How Technology Improves Legal Processes for Personal Injury

Technology Improves Legal Processes
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We all have incorporated technology in many areas of our life. It has made our life improved and easier in many ways. Similarly, many services and product industries have started using technology for different purposes and legal firms are one of them.

Handling a legal process for personal injury is not easy, it needs visual evidence, incidents must be narrated in a proper way, clients must be given help as soon as possible and many technological inventions have made the process easier to some extent.

In the United States, accidental injuries are the fourth leading cause of death. This shows how many people need to file personal injury lawsuits in their life.

Providing justice in the traditional legal system was very complicated but after digitalization, the process has been a lot easier and smoother.

Here I have jotted down 5 ways in which technology has improved legal processes for personal injury.

Let’s dive right in.

Usage Of IoT Devices For Evidence

The one party with better and clearer evidence has a greater chance to win a lawsuit. Since the advancement in technology, the court has started to prefer and believe in visual evidence. It gets easier for judges to decide if the evidence is clear.

The clear and authentic evidence can be found in internet of things devices like CCTV cameras, roadside cameras, dash cams, smartwatches, mobile phones, etc. if one party manages to find a recorded clip of an accident through CCTV which clearly shows the culprit then it gets very easy for the jury to announce the verdict.

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A dash cam can record what goes on during an accident and is a great device to spill the details of the story in court.

In another instance, it can be found out if a person involved in a road injury was using a mobile phone or not. The working status of the mobile phone at the time of the incident can tell the reason for the accident. If one of the people was on a call while the accident took place there can be a possibility that he will lose the lawsuit.

Convenient To Organize All Claimed Settlements

Though the court is the right place to infer any decision in case of the legal process. But sometimes the problem is solved before and a settlement is made between two parties outside of the courtroom. The victim is provided with compensation of all sorts either for medical or property damage. 

It gets hard to add up all the costs and make the right amount estimate that will be needed to pay. That’s where technology steps in, AI software has made estimation, calculation, and predictions very easy. It saves a lot of time, energy, and money. It is designed in a way that it can process complex data, organize it and send the results to both parties.

AI software is even considered authentic as they are completely unbiased and do not get under the influence of any subjective reason.

24/7 Chatbots Assistance

Your lawyer can not always be present to respond to your calls or messages, as it is not humanly possible. But the chatbots have solved this problem with their 24/7 assistance, and quick replies.

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A chatbot is an AI-based conversational agent, it can communicate with clients and personal injury victims anytime and can help with their initial queries in the absence of lawyers and support teams.

Suppose a person gets hurt while working on a ship, he approaches a maritime lawyer who is unavailable at that moment, but he finds chatbot assistance on the site and clears his general queries rather than waiting aimlessly for a lawyer.

Protection Of Confidential Data

Legal firms keep the personal information of their clients. Their data is considered to be of utmost importance as it involves important documents and evidence of clients in personal injury cases. Law firms are prone to hacking. Hackers can target sensitive information of wealthy clients to cash out some money from them.

 The American Bar Association claimed that in 2022,  more than 28% of law firms reported security breaches. But now many law firms have jumped on technology to automate their processes and protect clients’ information.

If the opponent’s party gets access to clients’ information, especially the visual proofs the case can go through a lot of problems, therefore the best solution is to upload all the proof on the cloud which is protected by strong passwords. Only the authorized person can be able to access the data.

Visual Storytelling In The Courtroom

In personal injury cases, the lawyer needs to narrate the event very clearly for the judge to understand it. It gets hard to narrate complicated stories so it is preferred to assist them with visual content so the judges can have a more clear insight into the event.

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It is said that the human mind is greatly affected by visuals. They process them in a better way and stick to their mind for a long time. Therefore this can be used to impact the decisions of judges.

The advancement in technology has enabled us to create 2D or 3D animation. In which we can narrate the story through visuals hence giving the judges more clear exposure. This can help the jury to deduce better outcomes, like to what extent things went wrong, how the incident could have been avoided, and who made the wrong move.

To Summarize,

The new technologies open many ways for law firms to ease their work. The innovations have helped personal injury lawyers in clients dealing, securing their data while saving them from the extra effort.

There is a new addition to the technology every other day, and it’s high time that legal firms start using them before they start to appear outdated. Using these techs can help you in winning more cases, which means more feathers to the hat and that’s what a lawyer needs to be successful.

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Aabhas Vijay