The Insider’s Guide to Pawnshops

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Generally, when you enter a pawn shop, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces asking if you’re interested in buying or pawning an item. Typically each customer will be there to do one of the two tasks. Once that’s been established, the staff will either offer help finding the item you’re looking to buy, directing you to a specific section to browse, or begin the appraisal process for the item you’re interested in selling. Overall it’s a pleasant experience!

Get to Know the Staff

The best tip for those involved in pawnshop transactions (whether you’re a frequent buyer or have lots of stuff you’d like to sell) is to get to know the staff. When you come in regularly, please take the opportunity to get to know some of the staff members and introduce yourself to them. Conversations about your intended buying or selling expertise will help them understand your product preferences. Who knows, if you get close enough, they may even cut you a deal! If you’re on the hunt for a specific item, leaving some contact info can also be helpful for the pawnbroker to get in touch if he finds something of interest to you. This way, you can get discounts and get in on the best deals. After all, something that’s here today could be gone tomorrow (and for a price that can’t be beaten), so don’t wait around for your next visit, especially if you’ve got your eye on something.

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Getting a Pawn Loan

Setting up a pawn loan is typically a pretty simple process, often completed in a matter of hours, if not sooner. Pawn loans help many Americans and act as a sort of financial assistance simply due to the nature of a pawn loan and how easy it is to get a favorable loan with minimal requirements in a short amount of time. In addition to that, if you’re looking to sell an item outright, you can bypass the loan process altogether and just complete a “one and done” deal, parting with your item and pocketing the cash.

Purchasing Pawned Items

Buying items in a pawnshop is not complicated at all. It works in the same way you would buy something at any store. Pawn shops are essentially large buildings for storing merchandise while it awaits its owner’s return or is displayed on the floor to be purchased by anyone who wants it. If you find something you’re keen on buying while browsing our pawn selection, bring it up to the register and where you can pay, get a receipt and be on your way!

Repaying a Loan

Once you’ve got your loan sorted out, you’ll have a specific amount of time (typically between 30-90 days) to repay the amount with interest that’s been designated. You can come in at any time before the allotted amount of time has passed and pay the cash to receive your item. When facing hard times, things can be more difficult to pay on. There are typically two choices left to the customer. 

Pay the amount given and the agreed-upon tax and added fees for the pawn transaction before the deadline. A customer could also choose to let the deadline pass claiming the cash as their own. You don’t ever have to return to the pawnshop if you prefer. Still, after the allotted time, your item placed down as collateral on the loan will then be forfeited—now belonging to the pawnbroker who will sell your item and make back the cash you were given initially.

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Pawnshops are great for this reason. Even if you do lose your item, you won’t be hounded by banks and suffer from destroyed credit for the rest of your life for failure to pay off the loan.

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