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Thumbnail Blaster
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Thumbnail Blaster is The Only AI Based tool That Will Create Attention-Grabbing and CLICK Pulling Thumbnails For Any Video With literally Three clicks.

Your videos are ignored by 90% of the traffic. That’s a fact. Fact #1: there are over Four hundred hours of video uploaded to youtube every minute?? Nowadays, just having a video will not make you stand out. Fact #2: the first thing your viewers will see is your thumbnail.

You Never Get A Second Opportunity To Make A First Impression. Listen to this: When a person goes for a job interview, the interviewer decides whether or not to hire that person in the first 40-seconds. And this: In a jury test, the members of the jury make up their minds as to whether the accused is guilty or innocent during the first half hour or so… plus they spend the rest of the time in finding methods to justify the decision they’ve already made. And this: When a person falls in love, it happens easily. And this: You can either hook a viewer or lose him when the very first look moment he sees your video thumbnail!

It does not matter how good your video content is. If your thumbnails aren’t grabbing attention. You will never get the views you deserve. And without views, you will never get results. But do not worry… any video marketer can triple their views & traffic using this new app: Thumbnail Blaster. Because WP thumbnails are the #1 factor that get people to click & watch a video. Now, more than ever you need custom thumbnail that captures attention. It’s proven that a good thumbnail can triple your views & traffic overnight.

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Learn how you can create breathtaking thumbnails with only Three clicks using Thumbnail Blaster:

STEP #1: Choose 2 Thumbnails: Choose 2 different thumbnails that you want to test.

STEP #2: Start The Split-Test: It’ll work behind the scenes checking your views every hour & rotating the thumbnails.

STEP #3: SIT BACK & RELAX: When the Split-Test is over Thumbnail Blaster will automatically set the highest converting Thumbnail.

It really makes total sense to buy an incredible piece of software that can Triple your video views. If you want to rank your videos higher in Search by increasing your Click Through Rate & Doubling or Tripling the views your videos currently get then let’s be clear… You’ll need Thumbnail Blaster!

Imagine Tripling, or even more, your video views overnight. Consider all the potential viewers you’ve lost in the past – that Today, Tomorrow & into the Future, will now watch your videos. Consider how 3X the views and Higher Rankings will effect your In A Nutshell. Imagine More Views, Higher Rankings, Increased Traffic without SEO? So it makes smart marketing sense to get it today, the very last day that the discount pricing is in effect.

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Simple To Use: You don’t need to pull your hair out trying to learn Photo shop or other complicated designing tools

Automatic Creation: After beginning to use THUMBNAIL BLASTER they got 3X More Views, Visitors & LEADS!

30 Templates: They know that there’s no one SIZE fits all… Any Niche, You name it. They have got you covered! PLUS our general templates & click-bait templates, can be used in any NICHE!

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Any Size: Create your thumbnails for any style of video 16:9, 4:5, 4:4 or any size that you want.

Drag and Drop Technology: Just click to drag & drop elements. No special knowledge need! Nothing complicated. Customize every thing without any design skills needed!
Fully Customizable: Change fonts, styles, colors, layouts & entire color themes with the push of a button. Make your thumbnail 100% UNIQUE & a clear represenation of your brand!

Design Elements: It is important that makes a thumbnail really stand out are the design elements such as: doodles, emojis, arrows, shapes. Thumbnail Blaster comes with an extensive library of elements of design!

Split Test & Publish: How would you like to be able to SPLIT-TEST two different thumbnails and discover the best performing one…or you can just down load the thumbnail & use it on whatever platform you want.


You’ll get More Views: Thumbnails are the #1 factor that is influencing people to click & watch your videos. Increase your Click-Through-Rate will get you more views!

You’ll get More Traffic: Your videos will begin getting more views… And automatically you’ll get More Visitors.

You’ll get More Subscribers: The best part about having more subscribers is that they’ll get notified each time you upload a new video. And all your future uploads will get even more views & more views… mean higher rankings!

You’ll save $1000’s: On Templates, Graphics & Freelancer fees.

You’ll save TIME: You’ll have to WAIT for the freelancers to create it – sometimes up to week… Not to mention the fact that maybe you just will not LIKE the end result…

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THUMBNAIL BLASTER Commonly Asked Questions

Is this a Cloud-Based software?
Yes, It’s a cloud based solution. All things are hosted on their servers, nothing to down load or install. You can use Thumbnail Blaster from your desktop computer, Apple or even from your smartphone.

Do I get free updates for Thumbnail Blaster?
YES! You get 100% free auto updates. Whenever a new update is out, since all things are stored in the cloud, you’ll instantly be up-graded. You do not need to worry about checking manually for updates, all things are done 100% automatically, hassle-free.

Are there any Upsales?
You can use Thumbnail Blaster as it is, you do not need to buy anything else. Nevertheless, after you buy Thumbnail Blaster they’ll give you a special offer for some additional upgrades.

When Can I begin getting results From Thumbnail Blaster?
They think, you can see more views as soon as today. You can change the thumbnails of your existing videos & triple your CTR & get 3x more views, from day 1!

Does this work only with YouTube videos?
They have been talking about youtube a lot, but that doesn’t mean Thumbnail Blaster works only with YouTube videos. You can down load the thumbnails in JPG or PNG format, in ANY size that you want & save them on your computer. After that, you can use them in Vimeo, Facebook Ads, Fb News Feed or ANY other place that you want.

What happens if I miss out on This Deal?

This is a VERY limited offer and a Single Payment. Once the release special ends, Thumbnail Blaster will only be offered for $97 / $47 per month. So if you want to get more views at an absolute steal – do not sit on the fence, act now & do not miss out.

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