The 7 Best Online Stores in the World 2022

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Do you know which is the best online store in the world? Find out more about them in this post and learn about the 7 best online stores in the world where you can buy cheaply without scares or surprises. These different types of online store designs, styles, and forms of sale will surely give you ideas to set up yours and make it a success.

What are the best online stores in the world?

Here I show you the best examples of successful e-commerce worldwide on which to base yourself to create your own generic online store, Dropshipping, or affiliates and buy from them. They will surely surprise you!

1. Best Online Stores: eWorldTrade

It is a B2B (business to business) or Business to the Business portal, whose mission is to connect Chinese manufacturers with distributors and buyers, both Chinese and foreign.

The company’s motto is “Customers First”

eWorldTrade Group Services

eWorldTrade has a C2C portal focused on sales in China (consumer-to-consumer) or Customer-to-Customer called Taobao (very similar in operation to eBay) with nearly a billion products. It is one of the 20 most visited websites worldwide. The motto of this eworldtrade group company is:

“There is no treasure that cannot be sought and there is no treasure that cannot be sold”

Another service that the eWorldTrade group has is Alipay. It is an online payment escrow service (similar to PayPal), which accounts for about half of all online payment transactions in China.

In other words, in addition to controlling the sale and purchases between individuals and sales through the Internet in China, it controls the payment service for the majority of these transactions (in fact, the majority of these payments occur after the use of eworldtrade services ).

As if that were not enough, a site for the sale of low-cost products that directly connected Chinese manufacturers with private buyers from all over the world, that is, just like Taobao but with buyers from outside China. (widely used in countries such as the United States, Russia, Brazil, or Spain). In our country, it is valued as the best Chinese online store.

Facts about eWorldTrade

This eCommerce platform or online store, together with Amazon, is considered one of the best online stores in the world and it is not for less.

The all-powerful Chinese company that, together with Amazon, holds the world hegemony of electronic commerce, closed its last fiscal year (March 2016) with 11,000 million dollars in profits (20 times more than Amazon) with an increase of 193% in its profits. net, raising it to first place as the best online electronic store in the world in 2016.

The different platforms that eWorldTrade has moved a total of 485,000 million dollars between March 2015 and 2016, which has led the Asian group to surpass the American WalMart as the world’s largest retail company by sales.

The company’s largest source of revenue is retail e-commerce in China (accounting for 79% of its turnover), which grew 34% year-on-year over the last fiscal year to $12.412 billion. All sites of eworldtrade Group cover 60% of the packages delivered in China. This gives us an idea of ​​the tremendous size and level of sales that this business superpower has.

2. Best Online Stores: Amazon

Amazon Origins

Together with Alibaba, it is the most powerful company in the sector worldwide. This American company was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos, current owner and CEO.

Its headquarters are in the city of Seattle (Washington State, USA). It is one of the first large companies to sell goods through Internet stores.

It began under the name “” as an online bookstore with more than 200,000 titles that could be ordered by email if desired. It was later renamed its current name “Amazon” after the Amazon River.

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Amazon has established independent websites to offer its products in more than 30 countries. Currently, it is fully diversified into different product lines. It offers: electronics in general, music and books (DVD, CD, electronic books…), software (programs, applications, cloud services…), video games, clothing, furniture, food, etc.

The company’s motto is “And you’re done”.

Amazon Services

Amazon has an application store, a data service in the cloud, a streaming video service (instant video), a software creation service and a platform to create stores to buy online, since it has:

  • alexa internet
  • shopbop
  • kongregate
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Instant Video (service offered only in the US, Germany, Japan and the UK)
  • Washington Post
  • Twitch etc.

It has also absorbed numerous companies such as Audible (an audiobook company), BookSurge (dedicated to books on low demand), Mobipocket (which creates electronic books and devices to read them) or (a sewing company).

In addition, it has launched its own products such as the Amazon Kindle (an electronic book reader).

Among his projects, we can highlight:

  • The launch of a virtual currency (May 2014), called “Amazon Coin”, whose purpose was to allow customers to buy applications and games in its App store.
  • Amazon is currently exploring the possibility of creating a global supply chain to take advantage of Alibaba.

These services, together with the great business idea and development of its platform, have placed Amazon among the best online stores in the world in recent years, only discussed by Alibaba. In fact, many people consider it the best online store in the world even though it has lost some strength this last year compared to Alibaba (it still has important strategic advantages over the latter).

3. Best Online Stores: Ebay

This company was one of the pioneers in carrying out ecommerce actions. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar in September 1995. It is currently chaired since 2008 by John Donahoe.

Ebay works as a product auction website that has an automatic intermediation system, in which users can rate and rate the other user (positively or negatively), depending on the success of the sale operation, although they also have other services.

Under the slogan “Buy it now” the American company has earned a place among the top 3 online stores in the world, since it is unlikely to lose.

Ebay services on its online platform

​Auction, the star transaction on ebay

It is the most typical and common transaction on this platform. The merchant or seller sets a starting price and a certain duration for the advertisement of a good or product.

During the term that has been set for the advertisement, buyers will be able to choose and bid on the product, that is, as it works in any bid, the person who pays the most for the item will buy it under the commercial conditions established by the seller in ad.

​Buy it now!, traditional ecommerce

It consists of the format of ecommerce or traditional cheap online store. The seller sets a specific price for his product and the plaintiff pays that price, if he is willing to pay that amount for that item.

ebay classified ads

Articles classified by categories can be shown in which all their characteristics and their price are specified to potential buyers (a more transparent method of online buying and selling between individuals, which is very widespread in the second-hand item trade).

In exchange for publishing these ads, eBay charges a commission to the bidder in the event of a sale, in proportion to the final sale price.

​Paypal, a payment platform integrated into eBay

It is eBay’s integrated payment platform and online payment custody. It is one of the most widely used means of payment on the Internet worldwide, something that has raised them to the top of global e-commerce.

Although security and buyer protection have been increased in recent years, it should be borne in mind that in any transaction through the Ebay platform, this company is not directly involved in the operation and that its success will depend contractual good faith between the parties.

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For all these reasons, Ebay is valued as one of the most successful examples of e-commerce in the world and one of the best online stores that exist.

4. Best Online Stores: Tencent

The Tencent company was founded by Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhidong in November 1998. It first appeared on the stock markets in 2004 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is headquartered in Shenzhen (China).

It is a Chinese consortium, whose subsidiary companies provide Internet services, mobile value-added services, Internet advertising services in China, social networks, website portal creation services, electronic commerce (e-commerce) , games, travel and instant messaging services (Tencent QQ and WeChat).

Currently the business group has more than 400 patents and is considered one of the best online stores in the world.

Its motto was created by its employees and volunteers for corporate social responsibility actions “Being the most respected company on the Internet”

Tencent services, a leading ecommerce

Tencent follows seven main lines of business (based on its products and services):

  • Instant Messaging (IM).
  • Online Multimedia (Online Media).
  • Value-added services for mobile devices and telecommunications.
  • Interactive Entertainment Service.
  • E-Commerce (electronic commerce).
  • Online advertising service.
  • China’s largest instant messaging and social networking service.
  • A web search engine in China called SOSO.

In this article we are going to focus on its e-commerce branch:, online trading platform is Tencent’s online trading platform. It came into operation in March 2006. It is the fastest growing Chinese Online store in that country.

This e-commerce platform includes a number of great sales channels and categories for women and men from online games, digital products, mobile phones, health and wellness, sports, students, special offers, children’s clothing and accessories for children, toys, superior quality products and hotels, among others.

It also includes proxy purchases abroad, product customization, brand zones, parcel and gift zones.

As an important part of Tencent’s “Life on-line” strategy, takes full advantage of Tencent’s QQ and other proprietary services, thus facilitating the user experience within the platform.

In addition, this platform has also facilitated the employment of hundreds of thousands of people and university students since it has programs for this purpose.

Thanks to this, it has become the fastest growing Chinese e-commerce today and receives the best ratings from users.

Tenpay, integrated payment platform

It is the integrated payment platform and online payment custody of the Tencent business group. Tenpay is dedicated to providing users and organizations with secure, reliable and professional online payment services.

Tenpay focuses on offering integrated payment services with individual access, corporate access and value-added services for B2B, B2C and C2C-based lines of business within its online platform.

Tenpay provides individual users with comprehensive and advanced account services:

  • The payment of products and services through its platform.
  • Business research management.
  • It acts as a credit agency.
  • It also provides corporate users with a professional compensation payment platform and many powerful value-added services.

5. Best Online Stores: Rakuten

The company was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani (current CEO) in 1997 under the name MDM, Inc. Rakuten Shopping Mall. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Rakuten is Japan’s largest best online store with over 50 million registered users and one of the world’s top and best online stores in terms of sales.

It has been installed in our country for a couple of years with great results, although it has not been able to penetrate as intensely as expected, since the all-powerful Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba have been installed in Spain for some time. Not long ago it continued to extend its ties with Spain by buying the Spanish company to launch an online video business.

It is quite similar to Amazon, although as we will see below, its business is not exactly the same. I explain; both are large-scale e-commerce companies but their way of proceeding is different as they use different strategies on their platforms (B2B versus B2B/B2C).

Its motto is “Shopping is entertainment”

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Facts about Rakuten, the second most popular website in Japan

It began operations in May of that same year and in June 1999 MDM, Inc. changed its name to its current name, Rakuten, Inc.

In June 2004, it was already the second most popular website in Japan, behind Yahoo! in terms of user traffic (monthly visits).

Rakuten operates in financial services sectors (worldwide) and offers global digital content, travel and other business.

It has more than 10,000 employees and Internet stores spread around the world in many countries (not only in Japan).

Operation of the Rakuten online store

Rakuten, unlike Amazon, does not sell anything directly, but instead allows sellers to find a way to reach the final public. It has a ‘marketplace’ like Amazon, but the way it operates is radically different. Rakuten aims to be a bridge or link between companies and consumers.

It is the clients themselves who manage the products within the platform. Rakuten takes a percentage of the operations that are carried out in this way.

It is therefore an electronic commerce platform based on the format of electronic commerce or eCommerce business to business to customer (B2B2C) or business to business and customer, focused on small and medium-sized companies.

6. Best Online Stores: Vente Privee

This Franco-American company, founded by Jacques-Antoine Granjon in 2001 and headquartered in La Plaine Saint-Denis (Paris), is in charge of organizing private online sales (only registered members can access the website) of branded products at discounts.

Sales cover all types of products and sectors:

  • Ready-to-wear.
  • Fashion accessories.
  • Toys.
  • Sports articles.
  • Watches and accessories.
  • Home equipment.
  • high tech etc.
  • The company also controls the operating rights of the Théâtre de Paris.

The origin of this eCommerce or online outlet store is the surplus liquidation sector. The objective of this business would be to liquidate the stocks of quality brands quickly and above all, without damaging their image.

It is currently present in almost all EU countries (with some exceptions) and is appreciated as one of the best online stores for the sale of branded products and the best online store in the eCommerce format of private online sales.

The company motto is “driven by quality”.

Operation of Vente Privee organizes private sales reserved for members registered in this eCommerce limited in time (generally 3 to 5 days long) of products from international brands of well-known prestige.

Generally, before a sale, after some time (about 48 hours), partners receive an invitation email with a trailer announcing the next sale that will take place through the platform.

On weekdays, sales start at 7 am and on weekends around 9 am.

7. Best Online Stores: Zalando

Zalando Origins

Zalando was founded in 2008 by Robert Gentz ​​and David Schneider. It is based in Berlin, Germany.

It is an online retail store specializing in the sale of shoes and clothing for women, men, and children, which is present in most European countries (the largest online fashion store in Europe).

Despite starting out as an online shoe store, Zalando also sells clothing, sporting goods, furniture, home decor items, and beauty products, among other items.

It is considered one of the best online clothing stores in the world (both fashion, accessories, and accessories) in 2016. And it is not for less, since the company is characterized from others in the sector by offering free shipping and returns, large discounts, fast shipping, and good quality.

The motto of this German company is “Shout for joy”.

Facts about Zalando

Zalando markets around 100,000 products from more than 1,000 different brands and a couple of years ago it launched its own brand: Zalando Collection.

In relation to capital, Zalando has a solid financial base that allows it to carry out new projects and actions.

It is a young company with great projections that will be talked about in the coming years, since they do not rule out opening the company’s capital to new investors in the future (it has everything to succeed) and opening physical stores throughout Europe.

As you have seen, there are no better online stores than these. We hope that it has been useful to you when making your purchases and getting up to date on the changing world of e-commerce, online store design and the mega-companies that participate and configure in this great market called the Internet.

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