Tips for choosing the best face wash for Oily Skin and Pimples

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The title looks a bit peculiar, yet I can say that if you go in depth into the origins of pimples then eventually you would understand how pimples might be regarded as a blessing in disguise. In fact, the main reason behind the formation of pimples or acne is the oily skin that many of us have.

Many of us do not know that excessive oozing of oil from our skin gives us a wonderful god’s gift that those among us who have oily skin will not develop wrinkles on their skin and their skin will look much younger than their real age.

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How and where do pimples form?

In the summer heat the opening of sweat pores is expanded and excessive oozing of oil deposits on the surface of our skin, seals it and in turn, entraps foreign bodies like dirt and microorganisms in the sweat pores. Once a thick layer of skin oil seals these foreign particles in the pores, they eventually turn into inflammations, boils, and finally produce pus.

They protrude out on our faces turn shining blood red and deform the look of our faces. There are areas where there is considerably more oozing of skin oil. These parts of our body are our forehead, nose area, earlobes, and the area of our cheekbones.

The skin of our shoulders also oozes more skin oil and we get pimples over this area of our body too. As such if we have small boils or inflammations on the skin of our shoulders then we should not take them otherwise; they too ate acne. Consequently, whenever we want to take precautionary measures or start medication, we should include the area of our shoulders also in addition to that of our face and head.

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Other negative effects of oily skin:

All the negative effects including the formation of pimples are felt more in the summer season when the temperature crosses 40deg C and the relative humidity goes beyond 65%. Apart from suffering from acne or pimples, there is one other problem that we just do not notice and that is a feeling of ‘discomfort’ on our face when a thick sticky layer of skin oil covers our skin.

That is the reason why we feel fresh and energetic when we wash our face or take a quick shower and apply soap, or mild face wash types of cleaners on oily skin. By doing so we remove the thick covering over our face skin and make, the sweat pores ventilated for the oxygen present in the atmospheric air to energize our sweat pores.

Similar comfort feels when we rinse our face with chilled water or turn the direction of cool air from our car AC towards our face. Have you tried this trick to feel fresh in humid hot weather in tropical countries like India? I usually do that to counter the extremely hot and humid weather in Delhi. I think when you rinse your face with chilled water or expose it to the chilled air of your car AC; the skin pores close their openings and stop oozing-out skin oils. In such conditions, if you wipe off your face wash with tissues. That would also suffice and make you comfortable.

How to get rid of Pimples:

There are two ways to stop the formation of pimples or acne the first is applying some medicines on pimples to cure them and the second just does not allow them to form. The best way for getting rid of acne is to take remedial measures and not allow them to form.

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Medicines for Pimples:

Calamine is a widely used medicine for various skin ailments. Different compositions of Calamine are available in cosmetic shops and medical outlets. Most of the cosmetics that are sold with a claim to cure acne might have Calamine as one of the contents.

These medicinal cosmetics for acne will work for temporary relief and not cure it. You will have to go for arresting the formation of acne at the root and for that, the only way is to take precautions and remedial measures for their further formation.

Precautions and remedial measures:

1. Wash your face at least 4 times a day, in summer, with a mild soap, Neem Soap*, Margo Soap*, Hammam*, Rexona*, etc. in summers (*Indian brands), or any other non-greasy face-wash

2. Taking an evening shower will have more positive results

3. Rinse your face with child water whenever you feel discomfort in the summers

4. Turn the direction of chilled AC air directly towards your face wash when driving a car

5. Avoid using cosmetics that have cold cream, Vaseline, and other ingredients that might accelerate the oozing of fatty oils from your skin in summers

6. Use only soft moisturizers in summers

7. Follow proper diet restrictions by avoiding saturated fats, sweets, deep-fried food, fast / junk food, spicy food, red meat, etc.

8. Increase intake of lots of water, fresh fruits, and salads of fresh green vegetables with fresh lemon juice squeezed.

9. Take 8hrs sound sleep and

10. Go for regular exercise for 30 – 45 minutes

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11. Keep your body, clothes, and surroundings neat and clean

12. Do not touch your pimples or break them. Just follow the above guidelines they will dry up on their own.

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