The most titled football players in history

Soccer is rightly considered to be the most popular game in the world. Millions of fans are waiting with bated breath for the results of the match and the performance of their idols on the soccer field. Everyone dreams of attending a soccer championship and seeing their favorite team’s brilliant play.  

Many representatives of famous soccer teams are famous players with many victories, titles, and personal achievements, especially among players in attacking positions. But the major rewards are on the teams. The top European championships show the world the abilities of many interesting players who help their teams come to victory and win another title. You can read the latest news on the topic of soccer on our website – mega-news.in.

Every soccer fan and every analyst with his blog has an idol, a favorite player, and a team. But most, of course, believe that the most decorated player in soccer history is Cristiano Ronaldo. In part, this is true, but at the heart of his achievements are personal awards, but among team victories, this player is only at the bottom of the list.

The unbeatable Cristiano Ronaldo

The world-famous Portuguese player currently has 34 awards under his belt. The favorite of both men and women, the famous soccer player is a representative of Manchester United. But most of the titles, the player earned representing Real Madrid. Since 2018, he played for Juventus. The beginning of his career and the starting point for his achievements was the Portuguese national team, in which he played since 2003.

Cristiano’s achievements and titles are not only based on soccer, this player has been recognized many times as the highest paid in history, was in the Top Most Influential People, and is the most recognizable representative of soccer in the world.

Victor Baia of Barcelona

A striking representative of Barcelona, who ended his career in 2007 due to an unfortunate injury that was incompatible with further play. The Porto goalkeeper showed excellent results in team competitions and is the most titled player among goalkeepers with 31 titles. After the end of his soccer career, the player became one of the authors of the book of fairy tales for children about soccer “Round Tales”.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic – a talent from Sweden 

A talented but somewhat erratic Swede, during his career he has changed many top European soccer clubs, but none of them reached the main victory in the World Cup. He currently represents AC Milan as a striker and is a former captain of the Swedish national team. The inconstancy of his career is also reflected on the pitch, as Zlatan’s style of play is considered the most creative and unpredictable. 

During his career as a striker, Zlatan managed to score more than 570 goals. In the period since 1999, Ibra has managed to prove themselves in clubs such as Swedish “Malmo”, the Dutch “Ajax”, Italian “Juventus”, “Inter” and “Milan”, the Spanish “Barcelona”, French “Paris Saint-Germain”, the English “Manchester United”, and even the American “Los Angeles Galaxy. Thanks to his talented game, the footballer is in demand and signs lucrative and high-paying contracts with top clubs in Europe.

The versatile Kenny Dalglish 

Scottish-born footballer and coach, has been a member of the Liverpool and Celtic teams for 22 years. To date, he has 35 awards and titles to his credit, both for playing in the team and for victories as a coach. After 102 career games as a player, Dalglish continues to work for his beloved club as a coach, bringing them more victories despite his age. Not only millions of fans revere the work of “King Kenny,” but also the government of his native Britain, so he was even knighted in 2018.

The cold-blooded Gerard Piquet

Shares the number of team victories with Dalglish, and also has 35 accomplishments. Once an associate of the eminent Cristiano Ronaldo, he began his soccer career at Manchester United but went on to continue his career at Spain’s Barcelona in 2008, where he achieved most of the status and accolades as a defender. Gerard’s clear, cold-blooded, and incredibly quick actions have led his team to victory on more than one occasion.

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Multiple champion Ryan Giggs

The most successful player in Premier League history, the Manchester United faithful have devoted the only club in his soccer career to 25 years of hard work and hard work, during which he has played 963 official matches. Ryan now has 36 team titles and achievements to his credit. The great player together with the team became the champion of England 13 times. If we consider specifically British soccer, at the moment he is the most titled player.

Precise and calculate Maxwell

The player from Brazil, who is a friend, and once an associate of the famous Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while remaining in a sense in his shadow achieved 6 titles more than his famous partner. More precisely, under the shoulders of Maxwell 37 achievements.

A talented defender over the years of his soccer career managed to change a few clubs, namely Cruzeiro, Ajax, Inter, and Barcelona. For a long time, he was leading in the list of the most titled players in the world. The talented defender ended his soccer career in 2017.

Star from Spain Andres Iniesta

One of the brightest representatives of Spanish soccer and winner of the Golden Ball also has 37 awards in his piggy bank. He started his soccer career at Spanish Barcelona, and now he represents the Japanese club, Vissel Kobe, as a midfielder. He leads an active life in Japan, and in addition to playing soccer owns a business connected with the manufacture of shoes.

He is also involved in winemaking and cryptocurrency trading. A highly remunerative contract signed until 2023 with the Japanese club brings the player $ 30 million and helps promote the brand of Andres on mutually beneficial terms.

The unbeatable Lionel Messi

The famous player of the Spanish Barcelona does not need any introductions and has been on the ears of not only Spanish soccer fans, but also fans all over the world for many years. His 39 team victories bring him closer to the title of the most titled player in history. The famous Messi has 7 golden goals, 4 of which he received in a row, setting a record.  

Countless other personal awards for talent as a scorer. At the moment he is a striker for PSG and the captain of the national team of Argentina. A quick striker who started his career in 2004, he has brought many victories to the Spaniards, becoming the face of Spanish and Argentine soccer. In his spare time from soccer, he is engaged in advertising, representing the world-famous sportswear and footwear company “Adidas”. According to Forbes he is one of the highest-paid players and earned more than 1 billion dollars during his soccer career.

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Fast and accurate Dani Alves

Messi’s teammate, who surpassed him by 4 trophies, has 43 achievements and is the most titled player in the world. During his 20-year career, Dani has won a wide variety of awards and achievements in different parts of the world and on different continents. He is the captain of the Brazilian national team and acts as a defender at the Unam Pumas club. During his career, he managed to change a lot of soccer clubs, among them Bayeux, Spanish Sevilla and Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Sao Paulo. The defender’s move to Barcelona cost the club €35.5 million, making him the club’s most expensive player in its history.

The soccer achievements of famous players from Europe not only lead their teams to victory but also bring them multimillion-dollar contracts. Behind them are years of training and a passion for the sport from a very young age. Most soccer geniuses have devoted their entire lives to their careers. Many players, despite the fabulous monthly payment, could not build a happy family, because, according to statistics, most of them are divorced.

Spain, Argentina, and Portugal have the most titled players. Spain’s Barcelona is incredibly productive, with most of its top players have started their careers there. High fees and lucrative contracts attract the best players in Europe, making the club virtually invincible. Their main rival is Manchester United, which has also become the “Star Factory” for many of the world’s titled players.

Champions Cups bring clubs and their players not only fame but also huge profits, so the golden dream of every athlete is to reach the highest awards and titles. Not many manage to get to the top, but everyone dreams about it, dedicating their life to soccer.

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