Things You Can Do In Goa When Travelling With Kids

Things You Can Do In Goa When Travelling With Kids
Things You Can Do In Goa When Travelling With Kids

This post was most recently updated on March 6th, 2023

Goa is a traveller’s paradise. Although it is a small state, it is an abode of adventure and entertainment. Drenched in the remnants of Portugal, Goa offers an exciting twist against other traditional states in India. There is a little something for everyone here.

Travellers will find themselves lost amidst the vivacious architectural sites in Goa. Party-goers can lose themselves to the rhythm of fun that the nightlife has to offer here. Beach lovers can sit by the beach with a bottle of beer and enjoy the serenity there. Similarly, even kids can have a fun-filled family vacation without feeling bored.

1. Wildernest – Indulge In An Exciting Trek

Once you have settled down with a homestay in Goa near the beach , it is time to experience the wilderness of Wildernest. Grab your favourite pair of binoculars, fasten your shoelaces and drench yourself and your little ones in a realm of adventure. During this trek, you can indulge yourself in the most enticing birdwatching and hiking experience ever. Your kids could do the same without having to worry about their safety.

2. Arpora: Have A Fun Go Karting Experience

Most of us dream of driving professional racing trucks. But what if you really get a chance to do it? Arpora is every racer’s destination. Get your kids to compete with their little buddies in a fun go karting experience here. All they have to do is sit behind the wheels and drive on! Even when you reach your villas in Goa near the beach, we promise; your kids will still want to go back.

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3. Splashdown Water Park- Enjoy A Spectacular Ride

Nestled near Bardez, the ramp slides and water rides here are all the fun of the fair. Boomerango, Solar Splash, Eddy’s Eagle Run, and Twist are some of the best rides we recommend your kids don’t miss out on. You can also take your kids to the massive kid-friendly pool this water park has to offer. Since the pool isn’t too deep, you don’t have to fret either. Book your private villa in Goa and leave for Splashdown now. It’s going to be as much fun as it sounds!

4. Snow Park- Build Your Favourite Snowman

Who doesn’t love Snowman, right? Well, your kids will love them more when in Goa. Once you have chosen your homestay in Goa near the beach, do visit the Snow park at Tito’s Lane, Baga Road. Here, you can even enjoy some exciting snow rides with your children and gobble on the delicious foods too. Don’t forget to click a picture with your Snowman for those unforgettable memories.

Book Your Best Villas In Goa Now!

Goa is a realm of leisure and excitement. It is every person’s dream who wants to have a laid back vacation. If you are travelling with your kids to Goa this season, we recommend you book your favourite villas now and enjoy these amazing places in the state soon.

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