The Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus includes Luminous Liquid Cooling

Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus includes Luminous Liquid Cooling
The Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus includes Luminous Liquid Cooling
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Bangalore, India, March 3, 2023


It appears that the cautious OnePlus release cycle is no longer in effect. The OnePlus 11 was announced in January by the cellphone company owned by Oppo as its new flagship model. The 11R, which is targeted for the Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus expanding Indian smartphone market, debuted earlier this month.

The business currently also sells the 10T and 10 Pro from a year ago, three inexpensive Nord devices, five earphones, and a tablet. Along with certain reported foldables, a new mechanical keyboard will soon be available.

A temperature drop of 2.1 degrees Celcius (approximately 35.8 degrees Fahrenheit) during gaming, which according to OnePlus could improve performance by 3 to 4 frames per second, or a temperature drop of 1.6 degrees Celcius (approximately 34.9 degrees Fahrenheit) during charging, which could increase charging speeds by 30 to 45 seconds.

OnePlus Gaming Concept Phone has glowing Liquid Cooling  image
OnePlus Gaming Concept Phone has glowing Liquid Cooling (Image Source: TechCrunch on twitter)

A more realistic strategy involves technological advancements that make more serious gaming on mobile devices more possible. Through a translation, Lei Liu, president and chief operating officer of OnePlus, said, “We will put a lot of work into the research and creation of the technology. But with regard to the economic viability of these technologies, we’ll examine the market and the state of the technology in more detail.

According to OnePlus, the liquid is pushed through the device’s pipes by a “industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump” that occupies less than 0.2cm2 of area. The phone didn’t seem particularly thick or heavy in the hand despite the cooling system, however it’s not obvious if other internal components were shrunk to create room for the cooling system.

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With the recent decline in smartphone innovation overall, it is probably unavoidable that product designers are being changed in novel ways by manufacturers. Moreover, sales of smartphones have generally decreased, leaving manufacturers searching for new ways to boost sales.

Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus image
Gaming Concept Phone from OnePlus (Image Source:

However, it’s unclear whether or when the Active CryoFlux cooling technology will become a consumer product. Similar prototype smartphones from OnePlus have already been shown off, including one with a color-changing back and another with cameras that vanish, but neither of these innovations have yet to be commercialised. It would be unfortunate if the OnePlus 11 Concept suffered the same fate.

Young people enjoy playing games, according to Liu. “Gaming is a significant part of their online lives, and we will continue to enhance their gaming experience in the future. We now talk to our consumers a lot regarding game creation. We are discussing how to enhance the gaming experience and anticipate having more opportunity to speak with them in the future.

Has the first 5G adoption boost for devices long since peaked? Is gaming the next market for device manufacturers? With the emergence of smartphones that are focused on that experience, businesses like ASUS, Nubia, and Xiaomi are betting on it. On the other side, tech giants like Samsung and Apple are happy to just increase gaming accessibility on their flagship handsets. Although the latter seems more plausible, OnePlus has definitely surprised me in the past.

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