Tips To Find the Best Fashion Fulfilment Service

Fashion Fulfilment
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As an online fashion brand, you find yourself surrounded by a multitude of responsibilities. You are responsible for the styling and manufacturing of your clothes and also have to ensure their proper storage, packaging and on-time delivery. 

When you have so much on your plate, it is natural to find yourself struggling to switch between the different roles and see it bring down the overall efficiency of your business. Also, you might have the best styling and manufacturing team in place, but the entire order fulfilment process might not be their forte. That brings in the possibility of minor errors that could bring down the overall satisfaction of your customers. And if customers are not satisfied with your delivery service, would they shop with you again? No, right! 

To keep such possibilities from ruining your brand’s reputation, investing in a top-notch fashion fulfilment service could get you a long way. 

An order fulfilment service provider offers holistic assistance with everything from order placement to delivery. They provide a proper warehousing facility, ensure proper packaging, take care of shipment and ensure on-time delivery of your products. That answers the question: why invest in a fashion fulfilment service?

Now, how do you find the best fashion fulfilment service? We are here to help you find an effective answer to this question. Here are some tips for finding the best fashion fulfilment service for your business. 

Consider The Location Of The Service Provider

When it comes to customer satisfaction, on-time delivery is one of the key determining factors. Over 38% of online shoppers don’t proceed with the order if the delivery period is over one week. 

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When you hire an order fulfilment services provider, your main intent is to ensure the quickest delivery of your products. In a world where one-day delivery is quite a trend, you can never compromise on this front. 

So, to cut down on the delivery period, you have to pick an order fulfilment service provider near your targeted geographical location. That way, you can shorten the service period between order placement and delivery to the maximum possible extent. 

Another reason you should consider the service provider’s location is that it would directly impact the delivery charge. The more the distance, the more the delivery charge would be. And customers don’t prefer paying extra money as a delivery charge. 

So, the proximity of the service provider from the operational area will help reduce: 

  • Delivery Time
  • Delivery Cost

Have A Look At Their Service Catalogue

One question you need to ask your order fulfilment service provider is what all services they offer. As we mentioned before, an order fulfilment service or fashion 3PL service should provide holistic assistance with each aspect of the order fulfilment procedure. 

The essential services provided by a fashion fulfilment service are numerous. It includes:

Fashion distribution and warehousing

  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Order Tracking
  • On-time Delivery
  • Customs Clearance
  • Unloading and Handling
  • Returns Management

So, make sure that all these services are included in their service catalogue. 

Check The Efficiency Of Their Customer Support

From order placement to delivery, your customers might have a lot of queries. Another critical factor that determines overall customer satisfaction is the timely resolution of such queries. 

  • They would want to be informed beforehand in case of unexpected delivery delays. 
  • They will need expert guidance if they have trouble tracking their product. 
  • Real-time assistance if they wish to change the delivery address or contact details. 
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Your customer can still bear with a delivery delayed by a day or so, but if they are not guided through this delay, they might cancel the order itself. So, the logistic provider you are considering should have a fool-proof customer support system for real-time redressal of customer queries. 

What Technology Do They Use

Every order fulfilment company makes use of several technologies to streamline the entire delivery process and ensure its efficient delivery. If the company you are considering is not up-to-date with the technological developments, their service delivery won’t be on par with the modern needs. 

  • A well-organised inventory management system to efficiently track the inventory, delivery and stocks. 
  • Mobile technology integrations to offer convenient real-time customer support and product tracking facilities. 
  • Data reporting tools for revenue management. 

So, enquire and ensure that the service provider you are considering is technologically advanced and employs the best methods. 

Consider Scalability

You might be a small-scale fashion company today, but you might have expansion plans for the future. So, the fashion fulfilment service you choose must be able to cope with your changing needs and deliver quality services. 

For instance, if you extend your operational area from Melbourne to all of Australia and your fulfilment partner is limited to Melbourne, you will have a hard time with the expansion. In short, scalability is one factor you should consider when finding the best fashion fulfilment service for yourself. 

So, consider both your present and future needs and see if the service provider could stand up to them all. That would make your choice a lot easier.  

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Work experience

When it comes to fashion fulfilment service, experience does translate into efficiency. To undertake each stage of the fashion fulfilment process to perfection, your need to have experience on all fronts.  Learn about

So, do your research and consider their experience in the industry. Some questions that you need to ask on this front are: 

  • How long have they been in the industry?
  • Have they undertaken projects of a similar scale?
  • What is their customer satisfaction rate?
  • Do they have positive reviews on Google and other such platforms? 


Properly considering all these factors while choosing an order fulfilment partner will ensure that you engage with the best in the industry. We at Efficient Group stand tall on all these grounds and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our order fulfilment services. So, avail of Efficient Group services today and curate a satisfactory experience for all your customers. 

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