“Tark Systems” a Startup that works to design Unique and Creative Concepts on Robotics Technology

How it all started

The idea for my startup was seeded in my mind Since a very long time but couldn’t make it live until 2016,  when I finally decided to leave my Job and head for my own Start-Up and we got our Startup registered on 26th Dec 2016. The robotics designs, mechanisms, and systems were being worked for past 2 yrs. Within 2 months of operations, we also got registered with Start-Up India which was a morale boost for us.

The company name is something that hits others mind when they hear it, so it has to be unique or descriptive. Since this an Indian company we wanted the company name to be Indian and inspire by Indian mythology. One day we came across a name of Lord Shiva: Tarkeshwar Mahadev. From here he extracted the work “Tark” which means “Logic”. Since this company makes systems to solve problems we ended up having the perfect name for their start-up: Tark Systems.

Image Credit/ Source: Tark Sytems

Moment of inspiration:

The major source of inspiration was our passion for robotics and technology and we got the push to pursue it one we felt our un-satisfaction boiling with our current jobs.  And transforming our passion into a product was the greatest challenge, as the product should be made to solve a problem and make life easier for the user. We took the challenge bit more seriously and got one step ahead of it. We made a product which will not only solve a problem but multiple problems and can provide various solutions for multiple scenarios.

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About Us:

Tark Systems is a tech-savvy company that deals with smart robots and watches. Under Robotics branch we made a robot that resembles and moves like a biological snake, purely by flexing its body: SURP. Surp is most useful in a situation where their unique characteristic gives them an advantage over their environment like including long and thin pipe- like structures, highly cluttered rubble or it can also act as a support system for solider and doctors. Considering this Surp is currently being developed to assist search and rescue teams. It has an implementation in animatronics, search and rescue, space technology, solider support system, medical surgery support system, pipeline leakage detection and security and surveillance.

One of the section of Tark System is in Smart watches and Bands. The watches help people track their fitness and keep them notified. We have an exclusive range of smart wears listed on the website. The wearable is Sleek, trendy and technology loaded.

The Mission statement of Tark Systems is: Use our pioneering spirit to unlock the potentials of technology so as to deliver innovative solutions to the world and improve the qualities of life. We use social media platforms to connect with customers. We also use YouTube to showcase their prototypes. It is due to cost-effective products and an effective solution when it comes to the field of Animatronics, Military, Rescue & searches and Pipeline leakage detection for Robotics and Price, looks and features for Smartwatch that people choose Tark Systems over others.

About Founder and Co-founder

Founder:Prateek Pandey

I always had an interest in robotics since childhood and made my own Vibrabots during 10th standard. I also love to explore things inside-out and collect raw material or circuit part that can be used later. After opting for Electronics and Communication for his engineering he started to work in Software development industry. But he didn’t find the job fulfilling and as a result, he decided to quit. His education background is a big help in running this business. I am a self-motivated person and, “I know my weaknesses”. I just need to speak to myself figure out what was the mistake and discuss what needs to be done.

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Cofounder: Jitendra Pagare

It was the year 2015 when I was pursuing my final year of engineering, Prateek my childhood friend came up with an idea of a startup. He briefed me about his startup. Though I always wanted to start something of my own at that point in time, I didn’t have any business plan. However, I assured him that I would support and help him in the best possible way I can.

In Dec 2016 we gradually embarked on our journey of startup on smart watches and robotics. We did a lot of things right from registration of the company on various government portals, meeting investors, attending startup events, marketing, etc. It was a learning phase, as for me I never had any such experience and knowledge in starting a business.  We did face many hurdles but we kept going and learned from hurdles. We also learned a lot from the people who supported us and who didn’t. Gradually we have reached a stage where we have mentors and financers ready to invest.

There were lots of challenges I had to face and didn’t know to handle at all but Prateek guided me very well n taught me what should I do.

Image Credit/ Source: Tark Sytems

Growth plans

Tark Systems is focused to be one of the major organization for Robotics and AI, also we are helping people lead a healthy life and stay updated with our Smart watches. We are targeting a wide range of sector for our products which are diverse and needs dedicated solutions.

Funding: We have been offered investment options from many investors which we would be taking onboard once we expand our reach all over India.  The investor is highly impressed with both our section in Robotics and Smartwatches.

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” I believe in one thing “ Try Try Until you get success”. Many difficulties will be coming the way you need to overcome them, find alternatives and never think of quitting. Believing in you no matter what should be the key to success” Says The Founder’s

Website: www.tarksystems.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarkSystems/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarksystems/

Email:[email protected]
Location: Pune, Maharastra, India


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