Tara Blake: Wiki, Biography, Husband, Family, and More

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TARA BLAKE was born in 1983 in New York, USA. She is the daughter of JOHN TERENCE BLAKE and NAN CONELLY BLAKE. TARA BLAKE is the wife of Dan Crenshaw. Tara has two siblings named John Terrence and sister Erin Blake. Tara Blake got married on August 24, 2013.

She is a social activist who works with her husband to help families of fallen service members. She runs a campaign for “Travis Manion Foundation” which is involved with a non-profit organization to prevent suicide prevention. 

Tara Blake has not revealed much about her education but it is known that she has finished her high school near her residence. She has completed her higher education at Maryland university. She has a stunning set of deep blue eyes and naturally blonde hair.

She is widely known as the wife of the American politician Dan Crenshaw. She is also a famous American social media personality. She has more than 15k followers on Instagram.


Who is Tara Blake? Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Husband, Age, Height

 Dan Crenshaw is an American politician and former United states navy SEAL officer serving as united states representative. He is a member of the Republican party. He was wounded in action during his third deployment losing his right eye due to an improvised explosive device.

He served as a legislative assistant to representative Pete sessions. He was elected to congress in the 2018 mid-term election to succeed the retired Ted Poe. He earned a purple heart, two bronze star medals, and the Navy and Marine corps Commendation medal with great courage.

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Dan Crenshaw lost his right eye in 2012 when he was hit by an IED explosion in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. This blast destroyed his eye, and he required surgery to save the vision in his left eye. He remained in the Navy after the injury and served his fourth and fifth tours of duty in Bahrain and South Korea. He has said, “I don’t have a good eye, but half a good eye”.


Tara Blake (Dan Crenshaw's wife) Age/ Family/ Net worth/ Career/ Facts and  more

Tara Blake and Dan Crenshaw are blessed with one daughter and one son. On August 18, 2020, Tara Blake shared a picture with her kids and captioned “A year ago, I gave a speech and my godchildren stood at the edge of the dance floor listening to every word. Their support is precious to me and reminds me that little ones are always listening. Speak the truth, be kind, and always put your best effort into whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.”

Tara Blake’s father John Terrence Blake has served over 37 years in the navy and her mother Nan Connelly Blake graduated from the University of Maryland. The wedding of Tara Blake and Dan Crenshaw was held on August 24, 2013 and their wedding took place at the same location where soulmates first met each other in California.

In the situation when Dan Crenshaw lost his eye when working for Helmand Province of Afghanistan, Tara Blake stood for Dan Crenshaw and boosted him. He then rotated his career track to politics which later turned out to be his best decision in life.

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In an interview, Tara Blake says that Dan Crenshaw is a very good personality who respects, treats everyone equally and he is a very good gentleman. When the accident happened in 2012, Dan Crenshaw was very bold, he consoled Tara Blake, that nothing would happen. She says that Dan Crenshaw is incredibly brave, and she is very proud of him.

Tara Blake says that, On every year of her birthday, Dan Crenshaw celebrates it in a very grand manner whatever busy he is, and she says that he makes her birthday every year, a memorable one.


Tara Blake (Dan Crenshaw's wife) Age/ Family/ Net worth/ Career/ Facts and  more

Networth of Tara Blake is $250k to $350k as of 2021. There is a fact that social activists do not earn more. Tara Blake has worked for many noble works and earned respect in society. She always continues her social activities without considering the money she earns.


      FULL NAME: Tara Blake

      BORN YEAR: 1983

      AGE: 36

      NATIONALITY: American

      BIRTH PLACE: New York

      RELIGION: Christianity

       HEIGHT: 5’55”

      PARENTS- FATHER: John Terrence Blake

     MOTHER: Nan Connelly Blake

     MARITAL STATUS: Married 

     HUSBAND: Dan Crenshaw


  SISTER: Erin Blake

  NET WORTH: $250k to $350k dollars.

Tara Blake is a social activist who is the wife of Dan Crenshaw who lost his eyes in the incident that happened in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Tara Blake’s father and her husband both are military officers and after the injury, her husband became an American politician. Even though he lost his eyes, Tara Blake supported him and stood for him. They both loved for many years and they got married on August 24, 2013.

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They got married at the place where the couple met for the first time. Tara Blake says that Dan Crenshaw every year on the birthday of Tara Blake, surprises her, and makes every year special for Tara Blake even though he is busy with his work. Tara Blake saying about her husband Dan Crenshaw says that he is a very respectful person and gives respect to others’ ideas, and he is a gentleman. They both together are a cute couple.



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