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Meet Vaishali Talwar who  makes delicious recipe for  her Youtube channel “The Cook-n-Joy Show”

Meet Vaishali Talwar A Full-Time Youtuber Who makes  delicious recipe

About us and Our Overall Journey

Being a restaurateur once, it always gave me immense pleasure serving good stuff to my guests, and at home, the similar pleasure was experienced when my family applauded the same. The most popular space of my restaurant was the live section where the guests got their dishes customised according to their taste and preferences.

The restaurant is a full-time business, I realized that I was not able to give enough time to my family and was missing on all the important moments of my life. It was really difficult to justify both my duties. As a result, I had to give up this profession. But as they say, if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it… I couldn’t give up the passion for cooking. My profound interest in creating new and innovative recipes resulted in establishing cooking clubs and classes. And then The Cook-n-Joy Show happened!!


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          Credit/ Source: The Cook-n-Joy Show


“ It all started, one fine day, during a family breakfast when my daughter (one of the team members) came up with this suggestion. The idea was to bring forth the recipes which should be quick, can be prepared with an ease and have a small list of ingredients. Not to forget… they should be innovative too”


I was damn hesitant in the beginning but with constant pursuance and motivation of my family, we started. I cannot thank my family and friends enough for always being a reason to bring out my best.

We have a small team of three members which includes my daughter Bhawyata and my nephew Aniket. The essential details for the channel on Youtube were executed in less than a week.


What are the Usp and Planning

 If I talk about the USP, The Cook-n-Joy Show is all about easy and creative cooking which requires minimum ingredients that can be easily fetched from anyone’s refrigerator. No need to carry a long list of ingredients to the market before you start. In fact, our first few videos didn’t even require a cooktop. I created recipes which were nutritious and at the same time could be easily prepared by hostellers, working mommies, and even kids.


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      Credit/ Source: The Cook-n-Joy Show

How do you manage the Editing Part:

Not quite acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the shoot, our first video faced technical issues. Our team is a determined one, kept working and improvising the quality of one video after the other. Our main challenge is the team members living in different cities. Shooting, editing, and posting become tedious, but as mentioned we are the determined ones!! We haven’t yet started with the marketing part as we need to understand its structure and working.


“Our earlier videos were all of the 4-5 minute duration. Then we realized that creating smaller time-lapse videos save a lot of time. Now all our videos are approximately one-minute duration”


As a part of our exciting journey, many theme-based videos are also made, namely, Folk Recipes, kitchen Hacks, Summer Coolers and Christmas Special. ‘Share your Recipes’ is the most celebrated theme as we get to interact with our viewers. According to this theme, viewers share their favorite recipes( through Fb messages or messages on youtube) and we publish a video of it. Kitchen Hack series is loved by all, especially the Green Peas Preservation video.

Credit/ Source: The Cook-n-Joy Show

Marketing and Future Plans:


Initially, we started uploading videos on Youtube alone and gradually created a page on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our website is under construction and will soon be operative. In future, we plan to develop our own app. We also plan to get our cookbook published which will provide our viewers a range of innovative recipes. Who knows, I might as well start with a restaurant again.

Although CnJ is coming up well, we still feel a lot can be done for a better viewing experience. Better types of equipment, better software and a lot of encouragement from our viewers can be a great help.

“ I always used to feel little unhappy about not being able to pursue my restaurant business, but with CnJ coming into existence I feel contented. Family members being a part of the team is an icing on the cake. It gives us opportunity to spend lovely time together and lovely food too “


I still have a long way to go, but I am already so far from where I used to be and I am proud of that.

Our Social media Presence :

Youtube Channel- www.youtube.com/thecooknjoyshow

Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/cooknjoyshow

Instagram Page- www.instagram.com/_cooknjoy_

Pinterest Page- www.pinterest.com/thecooknjoyshow

Email- [email protected]




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