There Are Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Septic System

New Septic Tank Hawthorne NY
Two plastic underground storage tanks placed below ground for harvesting a rainwater.

Your septic system is essential if your property is not connected to a public water and sewer system because it handles all the sewage that exits your home, including the water from the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Neglecting your septic system might cost you a lot of money because digging up and rebuilding a septic system can run into thousands of dollars.

Even though maintaining a New Septic Tank Hawthorne NY is expensive; there are several advantages for you as a homeowner. However, the expense of a septic system need not break the bank. Follow a few straightforward guidelines to avoid being in the dark about your septic system’s requirements and potentially save money on future septic demands.

Takeaway Tips for Saving Money

1. Establish A Schedule

Service your septic system before a problem arises. Get it routinely maintained. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends pumping and servicing your sewage tank every three to five years. Maintaining a note of any services or repairs you require would also be helpful. Why? Having a history of your septic system’s condition will assist you in avoiding spending unnecessary money on septic services in the future.

2. Pay Attention To Ominous Warning Signs

Pay attention to warning indications if you haven’t been keeping track of your septic system’s maintenance or haven’t been keeping a regular schedule, are moving into a new house, or need to know the septic system’s status.

Smelling like rotten eggs or other foul aromas emanating from inside or outside your home may indicate a septic system issue. Contact Excavation Contractors Montrose NY, right away if you see any of these cautionary indications. 

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3. Maintaining A Clean Septic System

Avoid placing any plants, trees, bushes, or structures near your septic system. Your septic tank should not be built over, and trees and bushes shouldn’t be placed on, near, or in your septic system as a whole since the roots might obstruct the pipes.

4. Ensure Easy Access To Your Septic Tank Cover

Let’s say the hole cover for your septic tank is hidden or inaccessible. In such a situation, finding 

and accessing your septic tank would take additional time and tools from septic specialists. Installing a riser or extension will save you money by preventing the need for further visits from your septic provider if the lid of your septic tank is difficult to access.

5. Take Into Account What Drains

Being careful about what you flush down the toilet is one of the simplest things you can do that can result in significant savings. Flush just toilet paper. Use your garbage disposal sparingly and refrain from spilling oil down your drain. All these factors may result in a buildup of solid waste in your septic tank that the beneficial bacteria cannot break down, leading to sewage backups and pipe obstructions.

6. Protect Water

You want to avoid overwhelming your system with water, just as you don’t want to flush some things. More water at a time does not provide liquids and solids enough time to separate. Maintain the proper ratio of liquids, solids, and bacteria in your tank. You won’t need to maintain your septic system as frequently the more water you preserve.

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7. When In Doubt, Seek Professional Advice

Instead of using harsh chemicals, have a professional clean any obstructions. Using a chemical from the shop may appear easier and less expensive at first, but it will almost certainly cost you more money. Saving money on septic services occasionally entails making initial contact with the experts rather than taking care of repairs yourself.


Septic systems are expensive, but homeowners can avoid costly septic repairs by following a regular maintenance schedule. Having qualified excavation contractors in Montrose, NY, is essential to maintaining the longevity of your system and preventing unnecessary headaches. 

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