Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee

Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee

” There is no right time to start anything, whenever you start it becomes right time, we have launched jugadee on 1st August 2017, but it comes into existence in January 2018. From then we are constantly working to make cab agencies efficient in terms of time and revenue while delivering extreme level of transparency, reliability, and security if cab users. According to me, startups are all about filling gaps you see in existing market, don’t search for a brilliant idea just me more attentive and observant while looking around. That show I lit up for jugadee. On December 2016, while booking an online cab form banipark to Jaipur railway station, a driver told us about his condition and about the commission that the cab companies are charging to them and the customers. The driver was very stressed but he has no option left other than to work with them, so we created that option, through one side and only “Jugadee”.Says The Founder Mr. Vikram Singh Jat. 

Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee
Image Credit/ Source: Jugadee
We have a unique surface of work. We do not charge commission, Our rides are totally commission-free, with least possible ride fares. Here is an option of selecting your favorite driver, with which you wanna take a ride. Mode of payment can be cash, jugadee wallet, paytm, as well as net banking. We basically think about the brands’ present image and we can relate it to while keeping the most important things in mind, Things with which audience can be related. Our team consists of Mahadev Prasad, pinky Chaudhary, Dev S … and the best part is all of us are engineers, I basically work on market strategies, technical issues, and business building plans. Working on this project we just focused on developing our skills and headed towards the ventures. “start working with your passion, the doors will open themselves”.
Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee
Image Credit/ Source: Jugadee
Flashing towards my deeds, in entrepreneur field. I am nominated as young entrepreneur of the year 2018 by yeforum and also invited as a guest in NIFT, Jodhpur to motivate students regarding entrepreneurship.
Business has not been same since we started. There have been many ups and falls while marketing.
Being at square one at our primal level, initially we have 130 vehicles in August but at last of the October drastic downfall have been observed, the number falls to single digits that are too not accepting the rides. As 2 more cabs aggregates companies jumped up in the city. But it didn’t affect us, we kept on working and built up strategies. Our plan worked and from January to till now, we kicked off the target of 7000 rides. Now that 2 cab aggregates are not in existence. The biggest challenge we faced was about the app development company, the company sold our app to someone else in high amount, but we flushed-off that company too. That time we kept our app at surveillance and maintenance for 8 months long. It was a great experience, it helped a lot to explore understand market strategies and techniques.
Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee
Image Credit/ Source: Jugadee
And now if we open our Revenue raised in this Half Year, 01st January 2018 – 02nd June 2018 is 2.5 Million in INR.
In the starting week of May, we got a proposal for seed funding from MATRIX PARTNERS INDIA. Matrix Partners India is a big Angel network who also invested in many successful Indian start-ups like OLA, Daily Hunt, LimeRoad, Chumbak, FITJEE, FiveStar and in many more.
Many things are accomplished and many more to be accomplished. We are extending our boundaries, from September onwards jugadee cab services are also available in Jaipur and Udaipur. Our future perspective is to add transportation services through trucks for carrying your load at minimal possible rates.
Ideas for startups are like magic wands “You don’t choose the wand, it’s the wand that chooses you”. Its all about passion and dedication towards your interest, Age is not a limit nor an exception to realize your true potential or the way you want to live your life. The things have confidence in yourself, take 100% responsibility for your life. Create plans for life and never stops, keep on exploring new things. The past is gone act now to create your future, understand what you wish to do and pursue your dreams.
Talking about startups, it is important to consider 3 factors that are time, money and compromises. When you face a challenge, you experiment with new strategies, to learn what works and don’t , this obviously will take time. Nothing comes for free, in a load of all the expenses you will make compromises in term of resources, quality of delivery, management tools, expenses on growth etc.
So, Let’s begin the journey, start working with your passion, the doors will open themselves. All the positivity of universe will persuade and support you to achieve that. Shake up, clean your mind and move on. The doors of success are open for you.
Tech fortitude and early attainment: JuGadee
Website Link: https://www.jugadee.com/
JuGadee-Book Cab and Rick
Google Play: 4.7 
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