Tendulkar’s Fans get angry as BCCI allots his iconic Jersey no.10 to Shardul Thakur

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Jersey Number 10 will always hold legendary place in Indian cricket team. There are number of crickets from different countries dream of becoming the next Sachin.


After the retirement of  Sachin Tendulkar, Cricket changed for countless people and for so many, the game would never be the same.     His 24 years of dedication for Indian cricket worth of moments that will last for life.

Aa the debutant Shardul Thakur wears jersey no 10 in the 4th ODI against Sri Lanka so India were able to win, BCCI was lambasted for meting out the Number 10 jersey.


To wear the iconic jersey with number 10 on the back of it was once wore by Sachin Tendulkar, and arguably his fans have urged the BCCI not to allot the legendary jersey no 10 to anyone as it belongs to one and only Sachin, the god of cricket.


Pratyush Garg @GargPratyush27

Hey @BCCI I thought Jersey No.10 retired with Sir Sachin Tendulkar. How come Mr. Shardul Thakur is wearing this number? NOT COOL AT ALL.


Broken Cricket @BrokenCricket

Jersey number 10

Then Sachin Tendulkar

Now Shardul Thakur


Sampath Bandarupalli


Shardul Thakur! The 2nd Indian Cricketer to sport a Jersey No.10 after Sachin Tendulkar?! #SLvIND



Welcome SHARDUL THAKUR to intl cricket. But a debutant wears jersey no 10 that was to retire with Sachin.Decision of BCCI reversed [email protected]

sachin_tendulkar_fc @akshusachinist

@BCCI Jersey no 10 belongs to one and only @sachin_rt

We cant accept anyone wearing that Jersey no..


Dhairyasheel Patil @AProudSachinist

@BCCI please retire Jersey no. 10 from ODI cricket,we don’t want anyone else other than @sachin_rt to wear the same number.



Vinitha Nair @94vinitha

@imShard Jersey no. 10 always belonged to Sachin Tendulkar. Take it off. Find another jersey. Wtf BCCI?!



Phanindra Reddy @phanindrareddi

@imShard you still have a long way to go to get that [email protected]’s too early to give away that jersey no.10.#RetireJerseyno10



kranthi kumar soora @kranthisoora

What’s happening with you @BCCI how can you not retire jersey no 10,it only belongs to @sachin_rt, @imShard how can you wear no 10




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