Teachmint: Case Study, Company Profile, Founding Members, and many more

Teachmint: Case Study, Company Profile, Founding Members, and many more
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Since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve had to make many changes in the manner in which we work and associate with each other overall. The ascent of internet learning is essential for this. Many individuals have made a move to learn new things and get new abilities. Education has also shifted online. Today in this article we are going to learn about an online learning application Teachmint, it is an all-in-one application that provides you with an entire learning curriculum. 

Teachmint Case Study:

Teachmint image
(Image Source: appdukaan.com)

Teachmint was established in May 2020 by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar – graduated class of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi with chief involvement with OYO, McKinsey, Swiggy, and Roposo. It is an education provider of training framework arrangements, powering the schooling ecosystem to convey motivated learning results.

Since its initiation, it has empowered a huge number of instructors to make worldwide, future-prepared homerooms with exclusive study hall innovation. With its imaginative and strong SaaS arrangements, Teachmint today is taking care of start-to-finish requirements of all training suppliers from K-12 schools to after-school coaching, colleges, makers, and evened techs.

Teachmint Company Profile:

Company NameTeachmint
Founding Year 2020
Founding MembersMihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar
CompetitorsSchoolApp, Class Plus, Coursera, and more
Website https://www.teachmint.com/
Teachmint Company Profile

Teachmint Mission and Values:

  • Amazing client experience: That is something Teachmint believes in, amazing client experience, everyone who joins them is happy. 
  • Bettering themselves consistently: Teachmint displays areas of strength for doing something extraordinary for themselves and to better their presentation in each perspective.
  • Comprehensive and various: A culture that is warm and inviting. Where everybody feels a feeling of having a place.
  • Regard everybody: Teachmint esteem their kin, and their clients, and hold the highest level of respect for everybody.
  • Be a proprietor: Teachmint considers itself responsible and delegates liability.

Teachmint Founder:

Teachmint founders image
Founded by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar in May 2020,(Image Source: techcrunch.com)

Founded by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar in May 2020, Teachmint enables teachers to conduct online classes through a two-way interactive learning solution with video sharing and more. Besides this, it offers a tutoring management SaaS to help teachers mark attendance, conduct tests, create individual classrooms and projects, share learning material, and more.

Founded by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar in May 2020
Founded by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar in May 2020 (Image source: Business-standard)

Teachmint’s product bundles an interactive classroom environment with a SaaS dashboard on a subscription basis for tutors. It allows teachers to manage their daily classes in a more transparent manner than using different third-party tools for each aspect. The startup claims to have over 1 lakh tutors on board and is said to be used in more than 1,000 cities in India. In October 2020, the startup raised $3.5 Mn in a seed round, led by Lightspeed India, with participation from existing investors Better Capital and Titan Capital.

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Teachmint Name & Logo:

Teachmint image
(Image Source: blog.teachmint.com)

Benefits of Using Teachmint:

Tecahmint is an all-in-one study platform. The students have many benefits from using it some of them are: 

  • Save Time and Efforts: From participation to charging the executives, the training application deals with everything and this assists save with timing and exertion. As an educator, you don’t need to continue to remind your understudies about the cutoff times of tasks, and expenses With web-based instructing, you let your understudies assume the liability. It makes them more responsive, responsible, and capable.
  • Communication: Education applications work with simple correspondence among understudies and educators. Web-based showing stages give a faultless arrangement as they diminish the interruptions that are available in conventional showing strategies, making them stay more engaged and mindful. For example, an understudy can essentially utilize the lift hands symbol for an idea that they didn’t have any idea about. Likewise, training applications assist you with recording addresses for some time in the future. This is efficient and effective.
  • Accessibility: Gone are the days when geological or actual requirements could frustrate learning and instructing. Presently with instruction applications, all you require is a legitimate web association and great educating abilities. Nonconcurrent and coordinated classes are an aid to the two understudies and educators.
  • Flexibility: It’s a given that instruction applications add adaptability to the outline. Educators can record addresses and transfer them on the web. Presently, you don’t need to awaken at 5 to take a class at 7! Web-based education can set aside a great deal of your significant investment that you can constantly put resources into working on your showing abilities or zeroing in on more fragile understudies.

Naye Zamaane Ki Nayi Schooling Teachmint Pe | Banayein Apne Institute Ko Future Ready | Anil Kapoor

How to Login To Teachmint Application? 

All you want is a good web association and a cell phone or PC. The initial step is to download the Teachmint application from the Play store. When you introduce the application, you will be approached to sign in utilizing your portable number. Pick your job, i.e, whether you are an educator or stuContent Sharingdent and presto! you will actually want to utilize every one of the astounding elements that Teachmint offers.

Teachmint image
(Image Source: softwareadive.com)

Disadvantages of Teachmint App:

  • Upset Live Classes and Faulty Live Class Recording: Live classes in these times are the main way where educators can speak with understudies and understudies can speak with their guides for clearing their questions and getting their questions settled busy instructing. However, envision the injury that the two of them should confront assuming that there are various interruptions during the web classes. These disturbances will disappoint the whole thought behind web-based instructing and that is the very thing that Teachmint App has coming up for every one of its clients.
  • Complex To Set Up: Whenever instructive foundations are searching for the best application for an internet-based study hall, they generally wish to buy an application that they can set with the squint of an eye.
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The Teachmint application for virtual homeroom guarantees that dissimilar to other web-based study hall stages, it’s not perplexing or modern, but actually something different. Let be giving an excellent client experience, the specialized language which any individual needs to experience while setting up this application is high to such an extent that clients surrender amidst setting up as it were.

  • Costly: Instructive establishments while buying an internet-based homeroom application frequently feel that the tremendous rundown of advantages that this application gives makes it exorbitant and the cost at which Teachmint App for Online Classroom is accessible imparts their confidence into accepting that the application is costly.
  • Challenging To Share Content: The shortfall of actual classes makes it vital for the Online Classroom App to have a component of content sharing. It is simply because of this that educators can share all the significant substance connected with their subject, for example, PDFs, notes, and so on.

Despite the fact that Teachmint claims that with its App, educators can undoubtedly share tasks, and concentrate on the material and other significant reports with the snap of a button, actually something different.

Techminat | How to Login To Teachmint Application?| Benefits of Using Teachmint

What are Teachmint Evaluation Criteria? 

For development and advancement, assessment is basic. So Teachmint utilizes weight on it. During the instructor assessment process, there are a couple of perspectives that should be thought of. Tests and appraisal tests have customarily been a significant piece of the instructive educational plan for testing and supporting understudies’ comprehension. There has been a great deal of conversation concerning different strategies for surveying understudies successfully.

FAQs About Teachmint:

How has Teachmint helped you in your journey?

They have made online teaching extremely easy for me and the classes even engaging and interesting for my students. I am thankful to Teachmint for coming into my life at the right time and being a constant support in my journey.” His way of contributing to the growth and development of the world is extremely inspiring.

Can we earn money from Teachmint?

Lecturer And Teacher salary in Teachmint ranges between ₹ 1.3 Lakhs to ₹ 1.6 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Teachmint. Low Confidence means the data is based on a small number of responses with reference to company size.

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Who made Teachmint app?

Teachmint was founded in May 2020 by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar – alumni of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi with executive experience at OYO, McKinsey, Swiggy, and Roposo. The company is reimagining the infrastructure for education through its proprietary classroom technology.

How much data does Teachmint use per hour?

“Teachmint is a product made in India, for India. Our video technology is specifically customized to support live classes even in low-speed connections. The mobile data consumption of our app is also highly optimized given that most students often only have 1/1.5 GB of daily limits on data.”

Is Teachmint a good company?

Teachmint is rated 4.3 out of 5, based on 73 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Teachmint is known for Salary & Benefits which are rated at the top and given a rating of 4.4. However, Job Security is rated the lowest at 4.0 and can be improved.

How do you earn money from Teachmint? 

  • Download Teachmint.
  • Create a classroom and add students.
  • Conduct live classes.
  • Make sure to add a profile picture.

Is Teachmint an Indian application? 

Teachmint is currently the main Indian education Saas organization to go overall on this scale. Teachmint’s showing stage has additionally been limited to dialects like Arabic, Thai, Indonesian Bahasa, and Vietnamese to successfully address the issues of instructors in these areas, with additional dialects coming up.

Is there any time limit in Teachmint? 

Indeed, even educators who are not well-informed track down Teachmint’s basic and proficient. Since it has no limitation on the number of understudies that can be added and no time limit at all, it stands as a class separated from the remainder of the applications.

When was Teachmint founded? 

Teachmint was established in May 2020 by Mihir Gupta, Payoj Jain, Divyansh Bordia, and Anshuman Kumar – graduated class of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi with chief involvement with OYO, McKinsey, Swiggy, and Roposo. The organization is reconsidering the foundation for training through their restrictive study hall innovation.

Can we share videos and notes in Teachmint? 

Sharing notes and educational materials is fast and simple with Teachmint. Educators can add pictures, recordings, or URLs under the review material tab and understudies can get to this whenever.

How do I contact Teachmint?

Please send your feedback, comments, requests for technical support by emailinghelp@teachmint.com.


This is the point of fact, perhaps the best scene for instructors hoping to progress to web-based education. In contrast with other comparative Teachmint stages available, the idea of this stage, the simplicity and ease that it offers of real value, and the highlights that it gives are totally exceptional and tense. It is the best application for online guidance. This article has all the details about the Teachmint application, we hope that this article is helpful for the readers. 

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