The impact of solar water heaters in Communities

solar water

The ever-increasing cost of living tends to demand for long term solutions aimed at reducing the cost of power consumption. It is known that power accounts not only for lighting and cooking but also for heating water for various uses. This is where solar as a source of renewable energy has come into play.

Innovation has brought a lot of improvement in the living standards of many households both in urban and rural setups. This has essentially seen a long- term decrease in the budgetary allocation towards

monthly electricity bill payments. The introduction of solar systems has even made life generally more enjoyable due to its affordability. This article will delve into some of its benefits and challenges.


Cost-this is a complex system that has proved to be affordable and easy to install and operate at all levels of our society. Solar water heater prices in Kenya comes in various sizes and prices. The system is also easy to maintain and repair. This has enabled many households and companies to have a sustained source of warm water. These systems are also easier and convenient to transport to the point of use.

Creation of employment-there has been an increase in the number of technicians trained and employed to install, maintain and repair these solar water heater systems all over the world. This eventually translates into economic growth and improvement of the standards of living.

Accessibility-these systems essentially use energy from the sun which is universally accessible. We are all aware that no charges are incurred for use of the sun which is a natural resource. The panels are simply placed at a site where they are exposed to the light from the sun which they convert into energy for use.

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Environmentally friendly-the concept of solar heating systems does not require clearing of bushes and trees compared to electrification. They also require minimal space within the environment. This reduces the need to interfere with vegetation and other landmarks. The energy generated from these systems is also safer to both animals and human beings since they have no emissions.

These heating systems are very safe to use and live with. Compared to electric power that has been known to cause grave damages, they hardly cause electrocution and faulty fire breakouts.


Unlike mains electricity, these systems hardly work properly in cloudy weather since they only generate sufficient power when there is sunlight.

Energy generated by these systems is only used for heating water and can not be utilized for other purposes such as lighting and cooking.

Although these systems are longer lasting for up-to 20 years, their efficiency reduces as time goes. This means another budget for the same or advanced models. This can be draining financially and discouraging at the same time.


It is evident that the invention of these renewable energy sources have greatly improved the way we take care of both our environment and our energy needs with little budgetary constraints. This has positively redefined our energy needs and reduced pressure on government expenditure on electrification. Hence the need to embrace this advanced technology.

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