Summer Vacation at Hill-station of Mount Abu

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Recently we shared how to get Indian visa and decided to have a summer vacation trip to Mount Abu, a hill station in the Aravalli mountain ranges of Rajasthan in India, it has the honour of being the only hill-station of the desert region. Mount Abu has become popular among tourists for its cool climate and natural environment.

Mount Abu is located at an altitude of 5650ft feet above sea level on the southern slope of Aravalli Range near Sirohi district in Rajasthan state of western India. The hill-station is also a popular weekend and vacation hub for nearby city of Ahmedabad which is only 229 KM’s and is well connected via National highway and train routes (till Abu Road railway station) to the hill-station. Mount Abu is a further uphill road drive from Abu Road. The journey is an absolute delight, with fresh air, winding paths, picturesque landscapes, and occasional sightings of monkeys.

If you are planning to visit Mount Abu and looking for hotels, then there are plenty of options available. Mount Abu offers a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels, resorts, and guest houses. We booked Hotel Agroha which is a boutique hotel at mount abu, we opted for it because of its peaceful and private location with natural surroundings all around. Hotel Agroha is a colonial-era villa that has been renovated with modern amenities and facilities into one of the finest Mount Abu hotels. The hotel is located in the heart of nature, just 1 km away from the main city and the picturesque Nakki Lake. The hotel offers a perfect blend of a private villa’s leisure and a luxury hotel’s service.Moreover, the hotel offers exceptional amenities that make it the best hotel in Mount Abu in our opinion for your hill station vacation. The hotel staff is very polite and offers good service. It is recommended that you make your bookings in advance, especially during the long weekends when the place is often crowded. 

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A walking tour is an ideal way to explore Mount Abu, but you can also hop from one attraction to another in your car. Nakki Lake is the highlight of Mount Abu, surrounded by mighty mountains and rock formations. You can take a leisurely stroll on the lake promenade, enjoy a boating trip against the backdrop of sunset and city night lights, and feed fish with wheat flour balls.

Hit the market near Nakki Lake to shop for marble handicraft items and silver jewellery. You can also savour local as well as continental cuisines at popular eateries such as Arbuda, Jodhpur Bhojnalaya, Honest, and Kathayawadi restaurants. We enjoyed most of our dinners at Hotel Agroha garden with candle-light dinners.

Mount Abu is quite famous for its peculiar rock formations, among which the Toad Rock, Parrot Rock, Camel Rock, and Nun Rock are the most popular ones. The Toad Rock, which resembles a toad overlooking Nakki lake, is the most frequented one as it offers a mesmerising view of the city from the top. Children, in particular, are likely to enjoy the thrill of climbing their way up and down the Toad Rock.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top summer attractions in Mount Abu. It has a total area of 290 square kilometres and is an excellent sanctuary for endangered animal and bird species. There are around 250 bird and animal species, including leopards, jungle cats, sloth bears, wolves, hyenas, wolves, saints, and wild boars. So, embark on an exciting jungle walk and safari at this spectacular Mount Abu sanctuary. You can request that the hotel arrange for rock climbing and jungle hiking with experienced and qualified expert guides.

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There are various other places to visit in Mount Abu, such as Dilwara Jain temple, Sunset Point, Honeymoon/Anadra Point, Gaumukh Temple, Achalgarh, Guru Shikhar, and Udaipur and Ambaji as nearby excursions if you are planning for a longer trip. A two to four days stay at Mount Abu is adequate to cover all sightseeing attractions here.

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Here is a 2-day itinerary for you to follow:

Day 1:
1. Start your day early and head to Guru Shikhar – the highest point in Rajasthan. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Aravalli Range and the sunrise. Special thanks to Deepak bhai at Villa Agroha for the Sunrise tour.
2. Then, visit the magnificent Dilwara Jain Temples. Known for its excellent architecture and intricate carvings, it’s a must-visit for all tourists. 3. Visit the famous Nakki Lake, surrounded by mountains and ideal for a picnic, boating or just a leisurely stroll.

Day 2:
1. Visit the beautiful Achalgarh Fort, which is home to the Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple and offers a panoramic view of the valley.
2. Explore the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to various species of animals like tigers, deer, and leopards as well as many species of birds.

To make the most of your summer vacation in Mount Abu, it is recommended that you book a taxi or a two-wheeler as per your choice. It is also recommended that you make your hotel/hostel reservations in advance because Mount Abu is a popular summer destination with large crowds. We booked directly with the hotel because it is always cheaper and eliminates OTA commissions.

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Mount Abu is an ideal summer holiday location, with a nice climate, scenic scenery, and a variety of tourism attractions. It’s a terrific place to get away from the searing heat and bustle of city life and unwind in the picturesque Aravallis.

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