Tips on what to look out for when buying clothes!

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Do you go shopping for clothes relaxed with joy and strategy? Or maybe you are a fashion victim and often annoyed by things you didn’t want to buy. And that you let yourself be “spoofed” (by others or your “inner voice”)?

I like to go shopping with my customers and show them how to go shopping in a targeted and correct way. Work with a clear shopping to-do list and you’ll save time and money. Buying new clothes is very easy these days. Thanks to My Miyaka, you don’t even have to leave the house. But with the whole flood of offers, you can quickly become overwhelmed. 

After all, you want a decent product for the money you pay. We have revealed to you here why quality is always better than quantity. In order to be able to enjoy your new piece of clothing for a long time, you should pay attention to certain things when buying clothes. 

You can find out what these are in our tips and get the link for the best clothing shop in the comfort of your bed. Stick with us till the end if you intend to shop for quality Afritude for men and women.

4 tips to always consider when shopping for clothes

1. Always look at the label!

Labeling is mandatory for textiles sold in the United States. In other words, the label must include information like the fiber composition or the country of manufacturing. Natural fibers are always better than poly fibers, and the manufacturing conditions in other EU countries are usually much more humane than in Asia, for example. The number one store where you can shop for customized clothing with an imprinted label is My Miyaka.

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2. Feel the fabric

How do the outer fabric and lining feel? Are they soft on the skin? Or is it scratchy and uncomfortable? If you pay attention to this in the store, you will avoid buying the wrong clothes that you later hate to wear because they are not kind to your skin. Yet, when you use the best dress shop for women and men, you’ll get a details description of each piece of clothing to help you choose right.

3. Examine the craft

First of all, look at the seams that are visible from the outside. Are these straight, and does the thread ends neatly sewn and cut off? Crooked seams and protruding threads are not exactly evidence of high-quality craft. 

When it comes to garments with patterns, it is always worth checking the side seams. In the case of striped patterns, for example, a piece of clothing is of high quality if the stripes meet exactly and are not offset. We have carefully examined this artistry and confirmed its high precision before uploading the cloth to our website. Hence you do not have to go through the rigor when you’re aiming to buy leather dress shoes at My Miyaka.

4. Always try on clothes before you buy them!

Nobody likes to wear clothes that are uncomfortable, too tight, or too loose. You want to feel comfortable in a piece of clothing and like to wear it on your body. And what better way to find out than by trying it on? But in the case of My Miyaka, always try them on immediately after you get your shipment, and we can always help you get the correct and comfortable size.

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If you follow these tips and use the best clothing shop, you will only end up with items of clothing in your closet that you will enjoy for a long time. And if your favorite item ever gets damaged or out of shape, you should take it to your trusted tailor.


Do you tend to shop spontaneously because you simply need new clothes? Or do you buy clothes in a targeted manner and with a strategy? Use a “shopping needs list” to determine what you really want and need to buy. Then log on to our web store to find the perfect custom t-shirts and other accessories, including custom phone cases, touchscreen smart watches, etc.

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