The Different Types Of Burglar Alarms That You Should Invest In

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Burglaries are common in the UK. In 2021 it was estimated over 267,000 burglaries took place, which translates to a burglary happening every 106 seconds. It was estimated that 38.1% of burglaries happen during the day and 64% happen while someone is still at the property.

Many burglaries are committed on the spot, this can be from an open window or open garage door providing a gateway for opportunist thieves.

Due to the Pandemic in 2019, burglaries dropped massively as everyone was forced to stay indoors. This has meant burglaries have dropped 30%, but it is still a problem for many. On average, burglaries result in over £2.8k worth of goods stolen!

When do burglaries happen?

38% of burglaries happen during the day, that is a third of all burglaries. It is common to believe that burglars only strike at night, but many burglars will strike whenever they have a chance.

Furthermore, in 2020 70% of burglars were committed by one person. However, only one-quarter of burglaries happen between midnight (12 am) and early morning (6 am). 25% of burglaries occur during these times. This is because many people in the household are usually asleep. Scarily, 48% of homeowners have been threatened with violence when faced with a burglary.

More than 57% of burglars gain entry through the front door, while only a few burglars enter through back doors or windows. This is because many people forget to lock their front door, so making sure you check your front door every time before bed will increase safety for you and others.

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In London, every year over £181 million is stolen in goods from burglaries, with North Finchley and Balham boroughs having the highest burglary rates.

However, homes with security systems are targeted less because the risk of getting caught is too high, therefore having a security system fitted is a worthwhile investment.

Home Security Systems

Ajax wireless alarm – The Ajax is one of the smart home security products available on the market today, with many impressive features, it’s no doubt many homeowners with these feel safer in their homes. The Ajax alarm system has many impressive features like:

·         Ajax is controlled via the app on your phone

·         They are battery powered to avoid any Wi-Fi issues and are manufactured with an energy-efficient radio protocol that keeps them going for 7 years. However, if they were to run low Ajax will send a notification to your smart devices, like a phone or laptop.

·         They will still work even with a reach of 2000 meters.

·         Can customise individual access via the Ajax app

·         You’ll get notifications, SMS messages or a call to the primary owner in case of an emergency

·         If you have a blackout the, THE Ajax alarm system has an external power source

As mentioned above, burglars are less likely to target homes with an alarm system put in place, because the noise will draw attraction and burglars want to be as quiet as possible. Therefore investing in an ajax alarm system will work to prevent your home from being targeted.

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There are other types of burglar alarms like…

The Electric current alarm system – This alarm system is a monitoring tool that monitors entry points in the homes, like the doors or windows. They are normally installed when the home is being built. The electrical alarm systems work because of the low voltage, electrical current flows between two points. When windows and doors are shut the current flow easier, but when a door or window is opened unexpectedly, the circuit is disrupted and triggered.

Wired Alarm Systems – A wired alarm system relies on your landline connection to transmit signals to the main monitoring centre. However, wired alarms are effective, but there can be some complications if the wires break or are cut, meaning the system is broken. But there are cellular backups put in place if this was to happen.

CCTV Cameras – Install CCTV cameras around your house and garden. A thief’s biggest deterrent is security cameras, as the risk of getting caught is almost guaranteed, so thieves will avoid houses that have security cameras in place.

·         Major deterrent and crime prevention

·         Remote monitoring

·         Reduces insurance premiums

·         Peace of mind

Wireless CCTV Cameras – Wireless cameras are easier to set up because you don’t need to run cables around your property.

Wired CCTV Cameras – Wired CCTV cameras have better camera quality and in case of a break-in or a neighbour’s house being broken in, wired cameras can identify a person’s face, vehicle plate and model.

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