Top 10 Tiles Companies in India

This post was most recently updated on July 19th, 2021

As the curtains rise once again on the ceramics, interior designing, and architecture industries, it becomes highly important to emphasize how décor, designing, and architecture have become when it comes to the branding of a successful business. Obviously, you won’t want to travel to a place that doesn’t offer you beautiful landscapes to enjoy or opt for any hotel that doesn’t look good to stay. What is displayed, is what is sold. After urbanization, interior design and outlook architecture have turned out to be a very big contributor to business branding.

Ceramics or better say tiles are perceived as a signature to the way interiors and exteriors look, after all, we don’t have any modern-day construction without tiles and marbles, and hence its proper selection is very important. In the present day, ceramic demands have increased in the country and worldwide. Also as a result of this, the ceramic industry’s contribution towards the GDP has also increased sizably. India in 2017 became the world’s second-largest tile producer and consumer country after China. The production stood up to 1080 million sq. m while the domestic consumption has also increased to a level maximum of 760 million sq. m. 

There are varieties of tiles available in the market in various ranges but the question that arises is whether an Indian customer is fully aware of the brands and companies or the quality or types of tiles to select or choose from? If not then don’t worry at all, here we have brought to you the list of the top 10 tiles company in India you can fully trust and get your stuff from to beautify your dream house or workplace. So, let’s get started with the list of the top 10 tiles companies in India.

List of Best Tiles Companies in India :



Headquartered in New Delhi, Kajaria is the largest tiles brand in India by the means of total sales. The company produces a variety of products for its customers including ceramic walls and floor tiles, polished and vitrified tiles and other qualities of marbles, etc. The company comes with the widest range of products from the price point of view and has a wide and extensive range of dealer networks to expand its business far and wide. 

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 2,999 Cr
  • Company’s Capacity: 68 MSM
  • Company’s Market Share: 6.3%
  • Company’s Employees: 2588

The company is basically spearheaded by Mr. Ashok Kajaria and his sons Mr. Chetan Kajaria and Mr. Rishi Kajaria. Along with producing the best quality tiles the company also has a market presence in bathroom solutions under the name Kerovit brand. The company even has a subsidiary “KajariaPLY”. 

Details about the company are:

  • Company’s Market Cap:  7,923 Cr.
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 33.56
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 0.60 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 23.87 %
  • Company’s ROE: 15.94 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth ( in the past 3Yrs): 7.00 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 47.58 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.08
  • Company’s Price to book value: 5.03



The Somany ceramics is an internationally acclaimed organization that is famous for producing the best quality tiles in the country and abroad. It was founded in the year 1969 by Shri H.L Somany and in the past four decades has turned out to be the leader in the Indian ceramics industry. The company has perfectly established itself in the Indian subcontinent and to has a significant presence in other countries like Africa, The Middle East, Russia, The UK, etc. 

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 1,733 Cr
  • Company’s Capacity: 52 MSM
  • Company’s Market Share: 4.8 %
  • Company’s Employees: 2267

The company is the second-largest tiles company in India with a production capacity as high as 60 million sq. meters per year. The company has manufacturing plants in Haryana and Gujarat. The company is even a complete décor solutions provider and has a wide variety of interior and décor products including ceramic walls, digital tiles, bathing accessories, etc. 

Details about the company are:

  • Company’s Market Cap:  884.03 Cr.
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 16.05
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 0.96 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 11.81 %
  • Company’s ROE: 8.92 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): 0.60 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 51.47 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.94
  • Company’s Price to book value: 1.44



The GNO is one of the best tiles companies in India, also it is listed in the Bombay and the National stock exchanges and is the 3rd best tiles company in the Indian market in terms of sales. Saint-Gobain acquired the Norton Company, USA worldwide and became a stakeholder in GNO making it the first majority-owned subsidiary in India and increasing its equity stake to a par next level. 

Details about the company:

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 1,628 Cr
  • Company’s Market Share: 4.7 %
  • Company’s Employees: 1956

The company has a big a say in the Indian market.

  • Company’s Market Cap:  6,401 Cr
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 38.40
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 1.04 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 23.47 %
  • Company’s ROE: 14.97 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): 11.57 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 58.32 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.00
  • Company’s Price to book value: 5.83


agl main

Established in the year 2000 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat the company is indeed one of the top 10 tiles companies in India. It is the best ceramic manufacturers in the country and abroad with a global footprint across 58 countries. The company produces a variety of products for its customers including ceramic walls and floor tiles, polished and vitrified tiles and other qualities of marbles, etc. 

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 1,260 Cr
  • Company’s Capacity: 35.76 MSM
  • Company’s Market Share: 3.3 %
  • Company’s Employees: 2,334

The growth of the company in the past years has been in the multiples of the ’40s. With its extensive marketing and chain of dealers and sub-dealers, the company has turned out to be one of the 50 most profitable companies in the world. 

  • Company’s Market Cap:  706.90 Cr.
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 27.06
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 0.55 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 8.94 %
  • Company’s ROE: 4.89 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): 6.09 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 34.11 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.80
  • Company’s Price to book value: 1.57



The company was incorporated in the year 1998 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad. Cera Sanitaryware provides complete architect and design solutions to its customers and also manufactures varieties of products like floor and wall tiles, kitchen stuff, mirrors, and personal care equipment, etc. The company is very famous among the customers and indeed is one of the best tiles brands in India. 

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 1,330 Cr
  • Company’s Employees: 2587

The details are as follows:

  • Company’s Market Cap:  3,343 Cr
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 29.42
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 0.51 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 27.16 %
  • Company’s ROE: 17.59 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): 13.83 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 54.75 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.03
  • Company’s Price to book value: 4.77



HSIL stands for the Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries limited. It is one of the best tiles and ceramics company’s in the country that was initially established in the year 1960. This company has four distinct business segments namely the Building Products Division (BPD), Consumer Products Division (CPD), Retail Division, and Packaging Products Department (PPD), and has been given a part of India’s top 500 companies list.

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 1,223.2 Cr ( Only the building products division)
  • Company’s Capacity: 7.2 MSM
  • Company’s Employees: 4198 (including the workers from all division)

Also, the products offering by the company has increased over the years including various ranges of home furniture, décor and accessories, modular wardrobes and kitchen wardrobes, etc. 

The further details about the company are:

  • Company’s Market Cap:  346.66 Cr.
  • Company’s Current Price:  47.95
  • Company’s Stock P/E: 4.19
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 6.26 %
  • Company’s ROCE: 7.03 %
  • Company’s ROE: 4.53 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): 11.41 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 48.93 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 0.78
  • Company’s Price to book value: 0.23


This is the oldest tile manufacturing company in our country that was immediately established post-independence in the year 1953 by Paras Nath Talwar. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and is one of the best tiles companies in India. The company has a vast chain of suppliers and workers. Nitco not only supplies tiles in India but also in various other countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and other European and African countries.

  • Company’s Revenue: Rs 607 Cr
  • Company’s Employees: 1300

The other details about the company are:

  • Company’s Market Cap:  228.51 Cr.
  • Company’s Current Price:  31.80
  • Company’s Dividend Yield: 0.00 %
  • Company’s ROCE: -2.77 %
  • Company’s ROE: -17.17 %
  • Company’s Sales Growth (in the past 3Yrs): -10.47 %
  • Company’s Promoter holding: 53.00 %
  • Company’s Debt to equity: 2.86
  • Company’s Price to book value: 1.95



Founded in the year 1958 and headquartered in Mumbai, Johnson tiles is a very famous name in the tiles industry for years. The company has a wide variety of products to offer to its customers including wall and floor tiles for commercial, residential, industrial, and other uses. It also offers varieties of marble to its customers. 

H&R Johnson (India) has won the “economic Times best brand 2019” award and was also selected as a super brand in 2019 with around 10 manufacturing sectors and over 10000 dealers around the country. The company indeed has the best to offer for its customers and is one of the top 10 tiles companies in India.



Bajaj Tiles was founded back in the year 1990 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad. It is one of the best tiles producing countries in the world and is delivering the best of quality service in various categories of products whether it is electronics and automobiles, sanitary wear, floor design, tiles, and marbles, etc. for a long time by now. The company is a renowned name in the Indian market for producing the most durable products.

The company has grown remarkably in the past decade as a leading manufacturer and exporter of digital wall tiles, glazed wall tiles, polished porcelain tiles, heavy-duty tiles for industries, etc. Bajaj tiles is a big name in the Indian market producing the best quality tiles and exporting their products across 27 countries. 


simpolo logo

Simpolo tiles was established in the year 1977 and is headquartered in Gujarat. Equipped with the best technologies used in manufacturing tiles the company is one of the top 10 tiles companies in India. The wide range of products offerings by the company includes wall and floor tiles, decorative roofing tiles, and various other decorative and attractive tiles as a whole. Simpolo is hands-on engaged in bringing the best products for its customers. Innovation and creativity are the concepts of work laid out the company.

Simpolo tiles have been awarded with the “Bhartiya Udyog Ratna” for industrial progress and with the rising star 2012 along with numerous other awards for providing the best of services for the past so many years. All these facts and figures together make this company one of the top 10 best tiles companies in India. 



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