The Notorious Life & Career of Rapper Drake – Net Worth, Age, Awards & More!

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The Notorious Life & Career of Rapper Drake - Net Worth, Age, Awards & More!
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Meet Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, a multifaceted artist hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Toronto, Canada.  He first broke into the entertainment news after starring in the teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001–08). 

After leaving the show, the world bore witness to the meteoric rise of a new rap luminary. Drake, with an innate passion for music, embarked on his musical odyssey, birthing his debut mixtape, “Room for Improvement,” back in 2006. This was just the beginning, for he subsequently unleashed the auditory marvels of “Comeback Season” in 2007 and the acclaimed “So Far Gone” in 2009, all before cementing his name in the annals of hip-hop history by joining forces with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment.

Born on October 24, 1986, in the heart of Toronto, Drake’s heritage weaves a unique tapestry. His father, Dennis Graham, a proficient Black American drummer from Memphis, Tennessee, who harmonized his rhythms with legend in the country  Jerry Lee Lewis, had his path interlace with that of Sandra Graham. Drake’s mother, a Canadian of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, was not only an English teacher but also a florist, adding floral beauty to his family’s diverse cultural bouquet.

Drake, a man of two homelands, straddles the realms of the United States and Canada, his American lineage stemming from his paternal heritage. His youth develops as a story marked by his presence in a Jewish day school, where traditions intertwined with the rhythms of his existence. And amidst it all, a a somber celebration that was his journey into adulthood – the sacred bar mitzvah, a rite of passage that etched its importance into the canvas of his life. His educational journey led him to Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where the stage first beckoned to his artistic soul.

Later, he break into Vaughan Road Academy, nestled in Toronto’s Oakwood–Vaughan neighborhood, a place as rich in diversity as it was in its share of challenges. Facing adversity due to his racial and religious background, Drake’s resilience was the forge where his talent was honed. The demands of his burgeoning acting career eventually led him to step away from the conventional school path, but he would return to don the graduation gown in October 2012.

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Fast forward to the present, at the age of 35, Drake isn’t merely a moniker; he’s a living legend. A maestro of the microphone and a savvy entrepreneur, he has accumulated an awe-inspiring wealth of $200 million. His personal journey unfolds like an epic, a tapestry interwoven with high-profile romances and soul-stirring revelations.

Personal Life

His heart intertwined with the enchanting melodies of Adele, and he danced the unpredictable rhythm of love with Rihanna for seven captivating years. He confessed the depths of his affection for her, an emotion woven into the fabric of his studio albums. On the grand stage of “The Shop,” he unraveled the complexities of his connection with her, casting an enigmatic aura over their history. There are rumors that he might have a thing for Taylor Swift

Yet, Drake’s life took another significant turn when he embraced the role of fatherhood. His son, Adonis, was born on October 11, 2017, a testament to the union between the artist and the French painter and former model Sophie Brussaux. Speculations about their relationship had swirled, but it was the musical revelation in Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” that confirmed the truth. In his album “Scorpion,” released in 2018, Drake laid bare his newfound fatherly emotions, all in the name of safeguarding his child’s privacy.


Drake’s journey to greatness is marked not just by personal revelations but by musical milestones. While he still graced the screens of Degrassi, he ventured into the realm of hip-hop, dropping his first mixtape, “Room for Improvement,” in 2006, selling a modest 6,000 copies.

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A year later, “Comeback Season” emerged, hosted on his very own October’s Very Own label, which would later be shortened to OVO. It was in this tape that the world first glimpsed his potential, courtesy of “Replacement Girl,” a single and music video that dazzled on BET’s 106 & Park. Within this melody lay a piece of another hit, “Man of the Year,” a track featuring Lil Wayne, and Drake’s version, resplendent with his lyrics, caught the discerning ears of Jas Prince, the son of Rap-A-Lot Records’ founder, James Prince. 

A stroke of luck ignited the spark that would chart Drake’s remarkable odyssey through the realm of rap. Fast forward to November 2011, a milestone was etched in history with the release of his second studio album, “Take Care.” An opus of melodic brilliance, it featured chart-toppers such as “Headlines,” “Make Me Proud,” and “The Motto.” The world didn’t merely listen; it embraced the album with open arms, catapulting it into the Grammy Hall of Fame, where it claimed the coveted title of the best rap album in 2013, amidst a torrent of other accolades.


Drake’s list of achievements is as endless as his talent. He reigns as the highest-certified digital singles artist in the United States, with a staggering 142 million units sold through a fusion of sales and on-demand streams. “God’s Plan,” certified 11 times Platinum, stands tall as his highest-certified single, followed closely by “Hotline Bling,” basking in the glory of an 8 times Platinum certification.

Drake has indelibly inscribed his name in the annals of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, securing a plethora of unprecedented records. With the distinction of the most songs charted by any artist, the record for the most songs simultaneously charting in a solitary week (an astonishing 27 tracks), the highest number of debuts in a single week (a staggering 22 debuts), an unparalleled 54 top 10 singles, and an impressive 39 top 10 debuts, his reign on this chart is nothing short of iconic. To add to his accolades, he holds the record for the most continuous presence on the chart, with an impressive 431 weeks of charting excellence.

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Drake’s narrative elevates to the level of legendary when he ascends to the rarefied company of the music universe. He achieved a feat only matched by The Beatles in 1964, becoming the second artist to monopolize the entirety of the Hot 100’s top five in a solitary week. The list of his triumphs doesn’t end there. His trophy cabinet gleams with four Grammy Awards, an exceptional achievement among 47 nominations. The Billboard Music Awards crowned him with a record-breaking 29 awards, an astonishing feat that eclipsed Adele’s own record for the most victories in a single night.

His supremacy in the realm of rap is undeniable, as attested by Complex’s “Best Rapper Alive Every Year Since 1979” list, where he ascended to the throne in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

Business & Endorsements

Drake’s reach extends beyond the mic, as he has strategically signed many endorsement contracts. Notably, his nod to the consumption of “purple drank,” a concoction featuring Sprite, led to a profitable alliance with the massive beverage company. Additionally, fast-food behemoths like Burger King and Whataburger had also asked for his approval of adaptability.

Drake, the embodiment of versatility, a masterful conductor of musical symphonies, and a sagacious architect of business ventures, directives the zenith of contemporary entertainment. His name, an emblem of an evolutionary epoch in hip-hop, reigns supreme.

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