good return on your investment and be a valuable addition to your property portfolio.

If you are entering a new market, such as looking for a rental property in another major city, try to learn as much as you can about the local real estate market. Try to understand the specifics of how the short-term rental market is performing in the area and understand when the peak periods are for short-term stays, this way you will be able to factor for demand throughout the year and pay attention most to the properties where you are seeing high traffic and keep them up to standard.

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Automation is key.

Look for the best short term rental property management software that can help you manage your rental property with ease. This will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. A software solution that automates the rental process will help you keep track of your bookings and cancellations, as well as manage your finances.


An Airbnb entrepreneur is far from being just an average owner of one or two properties for rent. His field of responsibility, as well as duties, is wider, and his actions should lead to the achievement of goals. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the market, and competitors, adjust plans and adapt to changes. Thus, proper planning and execution are very essential for an Airbnb business to succeed.

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