Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Episode Update: Sahiba Rejects Angad’s Order

Teri Meri Doriyaan
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Gurleen brings clothes and jewelry for Sahiba and asks her to wear them for reception and come down. Sahiba says she will not attend reception. Gurleen says she understands her anger after her and her family’s humiliation, but if she doesn’t attend reception, people will badmouth about Brars and media will exaggerate the issue. Sahiba asks why shall she attend reception when Angad doesn’t consider her as his wife and Manveer doesn’t consider her as her DIL, she requests Gurleen to forgive her. Gurleen takes dress back thinking she had come here on Bebe’s order to get Sahiba ready for reception.

Angad wakes up hearing an alarm sound and sheds tears recalling his love for Seerat. Ranjha Mera Ranjha.. song plays in the background. Servants bring reception dresses for for him and asks him to try one of them. Angad asks them to keep them aside and closes door. Veer walks in next and asks him to try a suit as it will look dashing in it. Angad asks if it will hide his sorrows. Veer says Sahiba is a good girl and he is lucky instead. Angad warns him not to take Sahiba’s name and vents out his anger towards Sahiba. He then breaks down in tears. Veer comforts him and asks him to get ready or else he will sing a song in his hoarse voice and bore him. Angad smiles and asks him to go now. Veer leaves.

Daarji ready for reception notices Bebe sad and tells her that they should be happy in their children’s happiness. She stands sad. He makes her wear a necklace and says his wife would be the most beautiful among all the girls in reception. Bebe says their grandchildren are married now, so he should stop flirting. He says he is still young at heart. She smiles. Prabjot walks in and complains that Sahiba rejected Gurleen’s taken reception dress and doesn’t want to attend reception. Gurleen walks in. Prabjot says Sahiba insulted Gurleen and doesn’t deserve to be such a costly dress. Angad hears their conversation and leaves. Darji warns her not to talk about Sahiba’s status as she has the most precious thing among all, her self-respect.

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Sahiba selects a dress for reception. Angad walks in and asks if she will wear this dress for reception. Sahiba says yes. He says she has to wear Gurleen’s brought dress as many VVIPs, politicians, business partners would be attending the reception; its a question of Brar’s dignity and he will not let her ruin it. Sahiba says already told him after wedding that she is not his slave and will not follow his orders. Gurleen tells Darji that Sahiba wants to wear her own clothes and not their gifted clothes. Prabjot says if a beggar is given golden bowl, he will beg even from it. Darji warns her to stop it and asks Bebe to go and convince Sahiba as Sahiba well never disrespect elders. Bebe refuses. Angad and Sahiba’s argument continues. Angad forcefully tires to make her wear jewelry and she continues to refuse.

Precap: Reporters question Brars why are they acting normal after so much happened at wedding, and if everything is normal, why Sahiba hasn’t some down. Sahiba walks to them and says Sahiba Brar is here, holds Angad’s hand and says maybe he has problem to pose with her.

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