Top 10 Sunglass and Eyewear Companies in India

Top 10 Sunglasses and Eyewear Companies in India
Top 10 Sunglasses and Eyewear Companies in India
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Summers have arrived and it’s time to gather your hats and sunglasses, wear flip-flops, select some comfy clothes, grab a glass of juice, and move to your balcony. We cannot go and chill on the beach so balconies, gardens, and verandas are our new relaxing spots. Initially, people treated sunglasses only as a fashion statement, but now it is a necessary accessory during summers.

They are a must for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays, heat, and dust in the atmosphere. Sunglasses are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, shades, and prices. Today I am going to share with you all a comprehensive list of Top 10 Sunglasses and Eyewear Companies in India. So, let’s begin reading without any further delay.

List of Best Sunglass Companies in India :


Gucci is one of the highest-selling Italian brands founded by Gucci Gucci in the year 1921. It is a luxury fashion company that specializes in makeup, handbags, clothing, footwear, and home decoration items, along with sunglasses. The company is a subsidiary of the Kering Group and is one of the most popular eyewear brands in India. Gucci sunglasses play an important role in describing the status of its owner as it is an accessory for the rich.

The sunglasses are available in various colors and designs that are ideal for both casual wear and office-going people. Some of its specialties such as high durability, premium quality material, and tough glasses & frames, make it the best sunglass brand. The lenses used in this eyewear brand protect the eyes from UV rays and are ideal while driving. Buyers can also select gradient lenses and eyewear ranging from traditional aviators to the latest cat-eyes and Hollywood-style frames.

Gucci brand is loved by every sunglass lover due to its classic Italian craftsmanship and long-lasting quality. It is known as an expensive and premium brand as its eyewear starts from INR 10,000/-. You can buy luxury eyewear online from Mytheresa and SmartBuyGlasses or search your nearest eyewear store.


Ray-Ban eyewear is a perfect example of grace and elegance. It is an Italian/American brand founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 and is currently under the ownership of Luxottica Group. The brand offers both sunglasses and eyeglasses and is loved by all men and women around the world. It specializes in Aviators, Wayfarers, Polarized, and Clubmasters sunglasses that are available in many shades, colors, frames, and designs.

Ray-Ban brand is known for its stylish, unique, and high-quality sunglasses that match both modern and traditional outfits. Some of its new styles include Erika, I shape, Justin, Round, and New Wayfarer. The eyewear is suitable for all face structures and is available in different sizes ranging from small to free size. The frames are flexible and light-weighted and are available in bold colors that suit all age groups. It is an expensive brand offering sunglasses ranging from INR 5000/- to 30,000/- approximately.

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The UV protection features along with gradient and mirrored lenses add class and grace to your overall appearance. It is an accessory worth its price. You can purchase it from the local eyewear stores or shop online from Myntra, Amazon, Shoppers Stop, and Lens kart sites.


Polaroid Company came into existence in 1937 through the vision of its founder Edwin Land. It has its headquarters in Padova, Italy, and functions under the ownership of Safilo Group. The company is quite popular in India as it offers premium quality eyewear at affordable prices. It is the first company to introduce polarized lens technology to the world.

Polaroid sunglasses is unique as it uses the thermal fusion technology that helps us to view the faraway objects clearly and protects our eyes from UV rays. The technology also safeguards our eyes from the glare of various electronic devices like computers, TV, and mobile phones. The sunglasses are available in many styles, designs, shades, and shapes along with anti-glare and gradient lenses.

The company offers various styles of frames such as Oval, rectangular, Oversized, Aviator, Wayfarer, optical, and reading. These sunglasses are readily available in every eyewear store for both kids as well as adults and are available within an economical range of INR 2500/- to INR 5500/- approximately. You can also order them from online shopping sites such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, SmartBuy Glasses, and Shoppers Stop.


Just like Polaroid, Carrera Eyewear also operates under the Safilo Group. The company is existing since 1956 and is founded by Wilhelm Anger. It specializes in selling sports eyewear that is composed of Optyl material and is light-weighted. The substance helps in reducing any allergic reactions and improves stability while driving. The company also offers a wide range of sunglasses that match the current trend of fashion and also provide protection to the eyes.

Here you can also find Optical, Aviators, Erika, and Hyper fit frames in different shades, sizes, and designs for men, women, and teenagers. The Carrera Porsche Design collection of sunglasses has received exceptional interest from celebrities. Some notable celebs like Brad Pitt, James Franco, Britney Spears, Al Pacino, Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth, and Sylvester Stallone love wearing Carrera Sunglasses.

Carrera Company has also sponsored popular sports events such as Formula 1 Racing, Amera’s Cup, and Winter Olympics that happened in between 1980-88. The company offers a wide range of budget-friendly sunglasses and optical eyewear ranging from INR 3000/- to INR 8000/-. It is a famous eyewear brand in India so you can buy it from any nearby eyewear store or order them from Myntra, Flipkart, SmartBuyGlasses, and Amazon.


Calvin Richard Klein is a famous fashion designer who incorporated a company named Calvin Klein in the year 1968. It is a luxury brand that specializes in many items such as jewelry, perfumes, watches, and other accessories. Calvin Klein along with his partner Barry Schwartz decided to open a new fashion accessory sector of sunglasses and eyewear.

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It is one of the most popular and successful eyewear companies in the world. This luxurious brand is well-known for its unique style, appealing designs, and high-quality structure. It offers a wide range of frame styles like Cat Eye, Aviators, Round, Rectangle, Oval, Wayfarer, and Oversized designs. They are also available in various sizes, lens, colors, and gradients.

Calvin Klein is a slightly high-priced eyewear brand that ranges from INR 5000/- to INR 9000/- but is still equally admired by both men and women. You can visit their website or shop from online sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.


Vogue Eyewear is one of the most famous and cherished companies in India. It is an American brand winning the hearts of millions since 1973 under the ownership of Luxottica Group. The company is well-known for its fashion magazine that includes fashion trends, beauty tips, culture & lifestyle, celebrity gossips, and health & wellness secrets.

The company also offers a wide range of sunglasses in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that are ideal for men, women, and kids. It is a one-stop solution for all sunglasses lovers as this eyewear is both stylish and affordable. Here you get to choose from a variety of styles like Cat-Eye, Round, Aviators, Rimless, Square, Sports, Bug eye, Oval, and Rectangle.

The sunglasses also have a polarized and anti-glare lens that provides complete protection from harmful UV and other rays. The company offers affordable sunglasses ranging from INR 3000/- to INR 7000/- that are readily available in every local and online store. You can also shop from their official website or online shopping sites like Myntra, Flipkart, Lenskart, and TitanEyePlus.


In 1975, Jim Jannard founded a company and named it Oakley Inc. Oakley is an Italian sports equipment manufacturing company that operates under the jurisdiction of Luxottica Group. It also makes accessories like snowboard goggles, sports shoes, backpacks, watches, and optical frames. The eyewear brand is generally dedicated to improving the sporting experience of all athletes and sportspersons.

This eyewear company incorporates the latest fashion trends and protective features in its sunglass designs. It also guarantees durability, sturdiness, comfort, and toughness of the eyewear frames. The sunglasses are available in various styles like Wraparound, Wayfarer, Oval, Rectangle, Vintage, and Polarized. The eyewear frames are designed in a way that they can provide 360-degree eye protection in case of accidents.

Oakley sunglasses are perfect for all those who engage in outdoor activities as they protect their eyes from UV rays and also enhance the viewing experience. It is loved by both men and women because of its premium outlook and polarized protection. It is also an affordable brand starting from INR 4000/- and is available on various online shopping sites like Amazon, Lenskart, TitanEyePlus, and SmartBuyGlasses.F

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Fastrack, as the name suggests, is an Indian fashion company operating under the Titan Company. It came into existence in 1998 through the efforts of Suparna Mitra and has its headquarters in New Delhi. The company specializes in marketing youth-centric items like watches, bags, wallets, perfumes, and sunglasses. It is also very trendy among the youth because it offers modern, fashionable, and affordable sunglasses.

Fastrack Sunglasses are well-known for their premium quality, durability, lightweight frames, and 100% eye protection from UV Rays. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs like Cat-eye, Wayfarer, Aviators, sports, oversized, Polaroid, gradient, and wrap-around. The sunglasses are highly loved by all the men, women, teens, and kids in India as they are both safe and stylish.

They are also budget-friendly and range from INR 800/- to INR 3000/- and are available at every retail store in India. You can also shop for them on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and TitanEyePlus.I


Here comes another Indian sunglasses retailing company founded by Ronak Optic India Pvt Ltd in 2000. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore and is highly popular among the younger generations. IDEE Sunglasses are well-known for their unique style, design, texture, colors, and youthful vibe. The sunglasses are lightweight and have polarized lenses for clear vision.

The eyewear is also very durable, long-lasting, and affordable. Its classy designs and unique colors enhance and complete your overall appearance. The best feature about these sunglasses is they are both affordable and rich in quality. They are available in every famous eyewear retail and online store within a price range of 1500/- to 4000/- approximately. You can also search for them on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Shoppers Stop.


The last company in the list of sunglasses manufacturing is the Flying Machine. Its main goal is to provide quality products at very affordable prices to the younger generations. It is well-known for its stylish, comfortable, youthful, and uncommon designs.

You can select from various styles like Aviators, Cat-eyes, and Wayfarers, gradient, polarized, rectangular, and oversized. The sunglasses are also available in different shapes, sizes, and designs, and protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The eyewear is very economical ranging from INR 800 to INR 3000/-. You can shop for the stylish Fahrenheit Aviators from online sites like Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, and Amazon.

Sunglasses in today’s scenario are not just an accessory but a protective guard for our eyes. So everyone must keep some pointers in mind while buying a pair of sunglasses. Choose the correct size according to your face shape, avoid cheap quality & protection-less eyewear, and learn to compromise on style & color. Selecting a brand that is well-known, economical, and includes protective features is considered the best investment. 

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