the Troyes museum benefits from rare pieces by artists such as Rodin

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In “Par Cœurs”, Benoît Jacquot sublimates the acting profession of Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini in a documentary truth
A unique film on the work of the two artists as we have never seen or heard them, in front of the insightful camera of Benoît Jacquot: fascinating.
Benoît Jacquot filmed Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini separately during the Avignon Festival 2021. The actress played The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov and the actor read texts by La Fontaine, Pascal and Nietzsche. Caught on the spot, aside, in rehearsal and in performance, the two artists have never confided so much in their work. By Hearts, on the screens Wednesday December 28, is undoubtedly the most successful film on the intimacy of the actor.

The echo itself
Isabelle Huppert puts La Cerisaie in her mouth, in her car, in her dressing room, at home, which she must perform in the Cour d’honneur of the Palais des Papes in Avignon. For his part, Fabrice Luchini declaims the texts he has chosen for his next reading in the courtyard where he will interpret them. Two different exercises with in common the appropriation of the words of others. Benoît Jacquot had already documented Luchini in 1998 in Par Cœur, sans “s”, hence this addition to the title today, including Huppert.

Separated in the two parts of the film, Isabelle Huppert and Fabrice Luchini come together on their experience as an actress and actor. Where is the difference anyway? It is perhaps in the third part of the film, where a montage makes them exchange virtually, that there is an answer. The two agree on the encounter with a text. The echo in itself depends on its experience, and its interpretation adapts to the present. It is different every evening at the theater, and for eternity at the cinema.

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hands in the dirt
Benoît Jacquot captures the passion, the requirement, the effort and the joy that the two artists bring to exercise their art. The actress stumbles on a tirade from La Cerisaie to comedy. Fabrice Luchini comments with his eloquence on a thought of Nietzsche, which he will keep, or not… Differences remain, in particular in their relationship to the public, which Isabelle Huppert puts at a distance, while Luchini plays on it.

Benoît Jacquot films them “hands in the grease”. Isabelle Huppert forgets the camera and Fabrice Luchini seduces her. During a preview at the L’Arlequin cinema in Paris, the actor quoted Louis Jouvet, who sums up the case well. A sentence is a state to be reached”. By Hearts takes him to the top.
After four years of work and a total cost of 7 million euros, the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes is reopening its doors with plenty of new features. The building, which dates from the 16th century, will be open to the public again from December 27, 2022. Visitors will be able to admire nearly 3,000 works through a new route.–Mji

New face of the Troyes museum
Among the new features, the 4,000m2 garden, made up of exceptional contemporary sculptures. “We find our old sculptures and four new structures from the CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) which bring color, new materials but also poetry and humor”, explains Juliette Faivre-Preda, curator of the museum. of Modern Art in Troyes.

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Prestigious works
Thanks to the immense collection bequeathed by Denise and Pierre Lévy to the State, the Troyes museum benefits from rare pieces by artists such as Rodin, Courbet and Derain. At the time, the couple had sold more than 2,000 works dating from the middle of the 19th century until the end of the 1960s. “We naturally had to, by reopening this museum, serve the memory of these collectors who are the true founders of the establishment. We also had to highlight the exceptional works that they were kind enough to offer to everyone through this donation of 1976”, says Éric Blanchegorge, director of the museums of the city of Troyes.

With its works, Troyes can boast of being among the most highly rated museums of modern art in France. Millions of euros of investment, 400 m2 additional square to take a step and consider the organization of large-scale temporary exhibitions. “We have planned for the next four years major summer exhibitions which attract notoriety, the national and international press and which allow a much greater influx of visitors”, explains Marc Sebayran, deputy mayor of Troyes in charge of culture. and heritage. The final date for the end of the work is nevertheless scheduled for the end of 2023.

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