The Rolex Explorer II Celebrates Its 50th Year in 2021
The Rolex Explorer II Celebrates Its 50th Year in 2021

The Rolex Explorer II Celebrates Its 50th Year in 2021

This post was most recently updated on June 24th, 2021

The Rolex Explorer II Celebrates Its 50th Year in 2021

Not everyone knows this, but that notable watch collection dubbed the Rolex Explorer II has been around for an awesome 50 years. The year 2021 is so notable that the Rolex company released a new version of the Rolex Explorer II so that Rolex fans can add one more collectible to their stash. Celebrating five decades of excellence in the watch industry, it embodies both class and quality. Many watch enthusiasts have always favored the Rolex brand. But this particular model is special and sets itself apart from other Rolex releases.

In this article, we’ll be talking about why the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer II is so remarkable for the Rolex company. Keep reading to find out more!

It’s What Is Inside That Counts

Yes, there are some changes to the external appearance of the watch that do stand out. For example, this model has the so-called “Easylink comfort extension link,” referring to the ability of the watch bracelet to be extended further by an estimated 5 millimeters. This makes it easier to slip on the watch if you are still in your growth spurt years (like teenage watch owners). There is a Chromalight display so that you can always see the watch dial in the dark.

But the internal movement of this watch model is what gets seasoned watch collectors excited on the sidelines. It contains the “in-house caliber 3285 movement,” which gives a power reserve spanning 70 hours. It is considered an amazing innovation by experienced watch connoisseurs. The watch has a beat power of 4 Hz while its precision measures around 2 seconds per day. In addition, the watch becomes more dependable now because of the patented Chronergy escapement technology of Rolex.

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There is one similarity to the previous Rolex Explorer II, though. The Oystersteel case remains 42 mm though it looks a tad smaller than the earlier version. The use of Oystersteel is wise since this material resists corrosion. This allows this new model for 2021 to still adhere to its reputation for durability.

Who is Rolex Marketing This New Watch To?

Rolex is renowned as one of the top luxury watch brands out there. Indeed, it has a reputation for durability and timekeeping precision that is hard to beat. However, the Rolex Explorer II fosters an image of rugged adventurism that appeals even to the most battle-hardened weekend warriors your company employs. If you like to go on weekend adventures such as hiking, spelunking, or mountaineering, you probably need a Rolex Explorer II as your timekeeper companion.

At the same time, though, you may fall in love with the beautiful aesthetics of this watch. Fans are known to give their Rolex Explorer II double duties – adventurer by day, international macho spy flirting with the ladies at night. Okay, so that may be an exaggeration, but you get what that means, right? This Rolex allows you to simply use the same watch for your daytime activities and nighttime pleasantries. No need for a day watch separate from your evening timepiece then.

It should also be mentioned that this new Rolex Explorer II model for 2021 may also appeal to non-business-related watch collectors such as scientists. This is because some features of the watch can be useful to these professionals who are exploring the outer reaches of science. They may not always be motivated by earned profits – rather, they may try to figure out how Mother Nature works, and this makes highly accurate timepieces a must-have for their scientific expeditions. They may also need a watch they can rely on no matter how rough natural phenomena get – which is why they acquire a Rolex Explorer II for their personal use.

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It is notable that some people don’t buy a Rolex because they want to wear it. Rather, there are watch collectors who acquire Rolexes as their investment vehicle. They hold on to their purchase for years, possibly even decades, while ensuring that the quality of these watches does not deteriorate. When they see that demand for vintage models of Rolexes is going up, they’re on it like eagles hunting down their prey. By judging the mood of the market accurately, they then sell their vintage Rolexes at the right price at the right time to the right buyers. Boom! Instant profit! Then they set about using their earnings to track down the next Rolex bestseller to repeat this cycle.

Some celebrities like to invest in Rolexes, such as the Rolex Explorer II, because of the charm of having such a watch while they are attending celebrity events. They may not always show off the watch overtly, but just being seen with these watches is a subtle kind of endorsement, anyway. A good example of a celebrity who is known for collecting her own Rolexes is comedienne Ellen Degeneres. She has one of the original Rolex Explorer II collections of 1972, actually. The Rolex watch price for such a vintage piece will reveal to you just how rich Ellen is. Whether she will soon be seen in public with the latest version of this Rolex model winking at fans from her wrist remains to be seen in public.



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