The Biography of Max Motamedian (Mohsen Motamedian)

Biography of Max Motamedian
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Mohsen Motamedian (Max Motamedian) Biography – Real Estate is a very lucrative domain for investment, but just like any other investment, you need to be careful with real estate investment too. Most of us lack the knowledge required for investing in real estate, and hence it is better to consult an expert in the field. Mohsen Motamedian is one such name in the real estate market of California. He serves the client base in the USA with the help of his organization Bahsari LLC. Bahsari Group serves the client base across the country, and Mohsen Motamedian is actively involved in managing corporate and individual clients.

Talking about Mohsen Motamedian’s personal life, he was born and brought up in California. He even completed his education in California. To complete his schooling, he went to State School, and he later went to California State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics. While he was in college, he was still exploring his interests, and this is when he decided to change his domain. His interest in real Estate kept growing to the point where he incepted Bahsari LLC in 2008. Since then, Mohsen Motamedian has been associated with the organization as a CEO and the Founder. He actively involves himself in the day to day operations, including sales, purchases, seminars, and marketing.

The scope of Mohsen Motamedian’s business is not just limited to the United States, but he also offers his services in many other countries. He often visits UAE, which is an attractive destination for real estate investments. Max Motamedian also caters to clients in the United States who want to invest in such exotic locations. As mentioned earlier, Mohsen Motamedian offers consultancy tips to individual clients and corporate clients.

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Mohsen Motamedian has always been an achiever, and he has also had an excellent academic record. Mohsen Motamedian also has an interest in sports because of which he often goes hiking, skiing, and other such sports. Max Motamedian also travels a lot, and his nature of business is partially responsible for it. Max Motamedian is also an expert when it comes to healthcare products, digital technologies, and digital sales. Over the years, he has developed these skills, which have helped him gain a lot of client base.

Presently, Mohsen Motamedian operates with a highly skilled team that helps in providing expert opinions and advice to the clients. Mohsen Motamedian also offers tips and tricks on his web space to help a larger audience. Sales and Marketing remain the core responsibilities of Max, and because of this, Bahsari LLC is able to reach new heights. What started as a real estate company in California is known across the United States and many other countries. Mohsen Motamedian’s contribution to the real estate market is huge, and you can’t undermine it. He is able to create a very successful organization in a short span of time. The client base is also very loyal, and they often work with him for any deal.

Mohsen Motamedian also associated himself with many CSR activities. He and his organization are associated with many charities and NGOs so that they are able to help needy people. Many of these NGOs serve children with special needs and children suffering from Autism. With such philanthropic work, Max has garnered the appreciation of his competition and his clients. He is surely very approachable if you need real estate services in the United States. He will help you manage your Estate, and he will ensure that you make a profit out of the sale & purchase of the real estate.

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