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Gaming has always captivated the minds of players, as it is a source of excitement and adrenaline rush; it is a merger of strategies, planning, competition, psychology, and mystery, which, above all, can bring an impressive profit for both sides – game providers and game players.

With the openness of the global market, the iGaming niche becomes increasingly crammed with various platforms that are fighting for their place under the sun, at the top of the search list. Creating an iGaming platform is just a part of the deal, as the elaborate design and mind-blowing offers will be left unnoticed without the proper promotion of your brand.  Unlike conventional businesses, iGaming requires different approaches to promotion due to its rather negative image in society and scrutinizing attention from search engine algorithms. Therefore, learning iGaming SEO link building strategies is crucial for establishing an online presence and a brand’s positive image.

What is SEO in iGaming?

Seo is a set of measures to improve the website’s online performance, targeting traffic, audience reach, and domain authority. Among the most common strategies to use, there are on-page and off-page strategies.

On-page iGaming SEO

On-page SEO strategies are related to the visible details on the platform, and can generally be described as “in-house” measures.

  1. Title tags – should be limited to 60 symbols, including the primary and secondary keywords.
  2. Content – fills up the informational niche of the website. The articles and posts should contain a few keywords, however, it is important to keep the balance, as the overstuffed texts can be penalized by the search engine.
  3. Meta description – a brief insight into what the reader will see in the article and is typically shown in the search line. Its length is between 150-160 words, everything else will not be visible in the search list. The meta description should also contain a call-to-action phrase, encouraging the readers to visit your platform.
  4. Keywords – the key to better visibility in the search engine should be placed strategically. The keywords are better to be placed into the main heading (H1), first paragraph, and subheaders. Such positioning will help to gain a quick look into the topic of your page, and the users will immediately understand if this page is relevant to their request.
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Off-page iGaming SEO

Off-page SEO strategies are mainly taken as an external collaboration, as it aims to establish communication with other relative websites and place the backlinks into their content. The main forms of implementation:

  • Link building – the main strategy to implement for claiming your online presence. Link building is about sharing your backlinks with other relevant websites, and posting the links to other websites, building up your relevance to the chosen area.
  • Social media – a perfectly-working mediator between the iGaming platform and the user. Social media are suitable for catching the right audience. The users can share, reshare or react somehow to your posts. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages can just work as a connector with the audience, attracting them to the world of games.
  • Brand building – the brand is what people see and imagine when hearing the name of the platform. Make sure to form a unifying style for the website, content, and communication, thus, creating a feeling of consistency.

By planning and implementing the on-page and off-page iGaming SEO tactics, your gaming platform will win more points for its overall performance.

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Link building in iGaming SEO

Link building is a vital part of building an SEO strategy. When your platform gets natural and high-quality backlinks from highly-authoritative websites, it will enhance your chances for higher ranking and better traffic. Obviously, the more backlinks, the better the chance to climb up the search list, yet it’s important to keep the balance, otherwise, the search engine algorithm will mark you as a spammy website, lowering the scale of authority.

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It’s essential to get backlinks of high quality. As an example – one powerful backlink to a highly-authoritative website will bring you more link juice and benefits, than 15-20 backlinks from a website with low priority.

A good link should comply with the following rules:

  • Relevance – the website that will share your backlink must be related to the iGaming industry and contain pertinent keywords. This is the only way to prove to Google bots, that you are a reliable website.
  • High traffic – website with high traffic values will bring in more link juice and increase your importance in the ‘eyes’ of Google;
  • High rankings – the better the ranking of the ‘hosting’ website, the better your placement in the search and the constant traffic to your site.

How to acquire the iGaming links?

There are two major ways of getting the iGaming backlinks to your website: guest posts and niche edits.

Guest posts in iGaming

Guest posts are a tried-and-tested method used by the majority of link building agencies. It is focused on the creation of new content with the backlinks inserted, and placing it on the ‘hosting’ platform. Guest posting helps to establish the brand and build up the online presence over time.

The core of the guest posting is the text. It must be catchy and informative, presenting value for its reader. It is important to know the limits of the length, as our society is not willing to spend a lot of time reading endless descriptions of game strategies. It is better to just write separate articles on very specific topics.

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Can iGaming benefit from guest blogging? Certainly yes, if the links are placed on websites with high authority, you get more traffic and improve audience outreach.

Niche edit links in iGaming

Niche edits iGaming links are an efficient way to obtain the backlinks to your website, however, it works better in terms of time usage. Unlike guest posts, niche edit links are inserted right into the already-existing articles, which saves you time from writing new content. Niche edit iGaming links work best if you need to increase the website visibility and audience outreach in the short term.

The website for link insertion must have a level of authority of not less than 40-50 points and have stable and high traffic. Such characteristics can be checked by the tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

When the website accepting the backlink has high rankings, your iGaming platform will benefit as well, getting better positioning in the search results, and thus, better traffic and converts.


Barter is a good option for maintaining the authority level at a high level. Such an exchange is beneficial for both sides and is often implemented by link building SEO agencies. However, the main condition for cooperation is the relatively high rankings of both sites.

The bottom line

A successful iGaming SEO campaign is a basis for the successful performance of the gaming platform. SEO strategies make your website alive, bringing the audience and improving its performance on the global market of games. Website visibility, high rankings, and authority, better audience outreach, high ROI, and profit – this is a short list of advantages you get when hiring a link building SEO company for establishing your online presence. Don’t hesitate and make your business work without wasting time.

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