The ideal shower head 2022 test

handbrause dusche test
handbrause dusche test
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Which shower head suits me?

You need a new shower head and don’t know which one suits you best or which functions are important to you? With our shower head comparison duschkopf mit wasserstop test, we show you five different variants that make the daily shower the highlight of the day.

360-degree overview

A shower head is not the same as a shower head. In addition to functions, design, workmanship and connections also play a role. We will give you a brief all-round insight into our tested products so that you can find the right shower head for you. In addition, we will show you everything you need to know about showering.

The most important information

Even if we do not always perceive it in everyday life, the shower head plays a major role in our lives. Due to daily use, it is important to find the right shower head for your own needs. Basically, a distinction is made between hand shower and rain shower head duschkopftest. Within this distinction, functions such as the high-pressure jet or the gentle jet play a particularly important role..

Beam variants

A rain shower or a high-pressure jet is not the right thing for everyone. This shower head offers you the possibility to choose between 5 different jet types.

1)Rain: When it starts to pour outside, you usually quickly move into the homely four walls. But in the shower, the feeling of a gentle rain can also be very pleasant and beneficial.

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2)Massage: Who has to go to a massage center or a spa hotel when you can easily treat yourself to a massage in the in-house shower. A strong water pressure offers the opportunity to relax the muscles after a long, exhausting day.

3)Foaming: Even without a bathtub you can take a “bubble bath” with this shower head, due to the foaming function.

4)Mixed: If you can’t decide, you take the mixed version, in which in addition to the normal jet, the massage jet in the middle of the shower head also starts.

5)Drops: Similar to the rain variant, it feels at this function. The drops on the skin have a soothing effect and consume little water.

Shower head design

Also, in terms of appearance, this shower head does not need to hide. Due to its chrome-plated surface and the dark gray color handbrause dusche test, it fits into any bathroom and offers a high-quality appearance. With a diameter of 10.5 cm, the shower head has a suitable size to adapt appropriately to any environment. This releases enough water for every body shape and size. Due to rubber studs on the nozzles, cleaning is not a problem.


The Fylina shower head is slightly above the Sensea shower head with a price of 19.99€, but is still in the middle price segment. This means that it remains easy to finance in terms of price-performance ratio. Like our All-Rounder, it is equipped with a water-saving system, which requires up to 60% less water than conventional shower heads.

Beam variants

With 7 different jet variants, this shower head really offers the right print for everyone. In addition to the usual functions: massage jet, soft jet, and the mixed version – this shower head also offers the bubble spray variant. With this instead of a jet, water bubbles come out of the shower head. There is also the distinction between full-body rain spray, wide-range spray and short-range spray. As a result, you have the right pressure from every distance, as well as the right amount of water. This can be used well, depending on whether you use the shower head as a hand shower or have it attached to a bracket.

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