The Artificial Intelligence and Natural Processing Language

Artificial Intelligence
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Facts and figures are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. Natural processing language (NLP) is a subfield of Artificial intelligence (AI).This technologies are built to study how machines may be used to interpret human speed and writing. Natural Language Processing is to develop computer programmers to comprehend the written language and you can carry out the activities like the automatic spelling checking, text translation etc.

There is a lot of unstructured data to process by the NLP, and the language is used for the data mining and managing the work activities for the automated data processing. You can manage the various work activities by the NLP. Automation is everywhere and the NLP is the simple answer to automation.The Latest Government scheme of India is helping to learn the AI programs and to learn the language like NLP. The NLP is commonly used by Google and Microsoft in their search engines and this is the main reason most of the people around the world are using them.

Examples of the NLP:

There are various examples of the NLP and we are going to discuss it in this article.

Apple’s Siri and the Google Alexa:

Apple’s Siri and Google ALexa are the common examples of the NLP.The Google Alexa is commonly used to control the appliances of the home.When you control more smart language then it can be quite easy to figure out what is the temperature in your home. The various devices like the smart speakers, LCD player, Computer, and other gadgets can be connected with Alexa. The smart assistance devices like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa recognize the pattern in speech and can recognize your voice. You can ask a question to Alexa and it is going to answer you exactly what the answer is and how you can figure out a certain proposition.

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Email Filters:

Email filters are one of the most basic and initial applications of the NLP and it searches out any of the spam mail. You can avoid the various words or phrases that come to your mailbox. The words or phrases are actually indicating the spam mail for your email. This helps to manage your email ID and emails which may be harmful and can be a cause of time waste. You can avoid any kind of phishing attack by blocking these spam emails to come to your email ID.

Search Result:

Search results uses the NLP to surface the relevant result based searches on search behavior.The average person finds what they need to search out a certain query. For example when someone puts the flight number or its status then types a just enter the ticket number and you can compile all the related data. When your flight is going to take off, and what would be its probable route of the journey. Google is using the NLP programs to figure out what a person wants to search. This makes your search more relevant and fast and you and a person can search out more data and information.

Predictive text:

Have you ever encountered the ever correct or the autofill option as the predictive search can be a simple way to figure out what is required to be written in the dialogue box.The NLP makes it possible to write all the data and information automatically without any difficulty. The auto correct sometimes changes the words or the sentences so the whole sentence makes more sense to the readers.

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Language translation:

The language translation is not an easy job but the NLP has changed the total scenario of changing one language into another language without any difficulty. This is one of the most attractive features,when you are communicating one language into the another.This may look like a simple translation but it is one of the most reliable conversions from one language to another without any difficulty.

Data analysis:

The data analysis is another capability of searching out the most relevant to your requirement. It is all done by the NLP and the program can’t figure out what is our requirement, and how to extract the data from it. For example you are working on the Redox reaction and your search is all about it. Google would evaluate by NLP language program that you are going to search out all the related data, which is closely related to your search. This would make it easy for you to grab the data which is the most relevant to you.


The NLP is one of the game-changers in data mining and correcting the sentences automatically. This was unthinkable even 20 to 30 years ago, but now it is one of the trademark of Google and Microsoft application.You may be surprised to learn how widely the NLP has been used in various applications.

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