Thermo-treated wood and why should you consider using them


Do you feel that traditional wood looks good but may not provide you with the long-standing performance you are looking for? If so, you are not alone, as many people feel the same way. Traditional wood materials are subjected to rot and decay, and they may not be able to provide you with the stability and strength that you are looking for. Nevertheless, wood still has many takers as it is a natural material and looks good than other materials. 

If thinking about a better alternative to traditional wood, you should consider using thermo-treated wood. It can provide several benefits not commonly available with traditional wooden components. 

The thermo-treated wood products are known to be environment friendly, strong, and resilient. Therefore, they are common in numerous residential, commercial, and non-commercial projects.

Unlike the wooden components that are pressure treated, thermo-treated wood products are a healthier and greener alternative to that. The thermo treatment is usually carried out at temperatures around 400° F with water steam and no added chemicals. 

At first, the wood planks are exposed to preliminary drying under strictly water-saturated conditions. It can help in reaching residual stress relief. The wood is exposed to heat with steadily increasing temperature levels in an oxygen-free environment. 

The wood is cooled down under condensation, and then moisture saturation is achieved for the treated wood. The wood is protected from cracking or burning by using steam. The whole process helps to create distinct chemical changes in the wood that enhances its durability, stability, and weather resistance. Once prepared, it can be used for making thermo-treated decking components and pine siding.

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There are several benefits of using thermo-treated wood. For instance, the lumber used in this way offers substantial resistance against rot and mould. Thus, wooden products not usually deemed suitable for being used outdoors can be used in outdoor environments. 

The swelling and structural changes of the lumber due to ambient temperatures can be prevented this way. The overall levels of equilibrium humidity content in the wooden planks can be brought down through thermo-treating. 

The thermo treatment of the wood gives them a distinct dark colour making them all the more attractive. Such a striking look also makes the thermo-treated wood an attractive alternative to the more exotic species of trees. Hence, there is an extensive demand for thermo-treated wall planks and wooden garden planters.

The chemical and physical properties of the thermo-treated wood make them suitable for numerous applications and production requirements. These days they are used extensively for making exterior sidings and flooring components. 

For those who want the best of oak decking and ash decking, the thermo-treated wood can be an excellent choice. The thermo-treated wood products are used for making garden furniture and landscape design as they are devoid of any chemicals and are therefore environmentally friendly. They can be used for making doors, windows, and fences. 

These wooden products are suitable for places where there is water or high moisture content, such as swimming pools and bathrooms. Many companies in the US specialize in working on thermo-treated wood and can offer you these products in any variation you want. So make sure you consult with them when you need thermo-treated wood.       

Praveen Saraswat
Praveen was born in India. He began writing in 2018, he lives in Agara. He has contributed lots of articles to Scoopearth and another website and the first time he published an article at Scoopearth