Things You Can’t Learn In Yoga Teacher Training

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If you want to step into the world of yoga teaching, or want to deepen your practice, you have a lot of choices today. The 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training proves to be very useful, to know the foundational elements of teaching. However, if it is something more that you are looking for, you may feel disappointed. After completing the above training, you will never become an expert. It will mark the beginning of your yoga teaching journey. There are other practical aspects of your journey, which you must learn on the spot.

No matter, which yoga training school, you head to, you will still miss out on certain knowledge. The only way to overcome this lack of practical knowledge, is practice. Let us read about some of the things, that you cannot learn in Yoga School.

Things Yoga Schools Will Not Teach You 

  • Timing Your Class

Teaching yoga is a lot bout timing the classes right. If you cannot do that, you may be headed for disaster. By timing, it is meant that you prepare well ahead for your yoga class, then set up the class, before the students arrive. Additionally, sequencing the class well also comes under its purview. 

There are still more aspects of timing, that you should learn. You, as a yoga teacher must know, for how long you need to leave your student in one pose. Sometimes, as an inexperienced teacher, you may leave the students in one pose for too long, and the result is uneasiness. They will feel distracted and will also stop concentrating. Your main aim as a teacher is to provide your student with an immersive experience, at the Yoga Teacher Training in India.Moreover, if you happen to leave them in a certain pose for a shorter duration, they will not get the entire benefits. Additionally, you have to learn to play music according to the sequence. It is impossible to get that right, after completing your 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training. So, it will be better, if you borrow the music list from another seasoned teacher. You need to conduct your class, while following the playlist. In the beginning, you need to take its low with warm up, and as the class moves ahead, you need to increase the sound, speed, and the rhythm. Lastly, you need to close it with the savasana, with slow music. 

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As a beginner teacher, you may find it impossible to get through this sequence. So, practice well, and then you can time your classes right. 

  • Preparing for the Class

Every teacher has their own approach to prepare and plan for a class. So, will you. You should research the poses that allow one to warm up and cool down. If you are underconfident in the beginning, you may also take some examples from experienced teachers. Moreover, you can also do some trial error, and note down the results for reference. The main task here is to prepare. You may or may not be successful. In the near future, you might be capable of creating schedules, that your students are comfortable with. However, if you think that a Yoga Teacher Training in Indiaat any renowned school can teach you all the nitty gritty, you were never so wrong. After you practice the same yourself through trial-and -error, then you can get one step nearer to becoming that perfectionist in the yoga class. 

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Answering Your Student’s Needs 

Many new teachers, having just completed yoga ttc, plan their classes and are very rigid about it. However, it does not work that way. Every class, every group and every single student’s needs are different. If you are teaching in a beginner class, and a professionally advanced student comes in, you need to continue with your beginner plan. Now, in another scenario, if a beginner enters the advanced level class, and wants to attend it, you do have choices. Tell the student, that every student needs his or her own sweet time, to learn and master poses. Encouragement is the key here. 

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However, if you are teaching a mixed class, that is where the challenge is. However, you can learn that too, with time. If your students feel, that the class is too easy, drop some Surya namaskars. And, if your students feel, that the class is fast, try to insert some relaxing and less stressful poses. This way, you will be able to engage all. 

These are the main things, that you cannot learn in the 200Hr Yoga Teacher TrainingYou have to be flexible in your approach. However, the teachers in World Peace Yoga School, can give you some ideas, on which you can create your training sessions. 

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