The best ways to Care for your fashionable clothes while traveling

The best ways to Care for your fashionable clothes while traveling
The best ways to Care for your fashionable clothes while traveling
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Whether your dream destination is 10 hour flight away or just a quick weekend trip in the country, you’ll still have to pack clothes and take care of them. There are many life hacks on how and what to pack, but maintaining clothes is equally essential during the trip. You don’t want the overlays, packed suitcases, and bumpy roads to become your enemy.

Here are a few things that will make your trip way easier:

Pack your clothing appropriately 

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with wrinkled clothing, or you’re scared that the heels and the shoes you pack will somehow leave a hole in your sweaters, then we recommend using clothing bags to separate all your items.

Some higher-end clothing will come with its own, but you can also buy them cheaply online. They will make sure your clothing stays clean and safe.

You should always pack shoes in the bottom of the suitcase, in shoe bags.  You can fill the empty spaces between the bags or even the inside of the shoe with any other items you might bring on your trip, such as socks or accessories if you want to save some space.

You don’t want creases or wrinkled clothes to ruin your aesthetic photos, and the best way to prevent that from happening is to roll your clothes. This will also save you a lot of space, which is always a bonus for those who tend to overpack. 

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Steam your clothes

Sometimes, even with all the hacks to prevent wrinkles, some materials will always be stubborn. That is why a small, portable steamer will be a savior for your short trips. There are many travel-sized options available.

Wash your clothes while on a trip

This tip is mainly for people traveling for prolonged periods, from two weeks or even a month or more. It is impossible to pack new, clean clothes for trips that long. You will inevitably want to re-wear some clothes. 

There are a few ways to clean your clothing while on a trip. The first and easiest way will be hand-washing your clothes in the sink. You only need some soap, a sink, and a place to hang your clothes.

If you, however, don’t have the time or space to do that, you can always search local laundromats or dry cleaning companies in the place you’re visiting.

Today, many safe and environmentally friendly options will make your life on a trip way more manageable. Some even, such as this company for green cleaning in Chicago, offer delivery services that come and pick up your clothes, then bring them back fresh without you having to leave your accommodation.

Always have a sewing kit on hand with you

Constantly packing, then unpacking your clothes can cause some tears or rips unintentionally. Having a sewing kit on hand will be a lifesaver if any button falls off or mend a split seam. If you’re not handy with needles, don’t worry, it’s an easy skill to learn with just a few youtube tutorials.

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Pack a clothing brush 

If you’re on a business trip, you will most likely have a few suits and blazers with you. A clothing brush will be your best defense against dust or any marks on the clothing that is too delicate to be washed. This tool that you can easily pack in your backpack will be your best friend.

Unpack your clothing first thing

The easiest way to prevent wrinkles is to unpack your clothes first thing when you arrive in your room. For example, wool sweaters don’t handle being compact long. Also, some items, like dresses and suits, are better hung on sturdy hangers instead of being folded in a suit.

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