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Naruto has been the most popular manga series that have been converted to a sensational anime. This is one of a kind animated series that has a strong fan base who is obsessed with everything Naruto. The mastermind writer and illustrator behind this anime series is Masashi Kishimoto. The storyline begins with the development of the young ninja who is known as the Naruto Uzumaki. He is not well known in the academy, but he strives to earn their trust and recognition. Naruto dreams to become someone or something big in his village. The continuous change and character development is what has us hooked on to this unique journey that a young kid is on. He has a lot of inspiration people that he meets along the way. Some are good while others are evil, but each has this mysterious vibe to themselves. They have the skills to tackle anything. These characters have shown both maturity and strength, but our favorite is Naruto. He is the main protagonist who isn’t our mainstream superhero, but has a charismatic personality. The not so perfect character has a very sad past, he is an orphan who has struggled a lot. He becomes the best warrior that has a lot to offer, and Naruto is ultimately able to fill the shoes of Hokage.

Many people have a misconception that Kawaki is Naruto’s actual son. But in reality, he is just an adopted child. We see this character afloat in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The actual son of Naruto is Boruto who is the seventh Hokage in line. He does not have a very good relationship with his father. That’s because he feels Naruto has always prioritized the village over his own wife and children. Boruto is under the training of Sasuke, who was once Naruto’s rival but now a best friend. He is training his son about different martial art tricks. In a rebellion to his father, he joins the ninja team lead by Konohamaru Sarutobi who the most beloved trainee of Naruto was once. He was also popularly known as his protégé. But instead of Boruto to learn to fight from his father, he prefers to go to Sasuke. This way, he can single-handedly impress Naruto and show off his new skills. The story continues, so enough with spoilers because there is no stopping us from speaking about the Naruto series, the spin-offs and the sequels. The creators have blessed with storylines that fans can talk for generations and still have something new and interesting. But the most interesting part of this series is how we see each character not only showing their strengths but learning from their weaknesses. This is something inspirational, especially for those anime lovers who look for hope and strength in these characters.

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Fans love the mentor student relation between Sasuke and Boruto, but is in for many surprises and heartbreaks in this relationship. Before we spill some major tea and ruin the series for you, let’s jump to the iconic fashion pieces. You heard us right! If you are a true Naruto fan, somewhere down the lane you, too, would have wanted the orange jacket. The Naruto Uzumaki jacket is available in a wide range of sizes and cuts that look flattering on all silhouettes. Not only that the zipper closures gives you a sharp figure and sucks in your belly. So, if you wanted something fashionable yet comfy, you are at the right place. Here at NYC, we have the best manga jackets, vests, and costumes in the most affordable prices. The Naruto Shippuden jacket has been manufactured from premium quality faux leather and breathable cotton fabric. Yes, the two fabrics are perfect for someone who wants to style it up in any weather. So, this year, you can wear your Naruto jacket at comic con and look fly! The best part of purchasing from our online store is the wide range of sizes and fits. We are a size – inclusive brand, so we ensure that no customer goes empty-handed. You can find all that you need within budget! Moreover, Naruto Shippuden jacket has been lined with a soft inner polyester lining, which adds to the longevity, durability, and sturdiness of the design. What more could one want from their everyday streetwear?
So, before stocks run low, order your favorite Maile Flanagan Naruto jacket. This apparel has a story to tell that not a lot of items do, which makes it so special. However, if you still have to watch the series and spin-offs, you are in for a major treat. It has been the best and most awaited magna series of all times. Fans can’t get enough of the simple yet inspirational storyline!

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