The 5 Most Beautiful Homes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

The 5 Most Beautiful Homes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
The 5 Most Beautiful Homes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
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Towering peaks and spectacular wilderness sights abound in the Rocky Mountains, making it one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit. Property management in Rifle, Colorado, are experts on the most beautiful homes. Any home situated along this highest section of the 1900-mile Rocky Mountain trail stretching all the way from British Columbia, Canada, to New Mexico is iconic. Still, we’ve compiled a collage including some of the most memorable homes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

What Makes the Colorado Rocky Mountains So Special?

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are, without question, the most iconic state feature, attracting millions of people to explore their peaks year after year and ranking Colorado in the top 10 tourist-drawing states. A view from atop these mountains is to die for, and the gorgeous natural scenery, such as the never-ending rows of evergreen trees coating the mountainsides, with crystal-clear lakes dotting the wilderness, is a dream come true for anyone passionate about the outdoors.

The Top 5 Homes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

While many breathtaking homes nestle within the Rocky Mountain region, the following 5 homes are particularly excellent specimens of beauty.

Steel House by VJAA

Discreet, subtle, and modern, the Steel House is an aptly named home completed in 2013. When you approach the house, you’ll see the blended profile of the dark red steel surface mirroring the shaded woods nearby and complimenting the verdant hillside beneath.

Formed of weathering steel with textures surfaced to define the interior for modern sensibilities. In this home, nature is preeminent— a fact evidenced by the open floor plan, bountiful natural light, and use of dark, muted textures and veneers. 

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It’s truly an ode to the mountainside, an immemorial observer of the age.

Big Cabin, Little Cabin by Renée del Guadio

A longtime enthusiast of Colorado’s natural landscape, architect Renée del Gaudio designed this expressive house to be perched high on a 10,000-foot elevated rock precipice overlooking Platte Valley. It’s a natural retreat, an antithesis to the rush of urbanization. 

Its simple gray color palette and gabled roof are inviting, clearly reflecting the artist’s desire for “privacy and protection.” On the deck, a mature pine stands side-by-side with the home, a simple yet touching inclusion.

Inside, the plywood finish contributes to the low-key, simplistic nature, with plenty of clear glass to allow grandiose views of the picturesque landscape below. The open plan lets in plenty of natural light and offers a pleasant breeze through all sides.

Blur House by Studio B

This Boulder home sits on a ridge that looks westward to the Rockies. Set against the rugged landscape, this home is supposed to embody “modernist ideas of minimalism and functionality,” according to architect Mike Piche.

It’s not a building, but a lifestyle, evidenced by the corresponding open spaces throughout it. The upper façade consists of reflective metal panels, contrasted by the concrete podium supporting the lower levels.

The master bedroom hangs strikingly over the edge of the concrete slab upon which the rest of the house sits. Reportedly, the house’s integration into the wild landscape has been a success, with wild turkeys and deer visiting occasionally, as well as mountain lions and lynx.

Elk Ridge Project by Mosaic Architects and Interiors

This gorgeous modern mountain home in Boulder sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The natural rose quartz growing amidst the boulders inspired the architects to make the house appear as though it was rising from the steep mountainside (a theme present in many Rocky Mountain homes). 

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The living area opens onto a terrace facing the south hillside, with a plunge pool and spa. Solar panels provide power to the home, tucked away above the fascia, while the garage allows access to and from the hillside. 

The entry terrace windows showcase the steel staircase winding around the elevator shaft. The warm LED lighting highlights the features of this home and creates a welcoming glow for visitors.

This natural and artificial blend of light matches the cream-colored soffits, complemented by the white walls of the galley. These warmer tones are starkly contrasted by the matte black cabinets and accentuated by the grey window frames.

The master bedroom is the highlight of this home, however, as it veritably floats about the evergreens, with a picturesque green landscape below. It’s zen, modern, and utterly breathtaking, both in and out.

Rustic Farmhouse Home by Artisan Builders

Last on our list is this beautiful, rustic, and captivating home located near Telluride, Colorado. This Rocky Mountain home is iconic for several reasons, but a first impression is all you need to know that there’s something different about this project.

The reclaimed elm and hand-hewn ash beams that comprise this hand-built home are iconic and gorgeous. The impressive design elements of this home create a strong sense of authenticity and wildness that just can’t be matched by modern home designs.

The Rockies are wild and inviting, just like this home. The backdrop of jagged peaks and towering mountain landscapes create a sense of homeliness in this farmhouse. Best of all, the reclaimed wood throughout the home is iconic and natural, accentuated with lots of steel, stone, and glass.

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The gabled roof makes the loft of this home feel expansive, especially as you view it from the bottom-floor living room. It’s a rich, vibrant atmosphere that feels spacious and cozy, especially as the thick-set window frames contrast the cerulean blue skies and painted mountains.

It’s a fine tribute to hand-crafted architecture, but it’s an even finer homage to the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing quite like the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Endless miles of mountain stretch across the horizon, with gorgeous alpine and evergreen views below. Homes in the Rockies are lovely and often designed to provide as much exposure to the outdoors as possible.

It’s an iconic landscape, so it’s little surprise that the mountains’ natural aesthetic has inspired many architects to incorporate the landscape into their designs and build homes to accent life in this beautiful place. From the Blur House to the Elk Ridge Project, each home is an homage to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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